hamiltoncurrentmayor said: /pats chair/ Come sit down next to me. Now, you are coming to that age where you are going to get married and have children. Which is want I want. But I have something to teach you. I need to teach the ways to impregnant a woman.

*takes a seat, instinctively crossing his legs as he does* *he rolls his eyes a bit when he hears about marriage and children* Father, I thought we’ve covered thi— *chOKES* whAT—?!!

@Hamilton | Dude looks like a lady

He sighed as he opened the door to his home. It had been a long day, what with running into Angela as he was dressed as Ginger and all. He knew it was a bad idea to be talking to her that way, and that she would probably be even more angry if she found out. But would she even want to talk to him if he approached her as Gill..? Goddess, he didn’t know.

He closed the door behind him, sighing a bit. It was dark, as he expected. He knew his father would be in bed by now. He leaned against the wall to try and take off his dress shoes so he wouldn’t make any noise.

hamiltoncurrentmayor said: No, no. Wait, what? Women’s underwear too, my boy? Dear goddess, where does it stop. No, that isn’t an issue, I am sure they are lovely. Gill, son, you have a lady friend! And you haven’t told me, I am hurt.

*covers his face* Father.. you make it sound really terrible.. *he blinks again* No I don’t I ah.. *dodgy eyes* All my friends are male. *he raises an eyebrow* And one of them is married.