Never, guys, never… ♥

Is hard to say goodbye to a show that made me meet so many people, all of they nice, funny and very friendly. Even, thank to the turtles I realized of what I want in my life, draw, draw for ever and ever. Because withou it I don’t know what I’d do. TvT I have a dream, and I want to make it come true. :D

Is not the end, my friends. Because everybody will still here. At least, I’m still here. XD

Turtle power!!


IDW TMNT #61: Chasing Phantoms Part 1

Mikey Disagrees With The Plan. 

TMNT Raph x Reader - Raph’s Karma

OKAY SO I HAD THIS IDEA its set as like a hybrid of the 2012 and the 2016 worlds where the turtles start off as relatively short as in 5'2 like in the 2012 series and then over like 8 months they have like this exponential growth period where its one mother fucker of a growth spurt and they turn into Bay turtle height and build and stuff.

 WARNINGS- cursing, the limbo between platonic fluff and romance that does your head in, typos (typing it up on my phone), its pretty lengthy 

“Hey, Short-Stack,” you call, eyes skimming over the figure reclining on the couch. 

There’s the slightest growl in response as the terrapin turns onto his side, facing away from you. You knew he was awake, he’d been pretending to sleep for about an hour now. He’d been too still, you knew the way he slept. Raph was prone to tossing and turning unless he has something to hold, (a pillow or a blanket for example). A small smirk slides onto your face as you transfer your attention from the pinball machine to your favourite turtle.“Pickle-Bean, wanna join?” 

 “What the fuck is a Pickle-Bean?” Raph exclaims, rolling over to face you before throwing his hands up in frustration at your teasing. He stands up, cheeks flushed with embarrassment and rage as he walks towards you. “Seriously, do you even think before you say shit like that?” 

 You narrow your eyes playfully as he comes to a halt a couple feet before you. Standing to your feet, you smirk at the couple inches of height that you have over him. “First of all, watch your language. You’re not tall enough to get onto the teacup ride at an amusement park let alone be swearing like a crack-addict suffering withdrawals,” you say, raising an eyebrow towards the end of your point. “ Secondly, ‘Pickle’ is pretty self explanatory and ‘Bean’ I thought was fitting ‘cos you’re like a smol bean but one that has excessively violent tendencies.” 

 Raphael blinks as he slowly registers both the multiple direct and indirect insults thrown in his direction. You watch as his cheeks redden and his fingers twitch towards the sais strapped to his hips. You’d be intimidated if you didn’t think he looked like an angry Chihuahua barking at a Pit-bull. You weren’t stupid, you knew he’d knock you on your ass in a fight but you aren’t weak and you’d beaten him in an arm wrestle more than once so you like to think that counts towards something (granted, he was sick and incapable of even standing- but still).

“What do you want?” He questions, pulling his hands away from the handles of his sais. Your mouth quirks to imply that you’re impressed by his restraint.

“Considering this is my last week here before I’m shipped off in the name of education” you grimace at your own words, “I figured I should make use of my time with the friends I have here because chances are I won’t be making any over there.”

Raph’s jaw is tight as his hardened expression softens considerably. “Yeah,” he whispers. Your mouth opens and closes just as fast, unsure of how to respond to the almost vulnerable response. He blinks before clearing his throat, “I mean, yeah? Who said we were friends, you dork.”

“I took pity on your short ass, figured that a ninja your height must have some sort of a complex.” You stick your tongue out at him in which his eyes follow it’s movements subtly. A pink undertone travels beneath the skin of his cheeks as he shoves you out of the way lightly.

“I’ll still kick your ass,” Raph mutters as he pulls the lever to release the pinball. You eye him affectionately, noting how the blush still stains his face.

“Maybe…” you muse. Leaning in to whisper lowly in his ear, “that is if you can even reach it.”

