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Peter Cushing is my favorite old horror actor. And he’s really such a dear old fella in his interviews. Best friends with frequent horror co-star Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price.

Seriously, he’s a hero.


Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine covers.

Film, Lit, & TV References: Sherlock (Updated 8/8/17)

A Continuing Work In Progress - Most of this is relevant to S4, but it does go back into the previous seasons.

Related to Gatiss and Mycroft’s Love of Old Films (especially psych thrillers and film noir)

German Expressionism Modernized in Sherlock ( x ) (Includes some meta linked below).

Stay Explains Lighting, Editing, Twins, Flat Emotions, etc ( x ) The Original Meta ( x ) + Stay Review Explains Enough - Including the “Rug Pull” ( x ) (Also linked at bottom of this page)

The Lady From Shanghai & Swimming With Sharks ( x )

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Sherlock S2-S4 ( x )

Billy Wilder’s The Lost Weekend and John ( x )

Bank Holiday as a Sherlock Intertext ( x ) by @devoursjohnlock

Granada The Devil’s Foot, Sherlock S4 Imagery, and Moriarty or Mortimer ( x )

A Glimpse Into Granada’s Eligible Bachelor ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

The Woman in Green (x)

Terror By Night, Trains, and Sherlock ( x )

The Voice of Terror ( x ) by @finalproblem

The House of Fear ( x ) by @welovethebeekeeper

Kingsmen: The Secret Service, AGRA, & Sherlock ( x )

S4 and Casablanca Continues ( x )

Clue Umbrella and Cane ( x ) The Hat ( x )

Sherlock Holmes in New York ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

Faith Eurus & Culverton Smith as Keyser Söze from The Usual Suspects ( x )

Mycroft’s Umbrellagun ( x )

Replicating Neues vom wixxer and Norbury Scene ( x )


Related to Gatiss and John Watson’s Love of Horror & Bond Films

Batman and Sherlock Holmes ( x )

Take the Bloody Shot ( x ) by @devoursjohnlock

The Ring and TFP Part I ( x ) (I only added pieces to wonderful meta by @may-shepard

The Ring and TFP Part II ( x )

S4 Film References in One Video ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Horror Europa ( x ) by @isitandwonder

Argento’s Demons in HoB ( x ) by @isitandwonder​ and Suspiria as TFP ( x )

TRF, TEH, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans ( x )

John Rug Pull, TFP, and Saw ( x )

The Ring, Inception, Silence of the Lambs, Saw, Orphan, Shutter Island, Paranormal Activity 2, It, Morgan, Yellowbeard, Skyfall, Spectre, Sinister, Neues Vom Wixxer ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Yellowbeard ( x ) @princess-of-fireflies

Parade Scene from Spectre and Gatiss/Abbington SDCC 2016 ( x )


Literary References (Not Shakespeare)

S4, Freud, and Vampires  ( x )

Goethe and Sherlock ( x ) (mini meta w/S4, Freud, and Vampires)

Why is John a Balloon? Because…Freud ( x )

TFP, The Uncanny, and Freud’s Influence ( x ) by @the-blue-carbuncle

Sherlock and the Thirteenth Tale ( x ) by @wibblywobblybowtie

The Cat & The Hound ( x ) by @tendergingergirl

The Scarlet Thread of Murder and Sherlock S4 ( x )

Garden of Paradise: Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tale ( x )

Entanglement Theory and My Cousin Rachel ( x )

Greek Myth and TLD ( x )

Sherlock’s Vow, Greek Oaths, Water, and Guardian of Ships ( x )

Paintings Used in TAB ( x ) by @sagestreet


Dr. Who/Torchwood/Sherlock/Dr. Strange Overlaps

Amy’s Choice ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Dr. Who and “Losing” Seasons of Sherlock ( x )

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Dr. Who, and Sherlock ( x ) by @isitandwonder @tjlcisthenewsexy and @devoursjohnlock

Knock Knock (Dr. Who) Season 10 & Sherlock Parallels ( x ) by @jenna221b

Torchwood S3 and Johnlock ( x )

Miss Evangelista and TAB Mary Watson ( x )

The Wedding of River Song & Sherlock: TFP ( x )

MHR and Dr. Who “Blink” ( x )

John’s Choice ( x ) by @tjlcisthenewsexy

Torchlock, TLD, Jonto/Johnlock ( x )

Torchwood ARG ( x )

In Case of Villain ( x )

Gaslight(ing), Dr. Who, and Sherlock ( x ) (Related to Mycroft’s love of old films.)

