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BBC Two to broadcast Robert Icke’s critically-acclaimed production of Hamlet starring Andrew Scott

BBC Two has announced it will broadcast the critically-acclaimed stage production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by the multi award-winning Robert Icke and starring Bafta and Olivier award-winning actor Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Birdland, Pride).

Hamlet will broadcast on BBC Two in 2018.

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Benedict Cumberbatch stuns theatregoers with anti-government speech

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch has shown his growing frustration over the migration crisis during a speech after his Hamlet performance – reportedly saying “fuck the politicians”.

The Sherlock star has been giving nightly speeches after his curtain call at the Barbican in London and asking for donations to help Syrian refugees. So far, audience contributions have raised more than £150,000 for Save the Children.

Cumberbatch has been particularly critical of the British government’s decision to accept only 20,000 refugees over five years.

During the speeches, Cumberbatch has been reading a poem called Home bySomali poet Warsan Shire, the same one he read in the introduction to Help is Coming, Save the Children’s charity single, released in the summer. It includes the line: “No one puts children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

Cumberbatch has told theatregoers of a friend’s experience volunteering on the Greek island of Lesbos, where 5,000 people had been arriving every day.

“Everywhere on the horizon there was nothing but boats and on the shoreline nothing but lifejackets,” he said. “We are saying, as citizens of the world, we see you … and at least some help is coming.”

Several members of the audience on Tuesday said they supported Cumberbatch’s frustration with politicians, which led him to use the swear word, despite the fact the Lib Dem peer Lady Shirley Williams was in the audience.

Cumberbatch has previously expressed a desire to meet the home secretary to discuss the refugee crisis. “I don’t think the government is doing enough, I’m glad to say that,” he told Sky News at the premiere of his new film, Black Mass, this month. “I would like to sit down with Theresa May and really get an idea of how her economic and political model works.

“There is a huge crisis and not enough is being done. Yes, we need long-term solutions; yes, we need to get people out of the camps so they don’t make a perilous journey; yes, it’s a good idea to actually have a specific solution, I suppose, once they arrive here. But to say 20,000 over five years when 5,000 arrive in one day? We’ve all got to wake up to this.”

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Hamlet has long been a fascination of mine: murder, betrayal, revenge, deceit, madness ‒ all my favorite things

Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn on her plans to write an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet for the Hogarth Shakespeare series. 

The series, which features major novelists rewriting Shakespeare’s plays, will launch in 2016, the 400th anniversary of his death. Other novelists taking part in the series include Margaret Atwood (The Tempest), Norwegian thriller writer Jo Nesbø (Macbeth) and Jeanette Winterson (The Winter’s Tale).

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So in celebration of reaching 200 followers, I decided to create some concepts for a Nancy Drew game (cover/characters/puzzles). A while ago I asked you guys what kind of game you would like to see (history, science, or literature based) and the overwhelming consensus was literature based, so naturally, I went with my ol’ pal Will. Sorry about the “soundtrack” being on youtube but I didn’t have the patience for 8tracks. Also I’m calling it COD because that way it can be a dick joke. Click the pictures for captions!

Nancy Drew – The Cryptic Codex (coming 20–never) [soundtrack]

When a series of unexplained accidents drive away not only several of the actors, but the director of a small up and rising theater group, an old friend has no choice but to call and ask for help. It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to gain the trust of the remaining cast and crew and find a saboteur before it’s too late. Will this be curtain call for a play that hasn’t even had it’s opening day? Or will the show go on?

  • Shakespeare Trivia – Learn interesting factoids about the Bard’s life and his plays
  • Play the Part – Learn lines and take part in a rehearsal.
  • Become Part of the Crew – Help out with the lights and organize costumes and props.
  • Secret Messages – Crack codes using lines from Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Erase Mistakes – Get a second chance without starting over.
  • Play at Your Own Pace – Chose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty settings.

Meet the Cast and Crew (in order from left to right)!

Jules Barnett– An old friend of Nancy’s and actor in the Lady Chamberlain’s Actors theater company. She called Nancy for help but she seems to dodge almost every question that Nancy asks. You can find her in the lobby of the theater. 

Michelle “Mickey” Yeung – The only stagehand who decided to stay. Because of this she’s been put in charge of almost everything and she’s starting to feel incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed. She can be found in the Props room.

Javier “JR” Ramirez – The lead actor in the Lady Chamberlain’s Actors theater company. He has dreams of being on a bigger stage someday. Could his ambition be driving him to commit acts of sabotage? He can be found backstage.

Gabe Rosenberg – The assistant director and grump of the company. Many of these accidents seem to have resulted in his favor, what with the actual director picking up and leaving Gabe in charge. You can find him at the nearby coffee shop avoiding responsibility

Phone Friends –Bess and George, Ned, The Director who Left, our favorite gal Hotchkiss, and Charleena Purcell.


Celebrations across the globe honor Shakespeare 400 years after his death.

