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What would be a proper weapon for a Septarian? I was thinking of using something like Guts's Dragon Slayer sword from "Berserk"—y'know, to go with Septa's pseudonym, "Dragon Stone"—but idk, what ideas do you have?

Firstly, considering septarian is a geode and is a nurturing stone, I feel like they could have giant arm shields, gauntlets, or bracers (either on one arm or both). Any protection weapon can work too (like full body armor). It is also a stone of uplifting feelings and joy. I feel like throwing spears, ball and chain, meteor hammers, and other throwing weapons.I also think weapons like bow and arrows, crossbows, and slingshots could work too. Perhaps even catapults and cannons! I can see a whip and polearms working for the “dragon stone” aspect. 

Every time they were doing a Marvel movie, I was like who can I audition for? I can be the guy that says, Thor, throw the hammer! It got to the point where Kevin [Feige, President of Marvel Studios] was like, Stop. Don’t call us anymore. If we need you, we’ll call you. Six months later I got a call about Falcon.

- Anthony Mackie  (x)

And here I thought he couldn’t get any cuter

Koji Murofushi

(Japanese/Romanian) [Japanese]

Known as: Gold Medal Winning Olympic Hammer Throw Athlete (Won a Bronze Medal in the Men’s Hammer Throw event for Japan at the 2012 London Summer Olympics)

Hammer Throw Awards/Accolades: 2012 London Olympics Bronze Medal, 2004 Athens Olympics Gold Medal, 2011 Gold Medal in the World Championships; 2002 & 1998 Gold Medal in the Asian Games

More Information: Koji Murofushi’s Official Website, Koji Murofushi’s Facebook page, Wall Street Journal: Japan Real Time: 2012 Olympic Profile: Koji Murofushi, London 2012 Olympics: Koji Murofushi, Koji Murofushi’s Wikipedia page

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