We both went through something that was so intense and so beautiful and so ethereal. It was such a singular experience that we only really share with each other and we’ll always have that. I think we had that special start at the beginning of a great friendship.

i was terrified before we were going to do it. i wouldn’t say it out loud… but i was nervous. this was a new experience. having to free yourself so completely while being naked with a man in front of a room full of people, when you think about the prospect of that, it sounds really difficult. but when you’re there doing it, it’s incredible easy. so, the build-up was a lot more intense than the actual filming.

“ What did you write on the back of the postcard?”

“It was going to be a surprise.”

“I’m too old for surprises. Besides, surprises always come with a sharp edge that is meant to hurt. I don’t want to be hurt—not by you. Tell me.”

“Just two words.” “Let me guess: If not later, when?”

“Two words, I said. Besides, that would be cruel.”

I thought for a while. “I give up.”

“Cor cordium, heart of hearts, I’ve never said anything truer in my life to anyone.”

I stared at him.