This asshole

your city only has less riots because you havent even gotten far enough into the playoffs enough times for you to be pissed about.  no one in massachusetts is surprised that ZOOMASS freaked out.  why the fuck do you care?  your country isnt even involved in the nfl, also, not one riot you mentioned had to do with the Bruins so i dont even know why this was tagged. 

And don’t even fucking mention Osama Bin Laden because I’m about to get really fucking pissed.  If a city that lost many lives, one of the planes that hit the twin towers flew out of Boston, is emotional about the man who caused it finally coming to justice, who the fuck are you to judge them.  I lost people in 9/11 so watch your fucking mouth and mind your own God damn business.  It has NOTHING to do with the Bruins or sports in general so shut the fuck up.

I hate Canucks fans a little more each day.