Commercial illustrations for magazines, book, web, and TV, Tokyo-based illustrator Hama-House finds time to create these playful speed sketches of people doing everyday activities. Upon encountering an inspiring subject, the artist pulls out a notebook and a pen and quickly begins to draw.

Well, here it is. It’s my coupe de gras, I suppose. It’s the original house from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow versions, and it’s completely three dimentional, and I’m even thinking about throwing Red and Pikachu playing in the front yard. I thought it’d be cute.

Anyway, it’s available on my Etsy if anyone is interested: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120149611/perler-pallet-town-home-diorama I gurantee you won’t find another like it. It’d be a cool piece of nostalgia for any old Pokémon fan. ^_^

Everyday Scenes Playfully Transformed Into Speed Sketches

Bir grup kadın öğle arası sohbet eder, bir kız sessizce masasında kitabını okumaktadır, birileri şarkısını söylerken diğeri çantasını karıştırmakla meşguldür… Illustrator Hama House ise hayat normal akışında devam ederken eline sketch defterini alır ve çok hızlı bir şekilde bu gündelik sahneleri çizimleriyle belgeler. İşin en güzel yanı da Hama House’un bu işi ticari amaçlı değil hobi olarak yapmasıdır. Bence hepsi çok başarılı.

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Hama-House. Fotografie e schizzi d'arte

Hama-House. Fotografie e schizzi d’arte

Salve a tutti ogni tanto riappariamo dal nulla, complici del tempo che non è mai abbastanza abbiamo rischiato di trascurarvi e non va bene!

Lo sappiamo, per questo vogliamo stupirvi ancora parlandovi di Hama- House.

Questa fantastica illustratice giapponese immortala scene di vita ordinaria  riproducendendo schizzi accanto a scene ordinarie.

Cosa ne pensate?

giorno le scene che lo circondano in…

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“… you’re cooking?” Sulia’s voice came. She approached Hama with gentle footsteps.

“I’m trying not to intrude, but that’s no small task in this little house.” Hama chuckled. “And they’ve been in there blathering for hours now. I’m sure they’re working up an appetite.”

“Like two old friends.” Sulia cooed. “It’s… it’s nice.”

“It really is.”

Obama to 'Reassess' Relationship With Israel

Obama to ‘Reassess’ Relationship With Israel

President Barack Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the United States would “reassess” aspects of its relationship with Israel after Netanyahu’s provocative statements leading up to Tuesday’s Israeli election.


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