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OK I really really want to know about this hammer throwing. Is this a big thing where you are? Like a sport? What made you decide to get into this?

(Ooo!!! I’m actually really happy you asked, anon! Prepare for long post.)

  I live in Finland, Lapland. Here isn’t that many people so, believe it or not, I am the only female hammer thrower in Lapland (according to the statistics atm). I come from a small municipality called Posio, around 3k residents, so it’s pretty unavoidable to not to be noticed when you reach your country’s top 5 of your age in a sport. 

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  Hammer throwing isn’t a big sport in Finland. We have few good men throwers on the world Championship level (we do have an European Championship gold metal of hammer throw from Olli-Pekka Karjalainen (I have met him, he’s a really cool guy). I personally (at age of 18 atm) have reached the Finland’s top 20 (I was 11th on the Finnish Championship) on women’s hammer throw. 

  And because of that people in my municipality went crazy! The press is always following me during my summer competitions and sponsors ask if they could help me to get me to these training camps and they also offer me supplies for training (throwing shoes, hammers, clothes etc.). I am also a part of Western, Eastern and Northern Finland’s National Team (Southern has their own, because there is so much people there). 

  So yeah, Finnish people are pretty keen of watching sports. Ice hockey and skiing in winter, athletics (especially Javelin throwing) in summer. There are a few athletes in Posio (who I train with and we’re all like a wee happy family). 

  It’s a nice story (imo) how I got into hammer throwing. From age of 6 I was crazy about Shot Put! I loved it (I still do, but I like hammer throwing more) and one day we needed a hammer thrower in this one competition so we could get more points for our athlete team. I can’t remember the year when it happened (around 5 years ago??) but our coach came to me and said: 

“Hey, would you like to try hammer throwing?“ 

  And I happily agreed to try it out. And it turns out that I made amazingly in the competition and then I started training hammer throwing with all might!

  This year I’m looking forward to be in the top 3 throwers (of my age) AND if I do end up that good, I may get to be a part of the national team which goes to the European Championship! THEN I’D MAKE MY WAY TO ITALY! I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS SUMMER!!

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So, this happened toward the endgame of a campaign I was in a while ago. Our heroes were above level 20, and had some insane gear and some awesome enemies to fight.

Context: we’re trying to board this space ship (main antagonist was a time traveler) to get to the main baddie before he left. We just ascend some stairs and have this walkway that’s about 200 long, there’s a tower just above the corner, then turns right and has about another 50 feet before we get to the ship. As we ascend the stairs, we hear an enemy behind us that we’ve fought before.

This guy is pretty much the lizard from Spider-Man, a scientist that takes a serum and grows into a huge reptilian.

(Baddie): and where do you think you’re going? *starts bad guy speech*

Our cleric has a hammer that he can throw and it comes back to him. On a crit it knocks the enemy prone.
(Cleric): *raises his hand* id like to interrupt him and throw my hammer at him.

DM: ok, go for it.

Nat 20, of course.

(After the group finally calms down)
DM: ok, you hit him and he falls backward, down the stairs. Then you hear him start to transform.

Party: run!

So we start running down this open roofed corridor, and we can see the ship start taking off. The cleric, of course, is in the back of the group with the slowest run speed. We get halfway down the first corridor before the lizard guy jumps onto the tower at the turn. We turn and keep heading to the ship. He jumps down and cuts off the cleric from the rest of the party.
He lets out a huge, monstrous hiss straight into the clerics face.

Cleric: I throw my hammer at him again.

Another nat-fucking-20.

(After about 10 minutes of laughing)

He’s knocked prone and he runs past him, getting onto the ship and effectively 100% bypassing the DMs entire encounter.

if d.va doesnt get a full on rabbit mech skin for the “springtime” easter event check your local papers for a story about me screaming and shirtless throwing hammers at blizzard hq 

Ranged Weapon Mastery
Your mastery over the art of ranged weapons grants you the following abilities.
  • You gain +1 to all ranged weapon attack rolls
  • When using a Piercing or Slashing ranged weapon (such as a bow, dart or throwing knives) you can attempt to pin an enemy up to one size larger struck by your weapon with a Dexterity save. (DC 8+Proficiency bonus+DEX or STR mod) On a failed save, you may forgo half the damage of the weapon and Restrain the target if it’s no bigger than one size larger.
  • When using a Blunt ranged weapon (such as a throwing hammer, a rock or a blunt tipped arrow) you can knocked an enemy Prone with a Strength save. (DC 8+Proficiency bonus+DEX or STR mod) On a failed save, you may forgo half the damage to knock the enemy Prone.

All this Olympic enthusiasm gives me ideas– and please, tell me I’m not alone in this. Just, I mean, think about it! It makes sense: Dorian, one of the best sprinters Tevinter’s ever known, is running the race of his life and his proud fuck buddy (not-boyfriend-thank-you-so-much) is his n.1 fan. Also, I totally can see Bull as a hammer throw athlete.