hammer like a girl


Here’s a thing I’ve been working on for a while, redesigns for a lot of Sonic characters! I don’t like that as the series went on, the characters became more and more tied to a mold, so my aim was to make them varied, fun, and at the same time, consistent between each other.

Some notes:

  • Amy and Shadow are no longer hedgehogs, decided to make Sonic the only hedgehog. To be honest I didn’t settle on what species Amy is supposed to be, though she has some bunny-esque features, but Shadow was based off of tasmanian devils.

  • Amy is now a witch, and her Piko-Piko Hammer acts like a magical girl wand and broom. She’s a spring witch, casting those yellow and red springs you see in Sonic levels from her hammer, which are also two springs!

  • The second Blaze is just her without her sleeves and with her hair untied, to show what her paws and hair look like.

  • Jet is based off of a peregrine falcon

  • Bark the Polar Bear is now a girl.

“I was like, ‘You have to break up with your boyfriend because we have to start dating.' Her mouth kind of fell open. I said, 'You were made for me,’ and she got this look on her face like"—Hammer launches into a girl’s voice—" 'Don’t you even.' ” He laughs. “I was like, 'Wait, wait! And I was made for you. We were made to be together. So we can do this 30 years from now, when I’ve gotten married a couple of times and you’ve gotten married a couple of times, or we can start now and end up 60 years from now sitting on a porch in rocking chairs, talking about how good an adventure the whole thing was.' ”


w h a t  are you doing down there?

                                                        trying not to g e t  l o s t.

                                                                                                 (x) (x) (x) (x)

When you ask young girls what it means to have good character and be good people in relation to the issue of beauty they overwhelmingly say that it’s important to be “humble” and “not think you’re better than someone else” because of your beauty. While being humble is a great attribute, boys do not have this idea of humility hammered into them like girls do. Boys never say that’s it’s important to be humble about your appearance…they’ve never been taught that they should be. It’s only girls that are taught to conflate confidence and a high self esteem with an ugly character trait and a sense of superiority. It’s only girls that are taught that being confident is unattractive and makes you a bad person. And that carries forward into all aspects of their lives.

order / chaos - showtunes about sticking to the rules and descending into discord

around here - 9 to 5 // the speed test - thoroughly modern millie // practically perfect - mary poppins // could you? - little women // the hammer - matilda // like other girls - daddy long legs // don’t break the rules - catch me if you can // learn your lessons well - godspell // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // pandemonium - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // the destruction - carrie // the world was wide enough - hamilton // totally fucked - spring awakening //



Hitto Finale!

HitoMami’s baby, Manami, has been blessed with a hammer as her magical girl weapon! And just like her mama Mami, she uses her sparkly ribbon to make her hammer. She can choose to hold it or swing it. o v o

Also putting Nodoka and Sayano again because they were suppose to be matching pictures loool

Sophie: “Fights in every period? Even on power plays?”

Nate: “How did you know…?

Sophie: “This guy is like a minor hammer, like Dave the Hammer Shultz.”

Hardison: “Did she…?”

Sophie: “What? A girl can’t watch hockey?”

Nate: “What’d you steal?”

Sophie: (quietly) “Something hockey related. A certain trophy.”

Nate: “No you didn’t. Not the Stanley Cup. No I saw it last year in Boston.”

Sophie: “No, that was a fake. And not a very good one. No no no, sorry. My engraver, was awful.”

Nate: “Okay, so where’s the real one?”

Sophie: (in her con voice) “I don’t remember.”

–Leverage (The Blue Line Job, S5E2)