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Hello from Tabriz (Behnam’s House) by Hamed Saber
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This old house is build on about 100 years ago, which is now part of architecture department of Sahand University of Technology.Tabriz is the capital of East Azarbaijan Province. Tabriz is the main cultural center of Iranian Azarbaijan, and most of its people are Azerbaijanis. Historically, the founding of the city is shrouded in mystery. Most sources mention the Sassanid era, while others believe it to be even further back in history. After the Turkic invasion of Iran, Tabriz later became the capital of the Ilkhanate empire from about 1270 to 1305, of the Aq Quyunlu from about 1469 to about 1502, and of the Safavids from 1502-1548. It also fell under Ottoman rule for some time during the time of the Safavids,. Research by British Egyptologist and historian David Rohl suggests that the Biblical Garden of Eden was situated here. His findings were published in his book Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation and then made into a documentary for the Discovery Channel.

Hut Sunrise - Hello from Kish Island by Hamed Saber
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Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran This photo is a gift for you, just for you ;) I captured this lovely sunshine minutes ago, and planned to upload it asap, and now it’s yours :) Hello from Kish! Added to main page of flickr explore (interestingness) page of 21 September 2006.