hamilton downtown

  • hamilton: makin' my way downtown, walkin' fast
  • angelica: *busts down alexander's office door*
  • angelica: *starts waving fist around erratically* CONGRATULATIONS
  • hamilton: fuXKING SPRI N T I NG

Race Time by Glenn Pfab Photography
Via Flickr:
LOOK at my car!!! …its not mine….

James St. S - Hamilton, ON

There has been a lot of construction happening in Hamilton lately with new buildings going up what seems like every week. I do like how the builders are trying to preserve Hamilton’s heritage by adding to the buildings with modern construction rather then completely destroying it and starting from scratch. Two thumbs up Hamilton! 






Our second big casting announcement for Sondheimas is arianadebose, currently tearing it up downtown in HAMILTON.  You may know her from So You Think You Can Dance. You may know her Bring It On. You may know her from Motown: The Musical. You may know her from Pippin. All I can say is that after I saw her sing with Charlie Rosen’s Broadway Big Band last year I wanted to cast her in everything, so I’m psyched she’s going to be in our show.

Here’s a video from a previous appearance at 54below, featuring her take on a Sondheim favorite, mashed up (as the kids say) with a Menken tune.

A group of Milwaukee aldermen are pushing a host of police reforms – including equipping police with body cameras and identifying officers prone to violence – after prosecutors declined to charge an officer who shot a man 14 times.

The plan comes as the city’s black community grapples with district attorney John Chisholm’s decision on Monday not to charge former officer Christopher Manney with any criminal wrongdoing in the death of 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in April. Manney fatally shot Hamilton in a downtown park, emptying his service semi-automatic’s magazine into him. Manney is white; Hamilton was black.

The proposal calls for spending $1 million to equip every Milwaukee officer with a body camera, as well as creating an “early warning system” that would use citizen complaints and performance reviews to identify aggressive officers who may pose a threat to the public and get them counseling.