hammer store

No joke I spent all of 2017 waiting for Ship of the Dead but as soon as I get it I’m afraid to start it because I don’t want the series to end so here I am building this large TBR pile so I can continue to put it off

You know what I’m mad about? A girl who CHOSE to live had that life ripped away from her. As someone who has attempted to take their own life on several occasions it deeply angers me that she was treated as a disposable object. Her death wasn’t a shocking revelation, it was a tool. And not even a decent tool, it was that freakin’ bent hammer stored at the back of the shed for when you’re out of all other options.
Beth was never treated as an actual person.
And what kind of message does this send to anybody who has faced depression? That we are all motherfucking disposable, that’s what.