France condemns Petah Tikva attack - 11 February 2017

France on Friday strongly condemned Thursday’s terrorist attack in Petah Tikva, in which six people were wounded.
“We stand united with the victims, their families, and the Israeli people,” the French foreign ministry said in a statement.
Thursday’s attack was a combined shooting and stabbing attack. Most of the victims were shot by the terrorist, while at least one was stabbed. The injuries of all six are said to be light or light-to-moderate.
The terrorist was subdued by civilians at the scene while still carrying his gun. He was then handed over to authorities.
Hamas welcomed the terrorist attack, saying it was a “natural response” to the “crimes” of Israel.
In Friday’s statement, France also condemned the rocket fire on Eilat this week, saying it offers Israel and Egypt, from where the rockets were fired, assistance in the war against terrorism.
Three of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, while the fourth exploded in an open area.
The rocket attack was claimed by the Sinai Province, the Islamic State (ISIS) group’s branch in the Sinai Peninsula.

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Hamas blames Israel for Gaza tunnel attack; Report claims it was Egypt - 10 February 2017

 Two people were reportedly killed and five were hurt in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday in an “attack” on an underground tunnel along the border between Gaza and Egypt, according to Hamas’s Health Ministry.
The ministry described the incident as an “Israeli attack” and claimed it was done in response to rockets fired toward Eilat on Wednesday night.
However, a report released hours later by the Institute for National Security Studies said later on that the Egyptian Army was actually at fault for carrying out the attack.