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Desert Kei has stolen me

I’m going to be (temporarily, maybe?) changing the name and theme of this blog from paralian-quaintrelle to suna-kei* and Hama Girl to explore the concept of desert-themed Mori Kei (*suna 砂= sand). I just haven’t been feeling Hama Kei for a long while and I’ve been into this whole desert vibe lately so I’m interested in exploring this relatively uncharted territory.


I’ve gotten many requests for closer photos of the makeup from this outfit a few days ago, but all I have are selfies 😅 hope this helps 🍂💫 Tassel scarfs made by myself~ hopefully once I’m done doing wardrobe for this show I can open LoonaFae (etsy) back up and lists some more of these 😊
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hauket  asked:

I'm not the anon who asked about the different mori styles but it was so interesting!! Are there any other variants of mori that you know about/could give a little excerpt on? Lovely blog by the way!!

Thanks very much! :D

Since Mori centers around living in and around nature, the variation in style is inextricably linked to the traits of the surrounding terrain. So, a “forest girl” can have many, many variations.

There are a few other variations that are gaining momentum that I am aware of, for example:

Yama Mori Kei or Yama Kei = mountain forest style, or mountain style.

Hama Mori Kei or Hama Kei = ocean forest, or ocean style

Black Forest Mori or Kuro Mori Kei = black forest style

Mahou Kei or Witch Mori = witchy mori, magic mori, magical girl

Mori Boy = the best one, though in my opinion the hardest to find good examples of.

Dark Mori = you already know about this one

I’m sure if there isn’t already “desert mori” and a “tundra mori” or a “rainforest mori”, well there  probably will be soon. ( so exciting )

My personal variation is “Appalachian Yama Mori.”
A friend of mine has a “Cascadian Yama Mori” blog.

Your appearance echoes your forest, your land, your terrain. You begin to look like your surroundings.