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I know there are people who didn’t like how easily Tyrian handled RNJR or how he effortlessly blocked Nora’s semblance enhanced hammer strike. I get where they’re coming from, but at the same time, this is the guy Salem has hunting maidens SOLO. As much as RNJR has improved in 6 to 8 months, they’re still students who never finished their first year at Beacon. I sincerely doubt that just fighting Grimm and (maybe) bandits for that long is enough to take on the insane maiden-hunting scorpion faunus.

The latest issue of the Star Wars comic revealed something very important about Darth Vader’s development–especially during the duel in The Empire Strikes Back.

In the comic, Vader refers to Luke as “Boy”. By the end of Empire, he is calling him “Son”.

This all falls in line with how Vader referred to “Anakin Skywalker” as a third person when he found that Ahsoka was alive: he still does not see himself as Anakin anymore. Darth Vader has no son, for Darth Vader only came into existence through the death of the Jedi known as Anakin Skywalker. He has been sheathed within a suit of armor, he has had no children.

But as he fights Luke, as he stares into a face that is so familiar, reminding him of a woman named Padme and a boy named Anakin, Darth Vader begins to feel the denial fade. Throughout the fight he hammers and strikes at Luke, he batters him and tries to kill him, he tortures him and severs his limb, all to ensure that he feels no attachment–or to find if he still does.

You can even hear it in his voice–the rising intensity and haste, the agitation as Luke retreats further and further, until finally Luke is trapped, they are both trapped at the edge of an abyss, and Vader can hold it in no longer.

I am your father.”

I believe this is a line not only addressed to Luke, but also to Vader himself: he is not just a machine, he is the father of Luke Skywalker–thus making him Anakin Skywalker. 

“Search your feelings, you know it to be true!”

He booms these words out, cutting off the scream of Luke’s denial that echoes the thoughts surging through his own head–he is now in full acceptance of the fact that he is the Anakin Skywalker who was never a part of Luke’s life, the Anakin Skywalker who trained under Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Anakin Skywalker who taught Ahsoka Tano, the Anakin Skywalker who pledged to protect the galaxy. And so he makes an offer: 

“Luke. You can destroy the Emperor. Join me…and together, we shall rule the galaxy as father and son!”

Thus, Vader’s plans to overthrow the Emperor are finally verbalized, and he no longer sees the Emperor as his mentor or the galaxy’s protector–now the Emperor is an enemy. He has hurt Anakin’s family, he has hurt Anakin, but now Anakin–Darth Vader–will be able to destroy him.


Lemat pinfire carbine

Manufactured in Liège, Belgium c.1860′s, serial number 7.
11mm pinfire 9-shots cylinder revolving around a .54 percussion ‘grapeshot’ barrel. The selector switch on the hammer flips down to strike the shotgun part’s percussion cap.

This is probably one of the rarest variant of the 1856 LeMat revolver, save for perhaps the centerfire carbine.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc

the Thor movies: human au

  • Thor

the “bad boy” of the corporate world; the dutiful son; the loyal brother; the slightly-brash, subtly-intelligent, mostly-strategic new business hope of Asgard Corp. 

After watching the Last Bastion, and reading the lore behind Eichenwald, all I can think about is Reinhardt and Bridget (his Squire/person who keeps his armor working/the living embodiment of the phrase “Reinhardt NO!’. She’s in the comic, it’s pretty awesome, you should read it) wandering around the forest, probably putting the armor through a test run, when they encounter Bastion.

And Reinhardt is like “A BASTION UNIT!” and throws up his shield to protect Bridget.

And Bastion sees the Crusader armor and is panicking, but the nest is on its shoulder, and going into turret mode, or even firing its standard gun, would destroy it again. So Bastion is there, fighting his programming and trying to shield the nest from the inevitable hammer strike. And Reinhardt is there with his shield, trying to figure out WHY THE MURDEROUS DEATHBOT ISN’T SHOOTING.

And eventually, Bridgette is like “Wait, it’s not shooting” and steps out in front of the shield, and doesn’t get shot. So Reinhardt puts down the hammer and takes off his helmet, which helps Bastion relax, and they find a connection.

Because, in a way, Eichenwald is a sacred place for both of them. For Reinhardt, it’s where his fellow Crusaders made their last stand against the Omnics. For Bastion, it’s one of the places it’s fellow Omnics were forced (by whichever shadowy forces were behind the Omnic Crisis) to attack. Had it not shut down in the woods, Bastion would likely have died, either storming Eichenwald or in the fields outside Stuttgart, just another anonymous Bastion unit, the face of the Omnic Menace.

