hamburger michel


I thought… why do not upload my old references of my humanizations?:D Besides their desing I havn’t change
1)Chica’s Magic Rainbow. This is my first reference:’D Honestly, this is one of my favorite humanization. Well, and favorite character from FNaF World. And I draw my old humanization of Chica. I don’t know why I did it and don’t use pole-bear’s Chica:/
2)Gillian the Hamburger. This is the second reference. It’s humanization of hamburger from FNaC.
3)Michel Afton. Yes, there wrote that his name is Gerald Caldwell, but this reference was draw before the release Custom night.
4)Meringue and Mudpie. This reference isn’t old, I’m finish at this month. But I haven’t posted because it draw didn’t good. Well, I think so.
I hope that despite the fact that the references of those don’t look very well, but you like their desings!^^
All references based in pole-bear’s style
(sorry for the awful English)


Phantoms, Christines and Raouls in Hamburg, 2013-15:

  • PHANTOMS: Mathias Edenborn (principal), David Arnsperger (alternate), Robert Pitcher (understudy)
  • CHRISTINES: Valerie Link (principal), Lauri Brons (alternate), Michelle van de Ven (understudy/alternate), Daniela Braun (understudy)
  • RAOULS: Nicky Wuchinger (principal), Oedo Kuipers (understudy), Marco Fahrland (understudy)