"and that laugh that wrinkles your nose; it touches my foolish heart. Love me, don't you ever change;; Keep that breathless charm, won't you please arrange it? Cos I love you, just the way you look tonight" 

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The Way You Look Tonight ;; (Tadashi Hamada & Honey Lemon FanMix)

1. michael bublé The way you look tonight || 2. donna lewis && richard marx At the beginning || 3. kenny chesney You had me from hello || 4. abc The look of love || 5. snow patrol Just say yes || 6. trading yesterday May I ||7. steam powered giraffe Honeybee || 8. parachute Kiss me slowly || 9. grease You’re the one that I want || 10. bruno mars Treasure || 11. bill withers Aint no sunshine || 12. nick lachey This I swear || 13. ryandan Tears of an angel || 14. coldplay The Scientist || 15. rascall flatts Words I couldn’t say || 16. the neighbourhood Sweater weather || 17. trixie whitley Breathe you in my dreams || 18. imagine dragons Battle cry

Had to use hamada-san’s art for this, because this is all her fault <3 This works as a collab, since she came up with half the songs here and so did I eyyy

Enjoy! <3


◌◌◌  [ℋ ❀ ℒ] 
                           She was more than a little excited. She quickly made her
                           way down towards Tadashi’s lab, waving at her colleagues
                           as she passed through the cafe. She had well - exciting news,
                           and she didn’t want to be a bother, knowing how busy Tadashi
                           could be, but -  well, she had to share it!

          Bouncing a little on the spot, the chemist beamed
          and knocked on the door a few times, certain that
          her smile couldn’t get any wider than it already had.

                       - have come across the streets of San Fransokyo.

[ 寛 ] — 
            “I’m looking for a really big hand.
             It’s like, made out of steel? It
             sorta… flew away.”

◌◌◌  [ℋ ❀ ℒ] 
                           “Tadashi?” Aiko rapped on the door with her knuckles,
                           before poking her head through, eyes narrowed as she adjusted
                           her glasses. “You heeeere? I have something I’d like to talk to
                           you about!"