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Handplates one-shot working titles

“Lending a helping hand”

“How to win at hide-and-seek”

“True Regret”

“True Fear”

“Movie Night”

“Fight Club”

“Seeing is believing”

“Full Disclosure”


GW2 Fashion Week - Day 2

Lalka, engineer. Flame Squad member. Vigil to the bone. Her body is strong and her mind is versatile and creative, however she’s very simple and silly sometimes. Adventurous and easy-going girl who can stand for herself.

No ornate armor or over-the-top details, her outfit is simple too and I’m happy with this look. It just works, what else is needed. C:


    •  Helm: none
    •  Shoulders: none
    •  Chest: duelist coat
    •  Gloves: none
    •  Pants: priory’s historical leggins
    •  Boots: privateer boots
    •  Weapon: privateer hammer

Dyes: celestial, night air, spring dew, orange spring, pumpkin pie, ebony


“His heart hammered in his chest, the air knocked out of him and his will to fight bleeding from him with no sign of stopping.
The hoard was almost on top of them. He glanced over at his Amatus, spotting the vibrant thrill of battle blaze brightly in his eyes.
It was enough for Dorian to crack his staff against the ground, suck as much air as humanly possible into his lungs and fight with more purpose than he ever had before.”

Since I can’t write to save my life all credit to the lovely @friendofthefugitive for the entry, All her doing, go show her some love. <3

I’ve made a weapon set for @anda-blr. These include a giant chicken wing (Hammer style), Two bones (Daggers/Short staffs), a grease bucket (Special thing.), A cola can (Healing item), and her finisher is capturing her opponent with her bones, flinging them to the air, hammering them down to the ground and landing in a deepfrier.


My little power-hammer is 70 years old this year… I love all these mechanical hammers not that I don’t appreciate the air hammers but the mechanical hammers are such simple and amazing machines … Mine is very temperamental and if it’s too cold or wet she will give me a lot of attitude. But with enough love she runs great… #littlegiantpowerhammer and @iamtessparks cd playing #somedays it took me 3 months to get that CD in the USA but finally have it…❤️

#blacksmith #anvil #metalsmith #powerhammer #blacksmithing #hammer #hammerit #iron #tessparks

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Mike Wagner from @cornfieldcustoms planishing with the air hammer attachment on his MH-19 Power Hammer makes for an excellent soundtrack for anyone within earshot 😎 #baileigharmy #baileighplanishinghammer ・・・
Starting the planishing process on an aluminum fender. This one is a designated practice piece aka a wall hanger lol. #myhastag #somethinglikeaphenomenon #cornfieldcustoms #cincinnati #ohio #metal #metalshop #metalwork #metalshaper #metalshaping #aluminum

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Pearl going to all of Sardonyx’s shows and trying to be enthusiastic even though she always ends up utterly irritated at the tricks, which she knows are fake but for the life of her-

and despite how many books she reads on the subject

-she CANNOT figure out.

How on earth does her daughter pull a giant hammer from thin air or saw herself in half? It is physically impossible for that many dragonflies to fit up one sleeve! Humans are not capable of pausing mid fall, but they have front row seats, they’ve been backstage and Pearl has never seen any wires…

After every show Pearl asks How.

And Sardonyx. Will not. Tell her.

“Magic, dear mother!” Sardonyx says every time, then laughs her trademark ‘Ohohoho’ while Garnet snickers and Pearl tries very, very hard not to scream in frustration.

Sometimes Pearl just gives up and hugs her brilliant daughter instead.

Fic Update: Beyond the Horizon

On FF.net

                                         Chapter Twenty Nine

                                             Taking a Prize

The sounds of hammering filled the air shortly after daybreak, the loud staccato echoing sharply across the formerly quiet bay.

David had a pouch of nails slung around his neck and a hammer slipped in his belt, he pulled on the ropes to raise himself up the side of the ship and started work on the next damaged section. It had been years since he’d wielded tools like these, but from the moment he had picked them up again it felt like he was back on the farm, mending a fence or building a new pen for the sheep. The warmth of the sun on his face and the wood taking shape under his hands, it would have been peaceful were it not for the fact that the ship was currently wedged in the shallows just off the coast of a small isle and they still didn’t know how they would get themselves launched again when the repairs were finished. But at least they hadn’t sunk.

The pirates who attacked them hadn’t been so lucky and he felt a grim sense of satisfaction, nailing a loose board back into place. They had caught a glimpse of the other ship when the storm broke, rolling onto it’s side from the force of the waves and coming apart at the seams. The bastards had received their comeuppance from the gods of the sea, and it served them right. The Mermaid’s Song was severely battered, but Eric’s ships were the best in the Enchanted Forest and they had stayed afloat. He would owe his old friend greatly when they returned.

The word “if” drifted through his mind and he shoved the thought away.

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Bad Idea // Pietro x Reader

Request: tyler-pawsey #10 and #14 :3

A/N: I’m really hoping these numbers were for the AU list…if not then, oh well! (I’m splitting this in two); oh, and if you understand the small reference at the end, I applaud you :)

10: “Now that I can lift the hammer, wanna slam it against Steve’s shield? #badidea”

“Aha!” You shout, tossing Thor’s hammer in the air as you were finally worthy enough to wield it, “Look who’s worthy!” You winked over at Pietro, seeing as if he was jealous that you were the only one (besides Natasha and Thor himself) to wield the Mjolnir. “Bet you didn’t see that coming,” You teased, aiming the hammer towards him as he huffed.

You had tried only a few times, Pietro always being there just to be an eyewitness (and to try himself), but this time (now that Thor surprisingly left the Hammer unattended) you wanted to give it another try, “I just think it is your lucky day,” Pietro shrugged as you rolled your eyes, walking over and letting the hammer fall on his lap, causing his eyes to grow wide. “Hey-ey! This is not fair! I can not lift it up!” He exclaimed, unable to remove the Mjolnir.

“Say it…” You crossed your arms, eyeing him as he tried wiggling out. “Say the three words…” You tapped your ear, leaning forward as Pietro scoffed.

“No way!”

“Fine, then you’re not getting out of that,” You turned on your heel, swaying your hips as you walked away, trying your best to hold back a laugh as you heard Pietro grunting.

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