On a 100% stroke of luck I happened upon this hamburger printed shirt at Walmart. Normally I would never search through the clothing section there (besides for sale jean shorts, of course), but after dinner one night my mom wanted to go there for a pair of work shoes.

My dad pointed out some printed shirts in the men’s section, and we found this gem of a shirt hiding behind some boring surfer images. And it was only $7! The downside was that there were only XL and larger sizes left.

But I got it anyway, along with the wolf moon design, with the intention of using them as fabric to make new shirts. :]

Ever since I got my new tattoo I’ve wanted as much as my wardrobe as possible to have cutouts. ;p This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out this criss-cross design.

What I ended up doing to the shirt:

  • I took it in on the sides and made new, smaller sleeves for it
  • Shortened the shirt
  • Cut and sewed 16 individual strands to make the criss-cross pattern

The only problem I came across was using my machine to sew the shirt.. I’ve sewn fabric very similar to this, but for some reason none of my needles worked (I tried both knit needles and small size regular needles) with it and the tension was a little off. Anyone have any advice on sewing medium weight, 100% polyester?


If my love of drawing food was not yet obvious enough from my breakfast tarot cards, here is some EXTRA FANCY SUPER COOL FLOATING FOOD! Complete with animation. (Sadly we do not yet have the technology to put gifs on shirts!)

These will be available on other products soon! In the mean time, we’ve got FREE SHIPPING right now!

Hamburger on a light shirt | dark shirt | print

Hot dog on a light shirt | dark shirt | print