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footloosepoets  asked:

Hi, something has been bothering me since I first read Hamlet, and I was wondering if you could help me. In Act 1 Scene 2 when Hamlet asks Horatio what he's doing in Elsinore, he replies that he came for the King's funeral - but the implication is that the King died at least a month ago (nay, not two). Did the funeral just take forever or did Horatio hang around Elsinore for ages before seeing Hamlet after the funeral? And how why the soldiers see him before Hamlet? Thoughts?

This is a really good question!

So first of all, the time frame of Horatio’s arrival. We know for certain that it has been somewhere between a month and two months since Hamlet’s father’s death (”nay, not two,” as you said) and less than a month after that Gertrude was married again (”within a month” repeated). For the space between death and funeral, there needed to be adequate time for Hamlet to receive the news from a messenger, pack up, and travel from Wittenburg in central Germany to Elsinore (however, perhaps not quite long enough for Laertes to receive news and journey from France as he only mentions attending the coronation of Claudius, not the funeral).

Seeing that Hamlet didn’t know Horatio had traveled, let’s assume that Horatio stayed at Wittenburg a bit longer and only just arrived in time to see the funeral. Within a month Gertrude was married, which giving time for guest traveling and preparations after Hamlet Sn’s death, left only days or a week after the funeral that were still within a month-”Thrift, thrift, Horatio! the funeral baked meats/Did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables.” So yes, the funeral must have been late and wedding at the end of the month space, explaining Horatio’s absence from the point of Hamlet Sn’s death to the wedding.

Post-wedding - that space between “within a month” and “nay, not two”-  Horatio does not see Hamlet but he does make friends with some soldiers, one of whom (Marcellus) knows Hamlet on a first-name basis. Why is a scholar befriending soldiers instead of visiting his best buddy, the prince? There are two major theories I’ve seen for this:
1) Hamlet doesn’t actually know Horatio that well and Horatio really is just there for the funeral/wedding, never intending to visit Hamlet at all had the ghost not shown up. This makes sense in terms of fitting with the surface-level play and time line perfectly, but Hamlet’s greeting seems far too enthusiastic and trusting (even more than he trusts his own family, confirmed friends, and girlfriend) for this, so it tends to not be as credible an explanation.
2) The audience assumes the recent rapid changes in the court, the many celebrations and visitors, and/or the strict rules of inter-class relations (for all of this, see A1S2) made it very difficult for Horatio to visit somebody of royalty without a very good reason. Therefore he made friends with the guards that knew Hamlet and waited until things died down a little-or a ghost appeared-to go see him.

Keep in mind that most of explaining the oddities of Hamlet is more fun conjecture than confirmed fact. You could look up travel times for more confirmation but we don’t even know when Hamlet is supposed to be set. I hoped this helped a little though. Anybody else have thoughts on it?

Hamlet News

“Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has firmly committed to playing Shakespeare’s ‘sweet prince’ now that a home has been found for his Hamlet.
 I can reveal that the play about the troubled Dane will begin performances in August next year at London’s Barbican Theatre.

It had been hoped that Cumberbatch’s Hamlet would run this year, but we’ll have to wait — mainly because of a paucity of appropriate venues, but also thanks to the packed schedules of Cumberbatch and Hamlet’s director Lyndsey Turner.
The show will be the centrepiece of the Barbican’s 2015 season.
When approached on the matter, Hamlet producer Sonia Friedman said: ‘I can confirm that we are in final negotiations with the Barbican,’ but she declined to comment further.
However, others associated with the production told me Cumberbatch was better able to clear a big chunk of time in 2015 — he has agreed to commit to a 12-week run in the Barbican, and at least six weeks of preparation and rehearsal time.
Cumberbatch will also meet periodically with director Turner to work out how to approach the Bard’s landmark drama, which is seen as a test of an actor’s stage ability.
The 1,166-seat Barbican Theatre is big enough to house Cumberbatch’s growing fan-base. ”


And also from a ‘proper source’: 

“Talking of star turns, rumour has it that Benedict Cumberbatch may be playing Hamlet. One can only imagine how his dark prince will be received by his die-hard fans, the proudly self-styled Cumberbitches: screaming, fainting, general Cumbermania? Knickers hurled onto the Barbican stage during 'to be or not to be’?” [x]

Cumberbatch's Hamlet most in-demand show of all time

The 2015 run of Hamlet at the Barbican, which will star Benedict Cumberbatch, has become the most in-demand theatre production of all time, according to ticket website Viagogo.

The curtain does not go up on the production for another year, but Cumberbatch’s Hamlet is nevertheless outselling the next most popular show, the current run of A Streetcar Named Desire at the Young Vic, by four to one. The show has even registered 214 per cent more ticket searches in the hours after tickets were released than Beyoncé and Jay Z’s global On the Run tour.

Hamlet tickets went on sale at 10am on August 11 and within minutes fans were expressing frustration at finding themselves more than 20,000 places back in the queue. [x]