How I first imagined the opening of "Say No to This"
  • Aaron Burr: There's nothing like summer in the city.
  • Aaron Burr: Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty~
  • Aaron Burr: *straightens his cravat*
  • Aaron Burr: *leans seductively against a lamp post*
  • Aaron Burr: *bats eyelashes*

First time writing a fic: hi this is my first fic!! Please be nice when commenting, constructive criticism is appreciated! This will be mostly like the canon, I would just like to put them in a bit different sort of situations and imagine how they’d react and such!

Written too many fics at this point, slowly losing control: look at this AU I made that has literally nothing to do with the canon and the characters only really share the same names and nothing else is left of their characters except maybe the fanon basics

Imagine your otp!
  • Person A: How did you two get together?
  • Person B: Well, we hated each other and fought everyday. Since we had the same group of friends avoiding the other wasn't a good option.
  • Person C: Those Friends then had this 'amazing' idea to get us to get along.
  • Person A: What was that?
  • C and B: Handcuffs.

sSHH it’s my secret hamitlon ship blog, welcome.

I will ship hamburr until Alex get’s shot again, fight me. Here’s some modern au. I apparently draw a lot of modern au, but it’s so nice.<3

(I’ll totally take ship requests or questions, just send ‘em over, maybe I’ll draw /answer them !

Hamilton soulmate AU (aka kallima is hamiltrash)
  • Hamilton: Pardon me. Are you Aaron Burr, sir?
  • Burr: That depends. Who's asking?
  • Hamilton: Oh well sure, sir. I'm Alexander Hamilton, I'm at your service, sir. I have been looking for you.
  • Burr: ...
  • Hamilton: (shit-eating grin)
  • Burr:
  • Burr: I'm getting nervous.