Dr. Who, Snowmen, and TAB ( x ) by @heartofdeduction

Dr. Who Dreamlord, TLD, and the Nyte Inspiration ( x ) (I added on.)

Dr. Who, Pilot Fish, and Sherlock ( x )

Dr. Strange Sherlock ( x )

Dr. Who “Tarmac” Conversation ( x ) by @a-candle-for-sherlock

Moffat 207 to 702 ( x ) (Two pre-existing metas about Moffat reusing these numbers.)


Why would Sherlock be close enough to hear John at the cemetery, yet not be visible to a Moriarty accomplice? ( x )

Meta Remaining…(May add to list, later)

AHS: Murder House, The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, The Amityville Horror (1979), The Shining, Carriers, The Devils, Hammer House versions of Child’s Play (1984) and The Two Faces of Evil, The Third Man (1949), The Stranger (1946)

Stay-The Naomi Watts Connection (goes with The Ring, Mulholland Drive, and Sleepwalkers metas)

charlesdances  asked:

OMG THAT JYN/KRENNIC COSTUME SWAP IS PERFECT. Haha yeah I can imagine a 5'3" ft Jyn next to a 6'0" ft Tarkin and them just glaring at each other XD. Speaking of which IF YOU EVER DRAW TARKIN I WOULD PROBABLY EXPIRE BECAUSE CUSHING'S FACE AND EYES IN YOUR STYLE?? OMG

I may have to draw Tarkin because Peter Cushing does seriously have like the most amazing face? I bet it’d be so much fun to capture.

I wish we could put him as Van Helsing in the Doctor Who comics- though I imagine getting the rights would be a total nightmare. Ages ago I was going to do a print of he and the Doctor going through a dark, Hammer Horror-style house, with Christopher Lee’s Dracula sneaking up on them- but it never got past the very rough layout stage -

Gotham aesthetic

Late to the party discussing this, but apparently I have a lot of feelings about it. One of the things I love about Gotham is the fact that it has such a clear and coherent aesthetic.  It’s basically eclectic vintage - plundering different eras and genres to use whatever technology, fashion and architecture is going to look coolest but also fit the cinematic tone of the scene.  The cops’ cars tend to be 1970s because the police chase and street scenes are all New York cop show/Gene Hackman ‘French Connection’ references; rich people and gangsters have ridiculous 1930s limos because that’s the universal car currency for film noir villains and Prohibition-style mobsters; telephones are old-fashioned dialphones for noir reasons, or steampunk things on brass pedestals if the villain is particularly baroque (like the Hatter), but if the plot calls for a mobile phone there is one.  There are typewriters in the GCPD, and also those old swan-necked desk lamps, because the whole GCPD is a beautiful Grand Central Station of a homage to film noir police stations and courtrooms; whereas Oswald’s family house is an ivy-choked monstrosity straight out of Hammer horror, which makes perfect sense because Oswald’s family storyline is Gothic melodrama with a heavy blood-splash of Roger Corman.  Reporters use film cameras with flashbulbs; sometimes the computers are laptops, other times they’re the hulking beige crates of the 80s; there are flatscreen TVs, but there are also ancient bakelite TVs with bottle-glass screens, and old-school tape players with actual reels of tape, and those varnished wooden radios that feature prominently in old wartime dramas - all chosen seemingly by weighing up the technological logistics of the scene against the genre being evoked plus rule of cool.  Cops’ clothes are rumpled and mostly contemporary, just like their cars; street gangs go Goth or punk but gangsters wear pinstripe, and if there’s a femme fatale you can bet she’ll be wearing something that looks like it fell out of Barbara Stanwyck’s wardrobe.  And I love how this aesthetic extends to the cinematography - some scenes are shot as noir, some realist, some Hitchcock homage, some claustrophobic horror, some 70s gore.

