Designs from splickedylit, based on the 2012 series.  I have regrets about that bottom picture.  EVERYBODY’S LEANING AND SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MIKEY’S LEG but oh well there it is. I’d hope you guys could guess but from left to right its: raph, donnie, leo, mikey.  

plus a bonus LeoRai up there coughcough

July 11: Donnie Day!

Show Donatello how much you appreciate him

Reasons to Adore Donatello

  • Because he’s a beautiful soul with a beautiful mind who has been selfless and loving countless times despite being under-appreciated and sometimes going unnoticed and I just want to hug him. All Donnies. All the Dons need all the love.
  • He’s the teenaged mutant equivalent of THIS

… and then some.

  • The snark