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The Strogonoff Burger At The Firehouse Grille by Scott Henderson
Via Flickr:
Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, sour cream on the side Served at the Firehouse Grille 7875 Old Town Rd New Market Minnesota

y’all remember when Bressie was in London and partied with the LIC and not only did we get Bressie on Niall’s snap, but we got Niall on Bressie’s IG, AND NiallandBressie on a stranger’s snap because they went to Mcdonald’s at 4AM for drunk hamburgers. 

what a weekend. what. a. weekend.


The Blue Boy Burger by Scott Henderson


Tokyo \(^-^)/
Tokyo felt like a huge clump of steel, concrete and glass on my first visit and it made me feel crushed so much that I was happy to flee it and go to Kyoto but back then I had already found a friend in Kyoto whom I’m still in contact with :)
So even though I felt happy to leave it I was already looking forward to go back and see it again :)
Places like these made me miss Tokyo and Japan in general throughout the time I’m not there :)

Meiji-Jingu is one of those places that seem oddly out of place in Tokyo :D
It is great that it is in Tokyo though because walking through it on a hot summer day feels quite relaxing and I felt like I could recharge and feel more at home :3
The park surrounding it is awesome because it is manmade but the plants were selected in such a way that the park would grow just like a natural forest :3
It is a wonderful to see such a thing in a city that is so modern and crowded with buildings and artificial things :3 <=I would like to see this kind of park in a lot more places (o^-^o)
The shrine itself is wide and open which is nice to see in a city with lots of narrow roads and obstructed sight lines (which are nice to see as well ;)
It is this kind of contrast that makes Tokyo so enjoyable :)
Although I have to admit that this took a second visit to fully learn to appreciate Tokyo before that I felt like Tokyo was kind of too heavy for me and that the nice people I met there were the only thing keeping me from collapsing :D
I know people from Tokyo can seem a little cold but the way I experienced it is that you just need to try to see below the surface and show a sincere interest in them, they will start to blossom and gladly share things with you :)

The small “gardens” people make in random places :D
This is not a florist but rather a places someone put a lot of plants on :D
I felt like your experience in Tokyo depends a lot on what you do and how you approached it :)
I think this is one of the lessons I took from my journeys through this city (^-^)

I also liked how the skyline suddenly opens up to reveal a piece of classic Japanese architecture or gardening :D
It emphasizes how the way you look at things influences how you perceive them :) I mean you would just need to walk a few steps to lose sight of it but it would still be there none the less but if you rushed through the streets you might not see a lot of these gems which is why I organised my journeys myself because I wanted to see and feel things :)

I was surprised to find this Manneken Pis at Hamamatsucho station :D
I like this small “garden around” it :3
It made me feel a little cooler in the heat of the summer :D

Something rather surprising to me was how safe I felt as a cyclist in Tokyo :o
People are so careful when driving their cars that I felt a lot safer than I did in Germany (^-^;) <=In Germany I felt like people are always aggressive and pushing (^-^;)
I shot last 2 photos around Tokyo Tower and Yasukuni Jinja :)
It is a nice place and the mix with the modern buildings and traditional Chinese gate between them is very nice to see :3

I enjoyed getting my eyes opened to new things, the chance to discover the people and to discover the small and large details that make Tokyo the place it is :)

This week I was quite busy but I got some work done :)
my university still didn’t rectify their mistake but to be honest I don’t care anymore I sacrificed so many things for them that I feel like I just want to get it over with one way or the other.
My employer seems to be quite happy with the work I’m doing :)
Unfortunately I’m not feeling too well since yesterday and I will skip discovering Hamburg for this weekend (^-^;)
One thing that strikes me is that people in Hamburg smile a lot more than people in Berlin do :)
I will just do some work on my kitchen shelf and some other small things :)
My aunt sent me some delicious Bavarian treats :3

I wish everyone a great weekend, delicious food and sweet dreams (^-^)/

After an early room service dinner (which was awight), we had some gelato for dessert because of course we did. The boy wanted the “Smurf” gelato, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a standard Italian gelato flavor.

I asked the gelato barista, What’s in the Smurf gelato? And the gelato barista was all, “Um, I dunno, vanilla and stuff?” And I was all, Does the ‘and stuff’ include ground up Smurfs? And the gelato barista was all, “I don’t think so, but who knows, right?”

Despite its dubious flavor origins, the boy got the Smurf gelato anyway. He took a bite and said, “This ice cream tastes just like Smurfs!” And I said, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. And the boy said, “Smurfs taste a little bit like vanilla and blue.” And I was all, Is that good? And the boy was all, “Yeah!”