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1. what’s your favorite musical?
Book of Mormon
2. favorite character in your favorite musical?
Elder Cunningham
3. what’s your favorite play?
…I’m not sure
4. favorite character in your favorite play?
5. what’s your dream role?
Maria Reynolds
6. what’s a role you’d like to play that you’d never be able to?
Maria Reynolds
7. do you prefer being behind the scenes or in the spotlight?
8. do you like hamilton?
9. have you seen hamilton?
10. how do you feel about hyped up shows like hamilton, les mis, and rent?
They deserve the hype

You are not a fake fan if you only like the movies

You are not a fake fan if you only like the books

You are not a fake fan if you only like the TV show

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to rewatch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to reread

You are not a fake fan if you are not active in the fandom

You are not a fake fan if you don’t buy merch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t go to cons

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the actors/authors

You are not a fake fan if you skip episodes

You are not a fake fan if you skip chapters

You are not a fake fan if you don’t ship the main ship

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the characters

You are not a fake fan if you only watch/read to get a taste of LGBT+ representation

The only thing that makes you a ‘fake fan’ is if you pretend to like something for someone else’s benefit


The most special moment for me in my entire Hamilton run was the moment I came downstage and turned to the three guys and sang, “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away no matter what they tell you” and the audience roared at that line and clapped. That had never happened before. That right there was the moment I said, “Everything’s going to be alright and we’re all in this together, no matter who the president is, and we can never forget that.” - Anthony Ramos


these r bad, but there u go 👌


I love Pippa 🙌

I honestly don’t understand how more people aren’t interested in musicals??? You say its cheesy but we literally have more lgbtq+ characters (ex: Rent), more POC (ex: In The Heights), hell we even casted all differnet POC for a musical about a bunch of white guys trying to form America (Hamilton). Literally all your tv show has done is given you side poc characters or killed them, lgbtq+ characters who they never recognize as lgbtq or kill off. Plus our plots are actually good and you dont have to watch/listen for just the sight of ur fav getting a two minute clip in the whole thing. We have rapping founding fathers who arent white, rock and roll new york adults who are fighting against the unbelievable standards America has for ppl, a story about how the wicked witch was actually good, latinxs speaking of their struggles in a shitty country like America, and there are plenty more! Plus almost everyone with musical interests are amazing. We dont have those intense shipping wars and the writing is hardly ever problematic to have discourse over. You may call us cheesy but at least we have our shit together

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I hope that in a few years I'll be done with this obsession<p/><b></b> *10 years later*<p/><b>Me:</b> I think it's finally over!<p/><b>Brain:</b> NEW INSTALLMENT TODAY<p/><b>Me:</b> WHYYYYYYY<p/></p>

the opposite of “pulling a jkr” (re dumbledore) is pulling a black sails. the main character is gay. there’s a lesbian. and another one. and another one. and a bi woman. even the extras are gay. you thought there’d be straight people? think again bitch

broadway songs that can resurrect me

-bitch of living

-ring of keys

-i’m breaking down

-my shot

-the origin of love

-no good deed

-you will be found

-cell block tango

-maybe this time

-i’m here

-what the heck i gotta do

-we ain’t no cheerleaders

-monica’s song

-holding out for a hero

-finale, in the heights

-angel of music

-tomorrow is a latter day

-sweet transvestite



the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.

One of the things that bothers me so much about this Broadway season is that many of Great Comet’ defining aspects were things repeatedly praised in Hamilton only last year, yet they were largely ignored in GC’s production. 

Everyone (not just the Broadway tumblr fanbase, I’m also referring to the mainstream media) praised Hamilton for its diversity, and rightfully so. And while Great Comet was not as diverse as Hamilton, its use of racially blind casting should be used as a model for all future productions. Denée Benton, a black woman with natural hair playing a romantic lead of a prominent musical about old Russians, is damn groundbreaking. Oak’s upcoming turn as Pierre proves this commitment to diversity by the show. Yes, Hamilton did this last year, but one show acting in this way does not excuse ignoring others for doing the same.

Everyone praised Hamilton for seamlessly blended together multiple genres of music; again, rightfully so. Great Comet did this to an even greater extent. Dave Malloy’s score beautifully combined seemingly every genre to create a cohesive, genius piece of work. He utilized these different genres to describe his characters so subtly no one realizes he’s doing it. I could take for pages about how his score is a damn masterpiece, but the point lies in that Hamilton was widely praised for doing the very thing Great Comet is being ignored (or even downright criticized) for.

Finally, many praised Lin’s using of an unconventional source material to tell an excellent Broadway musical. But, again, Dave Malloy looking at a tiny sliver of a classic novel and deciding it should be an electropop opera musical? How? He took something so frequently adapted and made it incredibly original in ways many do not realize. It’s quite frustrating to see writers using the War & Peace origins as only an introductory statement instead of the praise it should be.

tl;dr: I’m just really pissed so many people ignore Great Comet’s successes in the very categories they praised Hamilton for okay sorry for the rant