It absolutely baffles me when I see TV reviews/comments - even now, three seasons in - that treat this as whimsical or inconsistent, or complain that the time period isn’t clear, as if anchoring the timeline in some sort of documentary bracket is remotely in the interests of a show so deeply indebted to and in love with the stylisation and timelessness of 70+ years of comics.  This isn’t frivolity or lack of direction; it’s a deliberate and joyous embrace of mash-up aesthetic, and it works perfectly for the kind of show that Gotham is.

psi-lucas  asked:

oh heck yeah i am HERE for halloween asks! do you have any headcanons for Passione and halloween/horror films? like, which boys are into them, do they have a favorite movie?

- Bruno doesn’t like horror movies very much. He’s gentle, and watching horrible people get torn apart by even more horrible people or creatures doesn’t really appeal to him. He doesn’t mind softer spooky things - Disney horror movies, things like Hocus Pocus or The Addams Family or The Nightmare Before Christmas. He’s fine with jumpscares, but he just prefers things to be positive. 

- Fugo’s an intellectual, and most horror movies and Halloween movies are just too predictable for him. That being said, he loves classics - Hammer House of Horror movies, anything black and white or beautifully shot. He’ll be able to recite facts about the movies and the making of them to the people watching with him, too - he’s a fount of useless knowledge. 

- Abbacchio will say he enjoys the goriest and bleakest horror movies to watch others squirm, and even though he doesn’t really like them that much, he’ll sit with eyes glued to the screen to prove that he can handle them. If you leave him alone, though, he’ll be drawn to sweeping Gothic Horrors set in crumbling manor houses with well-dressed aristocratic villains and innocent wide-eyed maidens in bloodstained nightgowns. 

- Narancia doesn’t like horror movies, and will never admit that. He gets scares really easily - he’s a little bit of a scaredy-cat, but he knows that the rest of the gang would tease him mercilessly if he knew. He pretends to like slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween, but Bruno knows that they give him nightmares and will try and come up with reasons Narancia shouldn’t watch movies with the gang. 

- Mista likes horror-comedies. He gets comfortable on the couch and watches them, laughing at every joke even if he’s heard it a hundred times before - he also really likes very bad cult horror movies, which he treats like horror comedies. People don’t like watching movies with him because he kind of ruins the experience - he’s the kind of guy who talks over everything because his favourite joke is coming up and look, guys, look–

- Giorno likes the kind of movies that Abbacchio won’t admit he likes. Beautifully shot things that are darker the longer you watch them; he and Fugo’s tastes mesh well, and they often watch some of the stranger movies together. Fugo and Giorno will watch obscure art-house movies with subtitles together and everyone else will scoff as they go past. 

NEWS: THE COMPANY BEHIND so many of Peter Cushing’s and Christopher Lee GREATEST SCARES is about to embark on a IMMERSIVE THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE to CHILL YOU to your HALLOWEEN BONES!

Something ‘ANCIENT and EVIL’ is coming to HOXTON HALL, set in deepest JACK THE RIPPER country, the EAST END of LONDON! HOXTON HALL is an ATMOSPHERIC listed VICTORIAN music hall theatre and will be the setting of a HALLOWEEN HAPPENING, Hammer says, 'You’ll NEVER forget!’    

THE HOUSE OF HAMMER HORROR SHOW LIVE is due to run through out OCTOBER 2017, ending it’s run with a SPECIAL EXTRA LATE show on Halloween.

Hammer Films CEO SIMON OAKES is promising 'A TENSE and INTIMATE ENCOUNTER’ adding 'NO TWO PERFORMANCES WILL BE THE SAME! Anything else, he’s keeping nailed down as tight as coffin lid!    IT SOUNDS PROMISING! The HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR LIVE runs from OCTOBER 3rd 2017 until HALLOWEEN October 31st 2017  . .. .  We can’t wait!

