2012-Continuing with the new coloring style.

About this piece:

This is for a Challenge on TheOtaku called Imperfections

my OC Hametsu Kuro

Age: turned at 16

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 100lbs

Before you bash about her, her IMPERFECTION may seem Perfect to some people, but to herself, she isn’t comfortable completely.

She has no curves, small breasts and is an average height. She designs and makes all the clothes for her clan, and when creating outfits for her older sister Aijo…she is very envious of her curves.

The mannequin and the skirt she is creating is really close to Aijo’s measurements (except the waist, whereas Tsu is trying to figure out how to fix it) and she stares at it with envy…She always wanted to be a model, but she doesn’t have enough curves and is too short.

that was the DA description.

So, This piece has a lot of criticism on it, especially on the breasts of the mannequin. Well, my “excuse” is that I was using myself as a reference (not looking up other large breasted dress forms) and well…I was downsizing her breasts and stuff…it didn’t work out very well and it looks awkward. 

Also. No one noticed the one thing I made specifically for this piece that no one has noticed T^T The measuring tape in Hametsu’s hand/mouth was purposely made green for a reason. Envy. She wants her sister’s shape, so yeah. I don’t think anyone has noticed that and I thought it was clever T^T