But, Bastion shut down in that forest, and the Forest claimed Bastion. It is part of the forest, covered in its dirt and plants, and freed from the programming that commanded it to kill.

And they end up sitting there, in the woods around Eichenwald castle, for a while. A pair of old relics built for a conflict long past. One that can’t accept peace, and one that can’t seem to escape the war.

Then Ganymede poops on Reinhardt’s armor.

When molten hot glass is dropped in cold water it forms an object that’s almost completely impervious to brute force, even a sold hammer strike to the center of the teardrop-like shape won’t break the glass. Yet gently cut or even bump the tip of the drop and suddenly the entire thing shatters in an explosive chain reaction traveling at a speed of over 1 mile per second

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Then in a torrent of prolific unhindered anger he deepened the fingers into the flesh
Curling and twisting
Pulling and tearing
Teeth sinking into a neck stretched far beyond human composition
The wailing already quenched before torment began

(Head mushed into the floor,
Asphalt stuck on saliva dripping off strips of scorched cheeks
The skin flakes peeling away to reveal lush succulence
And incredible jubilance of nutritious substance)

In a flash of a bellowing outcry
He rises upward a looming mountain
Like a hammer striking a baby’s soft skull
He smashes his foot onto the chest cavity
Every thud vibrating his nerves into a adrenaline riddled cataclysm

Putrid black teeth burrowed with maggots and repulsive infidelity
Eyes cast vigorously animalistic glow of an unborn monster on the cusp of greatness
Sullen blotted cheeks darkened by blight entrails
Smeared like paint for an afternoon martyrdom

(Blue speckled humming bird
Swimming happily on the lash board
Men sigh with faulty tunes
Lasting centuries ghastly moons

Little wires spread across the sky
Encasing all in perfect sublime
When the sun is torn from celestial pilot
All begin to unsee a world without blot

Glass cones wrapped on red pikes
Pile thin needles into messy trikes
That little children attend their mouths on
Singing happily as they bleed like tiny fawn

And when they peered forth through the shadow
Seeing a world colored in meadow
They stuffed their eyes back into the sand
Trembling underneath sticks and land)

Gripping his face the wailing rockets mirrors into puddles
Arms shaking beside pulsing glow
Strain of strength leaking away chance
He blindly gallops away into silence

While fog claims mindful intuition
Hateful incision remains callous and yielding
Leaving a ghost mirage as scorn
Rightfully suffocated under human oversight


Modern Worshippers: Thor [Requested by probablywitchcraft]

They’re the gym rat, the athletes, the bearers of strength. They chase thunder storms and snap pictures of the lightning. They let the rain soak them to the bone in the summer before coming back in and laughing, towel-drying their hair. They protect those who need a helping hand and refuse to back down from a challenge. The innocent, children and the unlucky caught in a crossfire; they’re all kept safe by their noble strength. Runes carved in wood or stone litter their house. Some have tattoos of His mighty hammer to remember who they serve.

For they are the extension of His hammer, ready to strike.

Steel only gains strength and an edge through forging. The trials of life are simply the forge to heat your mettle (play on words here), the hammer to strike you into shape, and the quenching barrel to keep it all. Some times after quenching, you have to be reforged and go through it all again. Either way, the whetstone will find you to make sure you keep the edge you were given.

The process does not make you broken. To the unworked ore, it may seem like being broken, but to those who who have made it through the forging know that they have just been refined for their purpose.

National Superhero Day

The Mets clubhouse is filled with superheroes. With Thursday, April 28th being National Superhero Day we take a look at the Mets with superhero nicknames and the origins of each.  

Noah Syndergaard - Thor

The hammer-wielding Norse God strikes a similar resemblance to the blonde right-handed pitcher sporting the number 34. Though if you’ve ever seen Syndergaard pitch, there is a chance he could be from Asgard. 

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David Wright - Captain America 

After his heroics in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, he was quickly given the nickname Captain America. His clean-cut all America look helps his resemblance to the patriotic super soldier.

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Matt Harvey - Dark Knight

A 2013 feature in Sports Illustrated gave Matt Harvey his nickname of the Dark Knight. A logo was even created that features him in the form of a bat embracing his ties to the caped crusader. 

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Lucas Duda - Hulk

Lucas has a very reserved, mild-mannered personality in the locker room similar to Bruce Banner. But just like Banner, Duda has a dark side on the field. He can unleash monster home runs fondly referred to as a #DudaSmash. This season the Mets will give away a #DudaSmash t-shirt on Friday, September 2nd.

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