if d.va doesnt get a full on rabbit mech skin for the “springtime” easter event check your local papers for a story about me screaming and shirtless throwing hammers at blizzard hq 


Game 9

This game would involve tying white girls up, upside-down. Competitors would then have 5 hammers in which they must precisely throw at the hanging target. The 5 targets the competitors must hit are: vag (20 points), stomach (5 points), left and right meat sack (10 points each), and the face (15 points).To find the full list of games, Search “White Girl Games” on my blog. Thank @dirtymillenialcouple for contributing to this.

Ranged Weapon Mastery
Your mastery over the art of ranged weapons grants you the following abilities.
  • You gain +1 to all ranged weapon attack rolls
  • When using a Piercing or Slashing ranged weapon (such as a bow, dart or throwing knives) you can attempt to pin an enemy up to one size larger struck by your weapon with a Dexterity save. (DC 8+Proficiency bonus+DEX or STR mod) On a failed save, you may forgo half the damage of the weapon and Restrain the target if it’s no bigger than one size larger.
  • When using a Blunt ranged weapon (such as a throwing hammer, a rock or a blunt tipped arrow) you can knocked an enemy Prone with a Strength save. (DC 8+Proficiency bonus+DEX or STR mod) On a failed save, you may forgo half the damage to knock the enemy Prone.

Well.. It worked on me.

All this Olympic enthusiasm gives me ideas– and please, tell me I’m not alone in this. Just, I mean, think about it! It makes sense: Dorian, one of the best sprinters Tevinter’s ever known, is running the race of his life and his proud fuck buddy (not-boyfriend-thank-you-so-much) is his n.1 fan. Also, I totally can see Bull as a hammer throw athlete.