hamm with two m's

30 Days of The Pacific | Day 01 ›› Favorite Minor Character

My favorite minor character would have to be Hamm (with two M’s). First off, look at that face! He’s so damn adorable it’s hard not to love him. But really, there’s just something about Hamm that makes you want to pull him into your arms and keep him safe. He still has this innocence about him, since he hasn’t been at war as long as the other men have, so he’s not used to all the death he’s been seeing. It always breaks my heart in the scene where that family is running towards them, until they’re all shot down and Hamm sees that the kid is still alive, and he was willing to risk his life to go out there and save that kid. UGH HAMM SO MANY FEELINGS AND NO WAY TO EXPLAIN THEM.

30 Days of The Pacific | Day 07 ›› A scene that makes you angry

Hamm’s death was definitely something in The Pacific that made me super angry. Sledge and I were basically one in the same during this scene. I was also yelling at Kathy and telling him how fucking stupid he was for doing that. Kathy done fucked up, and you know who paid the price? POOR BABY HAMM WITH TWO M’S. Ugh, no. This scene just makes me so mad. If it wasn’t for Kathy going apeshit, Hamm with two M’s would have still been alive for at least a while longer. Kathy u dick.