hamilton pool


July 12, 1992: Summer fun in the pool of Hamilton Fish Park on the Lower East Side, which had recently reopened. “Surely stories like this happen only on sappy television dramas: an abandoned park, long lorded over by drug pushers, is transformed into a scene of mothers and children, of trees, open space and sun sparkling on blue water,” wrote The Times. “It is not an elixir for every urban ill,” the story, an architecture review, went on. “But it’s a powerful tonic against despair.” Photo: Ángel Franco/The New York Time"


Hamilton Pool

Just 23 miles west of Austin, Texas is a breathtaking natural oasis emerging out of the desert dust and scrub grass. More than a century ago, the natural dome that once concealed the entire grotto underground collapsed and created what is now called Hamilton Pool.

Hamilton Pool is a natural spring formed in the limestone bedrock and fed by an underground river, which also feeds the small tributaries and lush flora surrounding the pool. The abundant freshwater has allowed a diverse population of trees and vegetation to emerge surrounding the pool, forming a beautiful protected nature preserve.