TMNT: Nickelodeon and Girls fucked up

Ok, so TMNT got the new episode with Renet Tilley, and everyone is all “Yay! Finally Renet is here!” I was in the hype too…then I saw Mikey’s reaction…What. The. Actual. FUCK! Is everyone getting a girl now?! Why is Mikey crushing on some girl he just met. Sounds familiar since Donnie did that with April. But that was because in the beginning April was the ONLY girl they met. So are the turtles just going to fall in love with every fucking human girl they see? Nope. Worse, every turtle just gets some random girl that causes them trouble. 

According to the panel at ComicCon, Mona Lisa is going to show up. Yes, Mona Lisa. The Salamander Girl that Raph had a little lovey-dovey moment with in the older TMNT cartoons…WHAT. THE. FUCK. NICKELODEON!? The turtles went literally 3 WHOLE seasons without a girl. Why the fuck do they need a bitch on their arm so they can fucking fight the Kraang? 

All this shit didn’t even happen until Karai came into the picture. The turtles had to be with April because (1) She’s half-kraang we find out, (2) Her dad was kidnapped and mutated by the Kraang, and they felt obligated to help because they were also mutants, and (3) Now she can fight and has a reason to fight. Donnie had a crush on her and all, but that was under-toned throughout the whole series. Then Karai shows up, and Leo gets a crush…I swear Nickelodeon was like “Mmm, Hold on people are asking why don’t the other brothers have crushes too? I can’t think of anything. Oh! Raph had a thing with this Mona Lisa girl, and Renet is coming out so let’s just throw her on Mickey since we don’t have the intelligence, money, or time to be accurate, at least, and make it Venus De Milo”! Seriously?!?! What the HELL is the turtles having girl to be paired with going to do for the fucking show or the damn toys? Its a fucking distraction. The show is unique and good all on its own without being spray painted with meaningless romance. Yeah, their teenagers and teens have crushes all the time, but when do they ever act like it! They play video games and eat junk food, but they are still serious and, supposedly, dedicated to their “duty” to protect New York. So…what the fuck am I missing? 

Some might think that I hate Karai (which is true), Renet, or TMNT. But as much as I hate, I, at least, acknowledge decent characters and storytelling in a series. I hope I am wrong, and just that wicked witch that brings down the party. But I’m pretty sure I’m right. None of this would have happened if they just kept their eye on April, Karai stayed in the Foot , or (according to 2012 logic) be Miwa Hamato and a good sister to the turtles. But no. Stupid people ask stupid-unnecessary questions, and stupid things happen, and I get a stupid headache. 

P.S. I am a girl. My sempai is screaming, crying, and dying on the floor and her room bleeds TMNT. So it’s not just me. This “give every Barbie their Ken” trend is overrated, and seriously the reason bad things happen to good characters.

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Turtle super genius - Donatello Hamato.



Designs from splickedylit, based on the 2012 series.  I have regrets about that bottom picture.  EVERYBODY’S LEANING AND SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MIKEY’S LEG but oh well there it is. I’d hope you guys could guess but from left to right its: raph, donnie, leo, mikey.  

plus a bonus LeoRai up there coughcough

July 11: Donnie Day!

Show Donatello how much you appreciate him

Reasons to Adore Donatello

  • Because he’s a beautiful soul with a beautiful mind who has been selfless and loving countless times despite being under-appreciated and sometimes going unnoticed and I just want to hug him. All Donnies. All the Dons need all the love.
  • He’s the teenaged mutant equivalent of THIS

… and then some.

  • The snark


Am I the only one who sees this?

I mean, come on.

He even has the gap!

and i shouldn’t even point out the red hair…

except with Zoey and Mike, this:

and with Donnie and April, this:


but don’t even get me started on Aang and Katara.

but guess what? even they got together!

come on, Donnie!

just kiss her already!