Updates & Master Swag Page

We finally did it! We reached our main goal! I have a few things I’d like to go over, so stick with me.

- For those of you who prepaid so far, thank you so much. I still don’t have a solid ticket design yet, but I’ll start on that as soon as I can, and hopefully follow up with everyone here shortly to make sure I have everyone’s proper contact information.

- With our venue funds locked down, our next goal is a ham or turkey. and if I can scrape up some extra funds, I’d really like a Tofurkey or two (or three, they’re REALLY GOOD). Vote HERE.

- Remember! Prepay ends at 11:59 PM CST on Thursday, November 28, 2013.

- However, if you can’t or don’t wish to use Paypal, there’s one more event we’ll be holding before the prepays shut down. The Kid’s Kingdom Meetup is this Saturday, November 16th, 6:00 PM at Dublin Park in Madison. I can accept ALL standard forms of payment, including checks. If you want to know about a specific payment type, feel free to ask.

- Most of our ornaments are grabbed up or put on reserve. We have four remaining:
Equius, Tavros, and Jane are the last characters available. If we receive more prepays, I will make more ornaments! My colors are limited, however, so it’ll come down to whatever I can create with what’s available.

- Also! Two things: Don’t forget to look at the Schedule of Events for contests and presents, and think about what food items you can bring to the party. Bringing food helps keep us organized, so that we don’t have to go for a big food run once the party starts, and gets you bonus raffle tickets. Two meals will be served, brunch and Christmas dinner, so that should give you some wiggle room.

- Lastly, check out this rad new SWAG PAGE I set up. I’ll be posting all the cool items for the raffles and such here.


—-> POLL HERE <—-

Due to delays in collecting prepays, the date we had initially planned for has already been booked at our venue. We need to make a decision ASAP, so please spread the word and link everyone you know that is planning to attend, or thinking about attending, to make their vote on this poll immediately.

I can NOT access Facebook for whatever reason currently. Please post this on Alabamastuck, on the Lounge, wherever you feel is necessary.

—-> POLL HERE <—-

These were found and turned into me at the end of the Alabamastuck Homestuck Photoshoot, which took place at 4:13 PM til 5:?? PM on Saturday, November 9 at the Von Braun Center and Embassy Suites joint bridge over the koi stream. They are a deep red Via Spiga Rimini with a marginally, at least, strong prescription.

If these belong to you, or if you know who they belong to, please contact me immediately. I will call the hotel in the morning.

UPDATE: Owner found!



From what I understand, admission is free, but rides are 4 tickets, and you get 22 tickets for $20. They also have armbands, at $15-20.

I will be at the carnival at Madison Square Mall tomorrow evening after 5PM (exact time not known, but you can always text me at 205-37-STUCK to see if I’m there) snapping pictures! If you come in costume, be sure to get your picture taken. :D

I might head out there other days; I assume it’ll be open until the weekend, and I live right beside the mall. So if you can’t make it tomorrow and you still want pics, give me a shout and we can maybe work something out.


Prepays for Hama Minicon end tomorrow! Make sure to come see us! As a special bonus, everyone who prepays for the Christmas Party at Hama Mini will be entered into a SPECIAL RAFFLE for Daniel’s body!

HAMACON Minicon - November 9, Von Braun Center South Hall, Huntsville.
- Panel: Dream Bubble Theater, 2:00 PM on the main stage.
- Alabamastuck Photoshoot 4:13 PM, meeting at the bottom of the stairs outside. We may migrate to the outdoors bridge area for better lighting.
— [ Alabamastuck staff will be accepting Christmas prepays at this event! - Cash, check, or credit/debit. ]