Kirby Café menu item translations

Kirby’s Fluffy Pancakes

Gently soft pancakes with a blend of fresh cream and custard cream mixed with raspberry puree to make Kirby’s pink expression.

Popstar Curry with Seafood Bits

A squid ink seafood curry that’s just right for the summer. Uses turmeric rice and rice flower to recreate Popstar and its two “rings.”

King Dedede’s Ultra Satisfying Plate

Tomato BBQ spare ribs, a teriyaki chicken thigh on the bone, and even a fluffy pancake with an egg sunny side up make for this ultra filling plate.

Whispy Woods’ Green Green’s Plate

A single plate that includes all rice flour bread, block olives, and sausage. With the addition of our house hamburer and fried white fish, it’s a very balanced meal.

Chef Kawasaki’s Cold Fruit Pasta with Carelessly Tossed-in Mango

A fruit pasta served cold, luxuriously made with fresh Italian ham and mango, along with basil sauce.

Maxim Tomato Health Restoring Pasta

A tomato sauce pasta served warm, made centrally of the freshest tomatoes plus heaps of other veggies.

Metaknight’s Secret Late Night Parfait

A parfait made from a base of chocolate soft cream and banana. The patissier’s craftsmanship shines with the Metaknight’s sword and cape decorations.  

Fountain of Dreams Sparkling Cocktail (non-alcoholic)

Watermelon syrup and blue curacao are used to display the Fountain of Dreams coloring. Sweet and chill, its flavor will leave with with memories.

Orange Ocean Juice with Yogurt Mousse

Passion fruit syrup mixed in with orange juice, topped with a freshly made yogurt mousse. This brisk drink is both sweet and sour.

Maxim Tomato Soup Cup

A chilled tomato and celery soup to cool you off this balmy summer. The M is made from both plain and chocolate choux pastry.

Kirby’s Macaroon Cookie Choux

This luscious cream puff is made from choux pastry filled with our original custard cream, along with two layers of pink fresh cream with raspberry puree.

Maxim Tomato Cupcake

Our original cream with raspberry puree tops this cocoa cupcake. With just a touch of pistachio.

Invincible Candy Cupcake

A cocoa cupcake topped with both tropical fruit cream and raspberry cream.

Star Rod Cupcake

A chocolate chip cupcake topped with our original, fresh tropical cream.

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cashier: sir thats way too many hambur- wait did you just say 69
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Shit People Say (To Vegetarians/ Vegans)
  • Them:Do you want a salad?
  • Them:Do you eat fish?
  • Them:I love meat SO much I could never give it up!
  • Them:I was a vegetarian for 2 months and then I went into an In-N-Out.
  • Them:I'm a vegetarian, but I'm not when I'm really hungry.
  • Them:Can you have chicken?
  • Them:What is gelatin?
  • Them:Dude, you should totally try this hambur- ... Oh...
  • Them:So all you eat is salad?
  • Them:Tofu is nasty!
  • Them:What do you mean gelato isn't vegan?
  • Them:Fake meat? That's gross. I'm not eating that.
  • Them:MMMMM, CHICKEN NUGGETS! *Shoves in vegetarian/ vegan persons face*