8 Months Later

You slide down the grimy ladder, residual moss making a point to leave slime coating your skin. You resist the urge to gag as you wipe your palms against your jeans. You’d almost forgotten just how much you hated this part of going to the lair. The sewer lines never failed to remind you of the movie ‘It’, hence why you’ve always asked for a turtle to meet you at the entry whenever you were visiting.

Speaking of, you’re slightly disappointed that no one has come to meet you. You’d reached out earlier to Leo, informing him of your arrival and your plans to come visit them soon. You had made the mistake of assuming they’d send someone to meet you as was routine, after eight months you guess it was a little silly to have made that assumption.

A puddle behind you is disturbed, a loud and deliberate splash resounding off the walls of the tunnel. You spin around, eyes wide and heart pounding within your chest. The area facing your back is mostly shrouded in darkness, but you can see the faint outline of a large silhouette hidden neatly in the shadows. Had you not been accustomed to spotting this you would have not noticed. Unfortunately, you did.

Your breath catches in your throat, a loud gasp slipping from your lips. You stumble back immediately craving distance. “I see you,” you state shakily.

There’s a thick silence.

“I let you.” His voice is loud, raw and holds elements of instability. You blink, a shiver running down your spine. His tone was both entirely familiar and painstakingly alien to you, leaving you in a flurry of disorientation.

“Step into the light.” You say, daringly.

And so, the beast obeys. 6′8 feet of raw strength and power is unveiled by the dim lighting. Your heart leaps into your throat as he approaches you, your gaze struggling to drink in his expanse.

You catch sight of the all too familiar smirk gracing the creature’s lips. Then the eyes, while a different colour, still vibrant with a familiar soul behind them. Finally, you see the bandanna. Red. 

Your jaw drops.

“What do you think, sweetheart?” The voice is playfully mocking, however the new deep quality made it so much more sensual than you remembered. He moves forward, leaning down to shorten the distance between your faces. Your eyes are wide, roaming over his features unashamedly. A large finger gently pushes your jaw closed from beneath your chin.

“You know,” he muses. His mouth is by your ear now. “I think I’m fully equipped to give you that ass-kicking now.”

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Okay so I know Apriltello Day was over like two hours ago but I had this idea in my head and I just had to draw it. It’s so messy and I painted the background WAY too quickly but oh well…

I just really wanted to draw April and Donnie in a scene from my favorite romantic movie “When Harry Met Sally” (Drawing April in Meg Ryan’s 80s clothing was so much fun!)

Also I’m setting this in @theherocomplex’s “High as the Moon” AU verse where the Hamato Clan has become accepted by humanity and April and Donnie end up meeting in college. Because that AU is the best and everyone should read her fanfic about it!

So yeah, classes are over for the day so April and Donnie decided to get coffee and take a stroll through central park. Oh and I couldn’t resist sneaking in an argyle pattern on Donnie’s sweater vest ;)


Screenshot redraw I did of a scene from Half-Shell Heroes! It took me a good six hours or so, but I really like to way it turned out. Click on it for full detail!

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Leo x Shy!Reader : Sticks And Stones (PART 1)


Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Leo x Reader where the reader is shy and they get into a fight about how she doesn’t understand and Leo says some things causing her to leave the city, coming back a few months later with her hair a different color and more confident?

Thank you! 

Warnings: Lengthy, possible typos

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TMNT React to Military S/O Going To War


Hi I’m in military school so how would the 2k16 craw react to the S/O going to war? Take as long as you want.
- @mcartminec4

Warnings: Light Cussing 


“You do realise how dangerous this is? Just think for a minute about what could happen to you!” Leo exclaims, whirling around to face you with wide eyes. 
“I have!” You reply, eyebrows furrowing as you remind yourself not to get mad at him. This is a big thing for Leo to have to process and there’s always the chance that you might not come back. 

“Are you sure? You need to make sure that you’re sure because then I’m not sure that-” Leo continues to ramble as his hands begin to raise towards his head- his mind slipping into overdrive. Viewing this from a leader’s perspective, you’re a member of this team, you’re a valuable asset. This, however goes beyond that. You’re his partner, through thick and thin you’re the person he loves in a way that he didn’t know he was capable of doing. 

