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Olicity Vote Party for Emily!

Smoak & Arrow

In 10 minutes, Olicity fans, I’m kicking off a Vote Party.  Time to shake things up, get a big group of people online at the same time and hammer that poll vote for Emily.

We are currently 48.6% and we want to rock that vote until she hits our goal of 50% and ties this game up.  So if you’re online?  Come vote with us.  I don’t care if you vote once, ten times, a million times (you can vote as often as you want in this game) just come vote.  With the sheer number of Felicity and Olicity fans I know are out there, we should have no problem closing this gap AND surging ahead.

So let’s do this!

It’s not 4:45 pm central.  Vote party kicks off in 10 minutes (4:55 pm).

P.S. Please keep in mind that vote parties do not replace the need for voting to continue throughout the day, so don’t wait for one to happen to vote.  We’ll definitely fall way behind if we do that.  Vote Parties are just a way to energize, group, and organize.  So please do help if you can.  Thanks!

Vote Emily Bett: Girl On Top