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Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs ‘Hamilton’ in Under 3 Minutes [x]

Eliza : Angelica, I think Alexander is cheating on me.

Angelica : What ? That lying bastard. Wait. How do you know ?

Eliza : I don’t have any actual proof.

Angelica : Oh, then I’m sure he is not cheating on you.

Angelica : And if he is, he’s a monster.

Angelica : And if he’s not, you two are great together !

Angelica : But if he is, I will kill him.

Hamilton M&M Fun Fact

Chat Names:

A. Hamilton: Ham&Spam

J. Laurens: StarryTurtle

H. Mulligan: Jeans2Suits

M.D. Lafayette: FrechieCinnabun

A. Burr: SirBurrington

T. Jefferson: MagentaMagesty

J. Madison: Grey.J.Sweater

E. Schuyler: SuperEliza

A. Schuyler: WonderAngie

P. Schuyler: J.Peg

M. Reynolds: MarinaraMaria

Snowball Fight (Lin x Reader) 12 Days of Christmas, Day 2

A/N: Wassuppppp. I’m back with day 2. Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s fic. If you missed it my full 12 DOC masterlist/schedule can be found here. This one is definitely more of a drabble, it’s pretty short. There’s not really much to say for this, so imma just get right into it.

T/W: Nothin’, just some cutesy snowball fights :)



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Eliza removing herself from history so no one got to see her reaction to Hamilton cheating on her is iconic like there’s a period in American history where she just disappears because she wouldn’t let the world see a man break her and honestly? That’s the kinda woman I strive to be

anonymous asked:

oo , for the short Christmas fics, can you do some mullette fluff? Thank you and happy holidays !

On the second day of Hamiltrash, you received mullette having fun festively…

“How’d I look mon amor?” Lafayette asked as he pulled his oversized sweater over his head, just managing to look at his shorter boyfriend through the head hole. “Absolutely perfect” Hercules said with a grin. Lafayette smiled, as he stretched his arms in the jumper and kissed his cheek. “You are trop sweet, amor”

Hercules blushed and swooned at Lafayette’s touch and voice “God your accent, it’s so thick and gorgeous”. Lafayette laughed as he spoke, picking Hercules up “It’s not the only thing that’s thick and gorgeous”. Hercules blush didn’t cease. “So what films are we watching first?” Herc asked, allowing Laf to carry him downstairs. “Hmm..well no Christmas movie session is complete without Home Alone” Lafayette said pensively as he placed Hercules down in the kitchen. “Hmmm debatable” Hercules joked, teasing him. Lafayette who was grabbing some candy canes and cookies, turned around, suppressing a grin. “Ya want the food or not man?!” He asked, feigning hurt. “Yeah” Herc giggled, as Laf walked over and dumped some into his arms.

“Then shushhhh” He laughs as they walk into the front room, falling onto the sofa with their loot. Hercules snuggled up to Lafayette and held onto him while Laf wrapped an arm around him and grabbed the remote. “Ahhhh peace. This is nice” Hercules said happily as Laf looked for Home Alone. “I agree. Snuggles at Christmas time are the best” Laf said, putting the remote down and kissing Hercs head, pulling him closer as the movie began to play. Laf popped a cookie in his mouth, exclaiming as the chewy cookie fell apart in his mouth. “Mmmm, that’s a good cookie.”
“Ahhh” Herc opened his mouth giggling, waiting for Laf to put a candy cane in his mouth and letting out a sound of appreciation when he had done, sucking it and watching the film. “He’s a smart kid” Lafayette noted in a not serious tone and Herc nodded in agreement.

It was around half 10 when Lafayette switched the tv off and brushed the cookie crumbs and candy cane fragments off himself and Hercules. Hercules, having fallen asleep a little while earlier, made a small sound at the gentle touch. Lafayette smiles lovingly and stood up, picking Hercules up and walking to bed “Hmm night time baby”. Hercules yawned as Lafayette put him in bed and crawled in next to him. They cuddled together, Hercules snuggling into Lafayette and Lafayette holding Hercules close. “Laffy?” He mumbled. “Hmm?” He responded sleepily. “I love you..”he mumbled again, about to fall back to sleep. “Love you too mon Cher..” Laf whispered and the two fell asleep happily and cuddling each other.

Notes: I listened to Fifth Harmony while writing this then switched to BMC near the end ✨I was quite tired writing this
Thanks for the request dude! Happy holidays 😁💖