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Kuromahi #16 please...? :3

I will write something not so silly this time for this prompt.

Kuro/Mahiru, 16. things you said with no space between us

“You have a nice smile.”

Mahiru lifts up his hand and covers his mouth, self-conscious. “Stop it,” comes the muffled response. “And back up. You’re too cose.”

“Eh?” Not seeming to comprehend personal space, Kuro stays where he is, half-draped over his Eve and tilting his head quizzically for show. “You don’t like this?”

“You’re heavy,” grumbles Mahiru, finally dropping his hand. “You should cut back on the snacks.”

“Are you calling me fat? Mean, Mahiru. I almost took offense to that.”

“Almost?” Raising his eyebrow, Mahiru asks, “Why ‘almost’?”

“It’s too much work to feel offended.” To punctuate his point, Kuro flops onto Mahiru’s lap and puts his full weight on him. “Mmm, comfy. Don’t move.”

“I won’t move, don’t worry,” chimes in Mahiru. Then he shoves at Kuro’s shoulder, making him roll off and land with an omph. Mahiru almost feels bad. Almost. “You’re the one that needs to move, anyway.”

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okay, I lied. It’s still silly.

Kitten (Part 20)

Note: So a lot of folks have been missing Kuro. Figured we should check in on him and see what he’s up to. Random aliens die in this part.

Warning: Kitten Is A Dark Fic With Dark Themes

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The quivering bloody mess on the floor is rather nasty. It’s garbled plea for mercy through it’s shattered teeth pathetic in the not enjoyable way. Kuro frowns. He’s disappointed at how quickly his new toys have broken. He’d really had every intention of making these last, drawing out their time together. Both to savor the pain and to not arouse suspicion in the local authorities, but the things had been immensely unsatisfying. Like a bag of chips, there was no substance to their screams.

He missed Kitten. The pleasure he’d gotten from breaking one of Kitten’s delicate fingers was equal to what he gained from snapping both this creature’s knees. Things just weren’t fair. He should be happy.  He’d taken all the best elements of his time with Kitten and dialed them up.

He’d chosen the most startling beautiful couple he’d seen. Pale, waifish, with sharp claws that hinted at gorgeous danger.  Made them watch while he played with the other, let them beg for him to stop, and if they were very very good, even let them take the other’s place. Their personalities had been a perfect contrast, one who cried out at all pain like a song, and one that took an hour’s work to get a single glass shattering yell.

Why weren’t they enough? Why did he feel he was constantly chasing a high, only to have it slip through his fingers a moment after being obtained?

In the night, while they rested, he found himself ignoring the recordings of the day and going back to watch Kitten’s poor attempts to fight him off instead.  He’d even recreated some of the scenes, but they were just not the same. The best he’d made was a tiny bit of roleplay, with ‘Kitten’ and ‘Shiro’.  Unfortunately, ‘Kitten’ hadn’t survived the encounter. Turns out, their anatomy hadn’t meshed well with his own, and besides what was the point of these things, if all he was going to do is imagine he was with someone else?

Kuro sighed, this just wasn’t working out. He needed the emotional connection that came with knowing Kitten and tormenting his weaker self. Strangers, no matter how pretty, just couldn’t compare. He puts his enhanced hand around the remaining alien’s skull and starts to squeeze. He wanted to give a “It’s not you, it’s me,” speech, but this thing wouldn’t get the reference. One more way they failed to live up to proper playmates. The thing’s broken arm is flopping uselessly against the metal of his own, animal instinct trying to survive well past it’s time.  He does enjoy the millisecond were it’s eyes register it’s doom before it’s skull cracks like an eggshell.

Blick. Kuro flings the disgusting gore off his hand. It’s blood wasn’t even an appealing red. How had he ever thought they could replace Shiro and his kitten?

Well at least he’d learned something, and the time spent here had given him a chance to lay low while the paladins let down their guard, so this wasn’t a complete waste. With a shake of his head, Kuro begins to pack up. He’s been using an abandoned house for his games, but the couple had owned a shuttle he could use to get off planet. He’d already stripped it of anything that could give away it’s position. A little bit of caution and it was the perfect tool for his next step.

It was finally time to stop messing around and go find the pet he actually wanted.

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Kitten - Chapter 19 - ilovelocust - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Kuro violently kidnaps Keith from the Castle of the Lions. Team Voltron desperately tries to get him back, while Kuro taunts them about all the things they can’t stop him from doing. When they finally rescue him, the truly hard part begins.



The Adventures of Kuro

Oh my God… this turned out to be one of my longest posts so far. XD But well… I worked on this series over the last week and I just couldn’t resist to upload them all at once.

So, this is like an AU where Shiro ended up with Haggar after s2. She experimented on him and…well… kind of cloned him. But that clone’s a real pain in the ass and she’s kinda glad that when the Paladins came to save Shiro, they took him too. Now the Paladins have to put up with Kuro’s shit. :)

Guess I’ll upload some more Kuro stuff in the future. I just love drawing him so much. The world needs more Kuro! :D

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: What's your biggest fear?
  • Person B: You.
  • Person A: Me?!
  • Person B: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Person B: I'm terrified that you'll leave.

The tit-off

So I tried uploading this for over two days now. But since our home interet had a melt-down I have to use the mobile version of tumblr and it won’t let me upload anything. :/
So.. The last two panels were additional - hence a bit sketchy, but mobile tumblr won’t even let me put pictures in my text posts XD
So… Uh I hope you like it?? Kuro and Shiro are having a little tit-off in this one, because they both try to impress Keith. Kuro is slightly smaller and less bulky than Shiro (but he’s still bulkier than most so damnit)… But he knows how to put his muscles on display ;)
He’s also a bit paler than the rest, but that’s because the poor baby has never seen the sun before.
Maybe I’ll draw a comic where the Paladins take him on a trip to a planet and he gets a sunburn after like five minutes or so XD