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A David-Ruffling-His-Hair collection

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DT appreciation week, day 5:

David in theatre!

In my opinion, this is where David truly belongs! As much as I love seeing him on TV, I haven’t seen him better than when he’s on stage. I’ve seen him live in Richard II and Don Juan in Soho and in the taped versions of Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing and Look Back in Anger (the last five pics - because they’re rare) - all of them beyond brilliant!


A Line of Hamlets with their Hamlet counterparts

1971 - Ian McKellen (UK/European Tour)
2008 - David Tennant (Royal Shakespeare Company)
2010 - Rory Kinnear (National Theatre)
2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch 
2016 - Paapa Essiedu (Royal Shakespeare Company)



Oh, oh, oh, sir, I cannot.
- What, my lord?
Make you a wholesome answer.


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