“Harry!-slaps his arm-”

“Ow -laughs- C’mon, just say it again -pouts- Please? Its not like it has the L word in it.”

“-hisses-It’s basically like the same thing!”

“No it’s not! -laughs- Unless you… -blinks, raising his brows at Amelia-”

“Wha- F-fine! Yes, I want to be your girlfriend! There! I said it! Happy?”

“-grins- Okay, I’ll let you be my girlfriend -chuckles then pulls her up for another kiss- ”


“Oh, you know you want me.”

HaMelia becomes official. ||November 21, 2012.||


Hours later find me tangled in my bed sheets and alert despite jet lag that should be making my body feel like it’s five in the morning. For two hours now I’ve been staring up at the ceiling fan and counting its rotations. Seventy five per minute to be exact. Besides the counting, my mind has been keeping me occupied. After such a crazy day, there was far too much to dissect and the only thing it persisted on analyzing is Harry. Every few minutes, my hand would go to the spot where he’d kissed, the warm fluttery feeling returning in my stomach every time. I can still feel him there. After everything he’d done today, this surprised me the most. But that’s not even it. What was keeping me tossing and turning in my bed was the fact that a part of me wanted him to actually kiss me. A real one, and I was even expecting it, though I’m not sure why.

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#Hummingbirds and Hamelia bushes #Nature #photography

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A few images of hummingbirds hanging out in a garden feeding on the flutes of a hamelia (hummingbird) bush. A hummingbird feeds from the long narrow flutes of a hamelia bush in El Paso, Texas. (Steven R. Green)   A hovering hummingbird feeds from the long narrow flutes of a hamelia bush in El Paso, Texas. (Steven R. Green)   A hummingbird hovers near a hamelia bush in El Paso, Texas. (Steven R.…

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“Just because you own the house doesn’t mean you can just trash around and do whatever you want– you’re an adult for Pete’s sake! Harry, can’t you just clean without being asked!?" 

"So who cares if I can’t clean? I can cook…" 

"Look, sorry about getting on the wrong foot.”

“Don’t… apologize, I hate it when people do that.”

“Oh– uh– s– I mean, wanna play red hands?”

“Really? I didn’t know you were into stuff like that,” Amelia chuckles.

“I’m into all sorts of stuff,” Harry replies, smiling. 

“Dear diary….” Harry gasps. 

Harry and Amelia warming up to each other; Harry realizing he might actually like like her. 

Tinman: Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Mancold (N):  found exclusivley upon the Y chromosome. this particular strand of the common cold results in individuals acting like a little bitch and crying about a stuffy nose. Treatments for this include: suck it up, we dont care, and we’re not your mother.

 Mancold (V): Just awful.

Once again all that can be heard is that weird kitten clock ticking the silence away in the small office. Dr. Maladeo still writes a lot in that notepad of hers and I still can’t imagine what exactly she’s scribbling. It’s already been twenty minutes in and all I’ve said to her was a greeting and a confirmation that I went to California two weekends ago. And that’s it.

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Tinman: Thirteen Part 2

Part 2

Harry was smart to pass on coming up to the apartment with me to see Scarlett. It’s been nearly ten minutes since I’ve stepped foot in the apartment and I’ve been doing my best to dodge her curiosity. Making tea to settle my still uneasy stomach from the plane ride and taking my bag into my room only to get dragged out by her and dropped onto the sofa with her on the other end staring at me. She’d already screamed when she’d seen my face and asked me what the hell happened. So I told her it as a football game gone wrong which she easily believed. It was half the truth after all.

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Chapter Thirteen

Hate (N): feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).

Hate(V): I’ve realized the answer to Harry’s quesetion when we first arrived to California

I wake up to the sound of water running. With eyes that are nearly stuck shut by caked mascara, I blink away the raw sting as I look up at the plain ceiling. It’s not my usual light yellow ceiling that has greeted me each morning for the past fifteen years. I sit up immediately, groaning at the cracking of my joints from the sudden movement, but too preoccupied by the fact that nothing around me is familiar.

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Double Negative (N): A confusing way of speaking

Double Negative (V): Harry Styles is one on his own. 

“And I just met with the florist yesterday for Delilah because the poor thing is just so overwhelmed with the engagement plans.” My mother carries on just like she has for the past twenty minutes. Thoughts of just tucking and rolling out of the moving vehicle cross my mind. But then I remember we’re on the 405 and that action would not only kill me but I’d end up in smithereens.

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