Emily Nussbaum reviews HBO’s new series, “Vinyl”: 

Set in a Dionysian seventies Manhattan, among suits, punks, and junkies, the series has a few satisfyingly silly set pieces, including a concert so ridiculously intense that the walls crumble. But it’s so bombastic on the topic of mind-blowing art that won’t sell out, man, that it grinds you down, as if you were standing way too close to some guy in a club who keeps screaming about how high he is.

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Illustration by Kristian Hammerstad

Vienne, Labrador Retriever (8 y/o), Jacob Alls & Hammerstads Gate, Oslo, Norway • “She’s a ‘lavine’ dog, which means she does avalanche search and rescue.”

Justin Bieber’s Redemption Song

“Purpose” shows how timeworn conventions can fail musicians, causing them to release work that is awkward, bloated, and inert. The expectation that Bieber should apologize for his behavior, and tether that apology to an outmoded medium like an album, helped set him up for a degree of disappointment. 

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Illustration by Kristian Hammerstad