Zoujou-ji (apparenty) (Hamamatsu-cho), aka that time I tried to go to the Pokémon Center and stumbled upon a temple, again

Like seriously, you just walk 100 m in the wrong direction and bam, torii gate in the middle of the street and greenery and temple, right between a bunch of buildings, in the middle of the city, complete with radio tower in the background. This is a thing that happens, a lot.


Hamamatsu-cho buildings (Shiodome)

To put the previous post in its urban context, so you can understand how seriously unexpected and ridiculous it was.

Also because I really like the Tokyoïte architecture’s tendency to have overhead walkways and train lines and subterranean passages and bridges everywhere. I took most of these from a walkway right over the station, and as you can see, I also had to climb up one floor from the outside of the building and walk on a little covered terrace path to reach the PokéCen (though it’s also accessible from the inside of the building, with escalators and elevators).

There’s actually a park right on the opposite side of the street, and another not far which is apparently pretty big and interesting, the Hamarikyuu Teien. So next time, if the weather remains so nice, I might go wander a bit and take some pictures of those too.


… except that’ll have to wait for tomorrow (or later.) because hahahaha so many pics I’m gonna need to resize down all that crap and I need to go to bed.