hamburg punk

RYOUSUKE: When Haruichi was younger, I was worried he might burn himself on the oven, so I told him, “If you touch the oven, your hands will turn into Hamburg steak.”
JUN: Punk. And?
RYOUSUKE: The next day, while Haruichi was eating Hamburg steak, he asked, “I wonder whose hand this is?”



(1988 - 1993) - were a German Punk band from Hamburg, formed on Christmas 1988 and split up in June 1993. Named after a song by Buzzcocks they where much more of the poppy side of punk than it was usual.

Noise Annoys resulted later from bands like Torpedo Moscow and Ramonez 77 which were the spearhead of the Hamburg Punk scene back then.



Jamie was on fucking point, love the band so much and this evening was so freaking awesome! I also did some videos which I am going to upload to soon. But really guys, his voice is so incredible I still can’t believe it and it’s been some days now. Hope he is comming to germany again, I would love to visit his next concert too!