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Once all the forging, hammering, cutting & surface grinding is done @jessejamesculinary Chef knives are on the @haas_automation 4th axis to get engraving and thumb serrations done…Next up is Heat Treat and final finishing & and assembly.. For something so simple a lot of hands and machines touch every single knife. Proudly made in Austin Texas🇺🇸 #jessejames (at JJFU)

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Kingdom Come Deliverance

A video game set in Bohemia with every effort to spare not historical detail.  As the tag line says, might but not magic, dungeons but no dragons.  The game is nearing completion.

KCD not only looks astounding, with real time weather, breathtaking lighting effects and water, but also realistic interactions.  The AI is said to be so advanced that NPCs will be able to actually make their own decisions on what to do for their day, as well as be independently impacted by the player’s actions on their home and city.

Additionally, crafting systems and interaction systems with a focus on realism.  From smithing your own swords and armor with actual hammers and anvils, to grinding herbs for alchemy, to subtly cutting a coinpurse off somebody’s hip, the game lets you play as you want, all realistic.

But that isn’t the most impressive aspect.

No, the combat is dynamic.  Derived from actual, historical manuals and captured by expert, trained swordsmen the game actually takes physics into account.  Swords slide upon swords, can glance off armor, allowing for realistic, real time strategies to be implemented, as if you were the one holding the sword yourself.

This is probably the closest thing to a realistic depiction of actual historical medieval combat and life.  This is the Crusader Kings 2 of Western RPGs.

2014 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73BOreieETk

Solar Tides

Working title: Space Ballers in Space

Words: 7,669

Rated: M (no nsfw in this part)

Prompt: Treasure Planet/a thought while watching Space Balls

AN: Happy Birthday to the corn-nugget @rivendell101 Surprise Alisha! A slightly different TP AU that kinda sorta evolved into an angry chapter fic??? Anyway, I hope your birthday is amazing and you get lots of cake and presents plus hours filled with sleep and Netflix!! I’ll fight u later.




She would never get over the sensations of the solar winds on her cheeks or the sound of the creaking ship under her soles, the way the frigate would sway with fluxes of power and the thruster rudders humming away. Every day she fell in love with the sights, tasted the open air, and greedily marveled at the galaxy’s wonders.

The Etherium was an amazing place to be, not meant for all, but a haven for those with the heart of a spacer. A safe place for her to be free at last.

Her boots clumped along the polished wood planks that made up the entire ship, white gloved hands skimming along the equally polished railing that led to the bridge and helm above her cabin: fabric free of dirt each time she checked. Every plank was shined, routinely cleaned, and able to hold the standards that came with the Royal Navy.

As the second youngest commander in the history of the Royal Navy, Lucy Heartfilia made certain that her reputation remained as decorated and sparkling as the youngest commander in history.

Her mother: Layla Heartfilia.

Lucy would always think of her mother as she gazed out over the railing, taking in the stars and all the beauty of the Etherium. It was something her mother would never be able to do again, but she could with all the wonder her mother taught her.

“Captain on the bridge.” Yukino, her First Officer, called loudly with that musical tone of hers, promptly erasing any tender emotion from Lucy’s mind as she climbed the final steps.

“Commander.” The blonde corrected softly, ignoring the bright grin that gave away her First Officer’s mischievous behavior.

Yukino Aguria was a precious comrade and friend since the early academy days. Lucy could recall the first day they met as two nervous first-years trying to find a dorm room among the crowds of students and officers. Yukino was one of her first friends upon joining the Navy, second to none in the art of hand-to-hand combat.

In their days of spacing with the Royal Navy, the light haired woman definitely used her skills to knock out a few pirates without mercy. She was a force to be reckoned with and Lucy had no qualms with appointing her as her First Officer on every voyage.

Or keeping her entire crew under her command, but that was a different story.

“If I remember correctly, you were promoted right before you were assigned to the R.L.S. Orion with all your choice crew, Captain. Commander Lucy was needed for battling pirates across the galaxy. Captain Lucy is in charge of mending the crumbling peace with the Procyon Empire.” the First Officer reminded, knowingly falling into step beside her captain with sharp eyes. “You are not the second youngest commander in history anymore. You are the youngest captain in history.”

There it was, Yukino’s uncanny ability to see underneath the stern face and sharp commands.

Ignoring the last comment, Lucy kept her pace, striding along towards the helm with an even expression. “We were pirate chasers before this. Why us over all the other squadrons? We mastered the fast frigates, and now they slap us on this old tank. How fast are we going, Mr. Capricorn?”

The man at the helm stiffened when Lucy addressed him, beady black eyes quickly scouring the knobs and dials that served as the controls for the entire vessel. His white fur swayed with the breeze, large nostrils flaring at the stray stench of chum. He kept his hat carefully positioned between his two horns, ever presentable despite his overworking duties.

“Uh, eight knots, Captain.” he answered with a thumb brushing at the cybermap on his screens. “Estimated arrival is a week…give or take.”

With a click of her tongue, Lucy shot Yukino a side glance as if the argument was moot. “I’ve seen schooners sail faster than this tub of lard. I believe this was a punishment, not a promotion.”

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