Title:Wake Wood AKA Peter Pettigrew Just Opened a Cow Stank Coffin and a Little Girl Came Out

Your Name (or link to your Tumblr, you famewhore): We Can’t Stop Watching

Rewatchability: 2, because it was entirely forgettable so odds are we’ll try it again in 6 months and remember halfway through that we’ve seen it.

Plot: A veterinarian couple’s kid gets mauled by a dog, and then Peter Pettigrew shows up with his frighteningly bad teeth and tells them they can have her back for 3 days if they promise to always stay in the town forever. There’s some necromancy involving a corpse, fire, creepy townspeople, and cow shit, so naturally the little girl comes back busted.

It’s a Hammer film, so it’s very… British. There’s a lot of whispering and some animal death and a lot of pregnant pauses and knowing looks. There was also one of the most original mundane murders I’ve seen in a while, where a guy gets crushed by a wooly cow’s ass as it backs into him. I think the moral of this entire movie is to stay away from Cowsheep Murderbutt.

Characters: I’ll give it a 3 but just because of Cowsheep Murderbutt.

Body Count: How do you even rate it with all the coming back to life and shit?

Did you fucking like it?:
I fucking liked our commentary.

Netflix *s:


We would have hated this if we’d watched while sleepy because it dragged on forever. Don’t watch this unless you’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep, or if you’re trying to crash.


  • Peter Pettigrew has a clause in his contract that says since he was in exactly 5 scenes in harry potter he must be in every scene of every other movie he is in.
  • Peter Pettigrew’s teeth D:
  • Lissa: She deserved it. He was minding his own business. People aggressive dogs will always be people aggressive. Just make another kid goddamn. Teach that one some damn dog manners. Moping won’t bring back your dumb kid.
  • English people have greasy hair if they’re female and unkept fluffy hair if they’re male
  • Somebody got killed by a butt.
  • British people don’t like to speak up or make a fuss when bad things happen, like when your father is smushed by a cow butt or when your undead daughter comes back a total creeper.
  • See it if you have the time, if you like old Hammer House of Horror movies, and if you have a friend who’s willing to mock the shit out of it with you.

anonymous asked:

i love your blog!!!! what are your ultimate favourite horror movies? i love all things horror

I usually avoid this question because there are so many horror movies that I would consider favorites, and I usually end up leaving out many choice picks. Here are just a few that instantly come to mind, in no particular order:

  • The Psycho Series (1 - 4)
  • Halloween (1, 2, 3, 4 & H20)
  • The Evil Dead Series
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1 - 3)
  • The Shining
  • Night of the Living DeadDawn of the DeadDay of the Dead
  • Zombi 2
  • The Gates of Hell Trilogy (City of the Living DeadThe BeyondThe House by the Cemetery)
  • Dead Alive
  • The Return of the Living Dead (1 & 2)
  • The Blood Trilogy (Blood FeastTwo Thousand Maniacs! & Color Me Blood Red)
  • The Three Mothers Trilogy (SuspiriaInfernoThe Mother of Tears)
  • Deep Red
  • Tenebre
  • The New York Ripper
  • Poltergeist
  • A Bay of Blood Twitch of the Death Nerve
  • The Universal Monsters Series
  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Maniac (1980 & 2013)
  • Creepshow (1 & 2)
  • I Spit on Your Grave
  • The Last House on the Left
  • Black Christmas
  • Bad Taste
  • The Hammer Horror Monsters Series
  • Prom Night
  • Terror Train
  • Hell Night
  • Night of the Demons (1 & 2)
  • The Monster Squad
  • Pumpkinhead
  • House on Haunted Hill
  • House of Wax
  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes
  • The Last Man on Earth
  • The Black Cat
  • The Raven
  • The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
  • Basket Case
  • White Zombie
  • Carnival of Souls
  • The Wizard of Gore
  • The Gore Gore Girls

OK, I said a few, but that’s more like a litany and I’m certain I still missed a lot.