Meeting at 4:13 at the bridge between the VBC and the Embassy Suites. If you have any special scenes you’d like to see, please suggest them to our inbox with the phrase “SCENE IDEA:” attached! You can also submit a panel here.

You DO NOT have to be dressed in Homestuck to attend, but if you aren’t you DO have to be willing to do silly and dramatic cross-fandom portraits.

We’re currently looking for volunteer photographers, but of course, everyone is welcome and encouraged to take photos.

We will also be accepting prepays for this year’s Summer Prom. The Hamacon special rate is $18/each or $30/couples. Please visit our prepay page to tell us which tier you would like to reserve: http://alabamastuckprom2015.tumblr.com/prepay

anonymous asked:

Any plans for Hamacon? Panel/Photoshoots?

One of our usual panelists is hosting a Welcome to Nightvale Panel, and there’s been discussion of a Homestuck panel, but I’ve heard nothing confirmed. Let me get with the other admins to see if anyone is running a photoshoot. If not, I’ll pick one up. :) (Which would prooobably br Saturday at 4:13 unless there’s a conflict.)

Oh, and! If you are not going to be in Homestuck cosplay but would like to come to the photoshoot, please do! We had fun with crossovers last time. :D