“Leo,” you whisper, taking a cautious step towards him. “I’m sure. Have faith in me.” 

He pauses, eyes flickering to make contact with yours. They burned with intensity as he attempts to swallow his fear of losing you and look past it to the bravery and courage you’re displaying. “I have faith in you… if there’s anyone that I have faith in- it’s you.” 

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“No! End of the damn story!” His roar reverberates thoughout the lair. You could even swear that you felt the structure of the makeshift sewer home shake and you inhale deeply. 

“Raph,” you plead softly, stepping towards the towering giant of emotions. 

“No!” He snaps arm flinging out to prevent you from approaching. You eye the limb warily, taking note to cautiously remain out of reach upon the sight of his bulging bicep. “Please, just don’t.” 
His voice has softened and the harsh edge has almost been eradicated. His voice wavers and nears cracking mid-sentence, upon this observation you ignore the arm in front of you and approach him anyway. 

“Raph, it’s okay. You taught me to handle myself and protect others, now people need my help and I need to go help them… okay?” You whisper as your hands glide over his chest to wrap around his neck as well as you can manage. He lowers himself to your level, seating himself on the sofa behind him and pulling you into his embrace. His grip around your waist resembles a bear hug and you feel as if he has locked himself there and never planned to let you go. 

“You better not get hurt otherwise I’m prepared to take on an entire foreign army…. and you know I’ll win,” Raph warns. His voice is slightly muffled as his face is buried into the crook of your neck, as if seeking comfort from you being near. “You have to come back to me.” 

You smile softly, fingers slowly stroking his cheek as you hold him tightly against you. “One way or another, Raph, I’m coming home to you.” 

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“Okay, you don’t want to listen to my proffessional opinion that’s fine. I knew this day would eventually come and I knew that you wouldn’t listen to anything I say so I’ve taken the liberty to compile a file of statistics that may make you reconsider your decision. Reason number one includes….” 

Donnie has been pacing the floor of his lab aggressively for the past hour, you’re suprised he hasn’t worn a hole into the floor yet. You smile softly at the words spewing from his mouth at lightspeed, taking the opportunity to allow the very image of him to seep into your being while you can. 

“Donnie,” you call lightly, watching in amusement as he only pauses to rush to a bench and clumsily attempt to neaten the papers before trying to read off of them. 

“Homelessness rates for veterans are soaring through the roof and while you may have that one covered just imagine what would happen if you had to move into the sewers if something happened …” 

“Donatello,” you sigh, rolling your eyes at your boyfriend who flips through more pages. You stand to your feet and move to place yourself in front of him. You reach up and put a hand on either side of his face, tugging slightly to gain his attention. He does a double take when he realises his position and he slowly puts the thick pile of papers down onto the table. 

“I’m not a statistic,” you say, searching his eyes for agreeance. 

He sighs, lowering his gaze and leaning into your touch. “I know you’re not. I’m just trying to prevent you from becoming one.” 

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“That’s so cool! You’re gonna be like some super sexy….” Mikey stammers for a moment, looking for an appropriate description of what he was imagining, “special ops chick or something.” 

You grin at him, throwing your arms around his neck and leaning into the sturdiness of his being. You hear the infamous goofy chuckle, a rumble throughout his chest. 

“Yeah. A sexy- a sexy soldier.” He whispers, the excitement in his voice draining from the tone and replaced by a sombre note. Your heart lurches in your chest, you know that he’s trying really hard to be as supportive as possible. He wants you to do what you dream of doing and he’d rather be damned than to be the one restraining you from pursuing a life you loved. He knew all too well what being limited by society and people you care about felt like. 

“Babe?” He murmurs into your hair. You hum in response. “You’re- you’re not going to die right?” 

You inhale lightly at the forwardness of the question. “Mikey,” you begin, heart pounding in your chest, “unless it’s by pizza overdose with you, I’m not dying anytime soon.” 

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