hama mori

hauket  asked:

I'm not the anon who asked about the different mori styles but it was so interesting!! Are there any other variants of mori that you know about/could give a little excerpt on? Lovely blog by the way!!

Thanks very much! :D

Since Mori centers around living in and around nature, the variation in style is inextricably linked to the traits of the surrounding terrain. So, a “forest girl” can have many, many variations.

There are a few other variations that are gaining momentum that I am aware of, for example:

Yama Mori Kei or Yama Kei = mountain forest style, or mountain style.

Hama Mori Kei or Hama Kei = ocean forest, or ocean style

Black Forest Mori or Kuro Mori Kei = black forest style

Mahou Kei or Witch Mori = witchy mori, magic mori, magical girl

Mori Boy = the best one, though in my opinion the hardest to find good examples of.

Dark Mori = you already know about this one

I’m sure if there isn’t already “desert mori” and a “tundra mori” or a “rainforest mori”, well there  probably will be soon. ( so exciting )

My personal variation is “Appalachian Yama Mori.”
A friend of mine has a “Cascadian Yama Mori” blog.

Your appearance echoes your forest, your land, your terrain. You begin to look like your surroundings.