Broadway execs: hmm I wonder how we can get more people excited about theatre

Literally everyone who is excited about theatre: make theatre accessible to people who don’t live in New York and can’t afford going to the theatre

Broadway execs: fear not!! We have the solution!!

$1000 for Hamilton in the nosebleed section

When I make a fandom reference only I understand:

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First Burn is a masterpiece, and there’s one thing in particular I can’t get over. We’re all talking about this incredible, savage quote:

“Your enemies whisper so you have to scream. I know about whispers. I see how you look at my sister.”

It shakes us to the core, it speaks deeper of something we always knew. Eliza might say she doesn’t know who Alexander is, she has so much to learn, but also she knows everything. 

Of course, she knows Alexander so so well and she knows better than anyone where to attack him: his writing, his legacy. The final version of Burn shows us that: she goes right for his throat, ‘your sentences border on senseless’ and so on. His obsession with his legacy and ‘you are paranoid in every paragraph how they perceive you’.

But she always knows the rest of his flaws, she knows what Alexander is doing to her. She sees how he is about women, about her own sister. She loves him and sees all the amazing stuff about him, but she sees him entirely, all the bad included. In Satisfied, Angelica says she’d have to be naive to put aside Hamilton’s flaws and intentions. Eliza see his defects too, she also says she’s not naive, she stands by his side but she knows what he is costing her. She knows his power to affect people, herself included: “Don’t take another step in my direction, I can’t be trusted around you”. She sees the effects of his charms on others and in hers, and she is prepared for that, for his words: “Don’t think you can talk your way into my arms”.

And she knows his tendency for self-destruction. Angelica used the Icarus metaphor, but Eliza was already aware of his sense of self preservation, so extreme it easily went sideways, being how he falls. She knew how blind he could be to the things that really mattered, obsessed with his legacy, drowning in his pride. She saw the things he ignored and dismissed, she’s way ahead of him: “When will you learn that they are your legacy? We are your legacy”. This quote speaks to so many things, to Philip’s death, to Alexander’s legacy only surviving thanks to Eliza, to his whole story.

Angelica is not the only Schuyler who can read right through him. Eliza was looking closer, longer, even deeper. And she was right in the eye of the hurricane along with him, the consequences affected her and her family directly. She knew everything, she felt all of it. It’s not hard to understand why she loves him, why she forgives him later, and it’s no wonder at all that she hopes that he burns.

proof that musical theater is actually one big game of Sims
  • lots of nonsense syllables
  • exaggerated gestures and emotional states
  • everyone only has one outfit (+ one formal outfit)
  • everyday tasks take an unrealistic amount of time 
  • the walls cut away so that you can see inside houses
  • but you can’t see off your current lot; when you want to go to a different setting, it takes time and cheery transitional music will play
  • people fall madly in love within five minutes
  • children sometimes look nothing like their siblings or parents (The Sims 1)
  • people talk to themselves
  • really messed up families 
  • nobody visibly ages, but people suddenly reappear at a whole different lifestage and look drastically different
  • people die or give birth at super inconvenient times
  • the exact same group of background people keeps showing up in different locations

Me when one of my favorite characters die:

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the reason both Congratulations and First Burn had to be cut/changed is because if they left both in the show, Hamilton wouldn’t have survived to duel Burr, he would’ve just died on the spot right there

‘here lies Alexander Hamilton, verbally flayed alive by his wife and sister-in-law. RIP in pieces’

musicals as Kid Gorgeous bits

last night, I finally watched Kid Gorgeous for the first time and it was the best decision ever

1776: I don’t remember THAT in Hamilton!


Be More Chill: You spend most of your day telling a robot that you’re not a robot. Think about that for two minutes and tell me that you don’t want to walk into the ocean.

The Book of Mormon: Get the fuck out of here with your technicalities. Just ’cause you’re accurate does not mean you’re interesting. *also* God can’t hear you.

Dear Evan Hansen: Do My Friends Hate Me or Do I Just Need to Go to Sleep?

Hamilton: When I walk down the street, I need everybody, all day long, to like me so much. It’s exhausting. 

Les Misérables: 🎶Bread is god is bread🎶

The Mad Ones: *about college* By the way, I agreed to give them $120,000 when I was 17 years old. With no attorney present. That’s illegal. They tricked me.

Mean Girls: “What’s a clique?” “It’s when a group of people hang out together.” “Oh, you mean like having friends?” “No, because these people make fun of other people.” “Oh, you mean like having friends?”  

Next to Normal: Was there ever a ghost, mother, or was the dead Victorian girl you saw just me all along?

Something Rotten: Of all the sentences in that email I would be ashamed to have read out loud in a court of law, I think the top one is ‘See you at improv practice.’