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GAZA CITY : A Palestinian shepherd leads his flock of sheep past an apartment complex that was heavily damaged in fighting between Israel and Hamas during over 4 weeks of fighting in northern Gaza strip a few miles away from the border with Israel on August 13, 2014. The UN estimates that about 10,000 homes were destroyed in the fighting that began on July 8. Indirect negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis for a truce in Gaza resumed on Wednesday, a Palestinian official said, as the clock ticked towards the midnight expiry of a three-day halt to hostilities. AFP PHOTO/ROBERTO SCHMIDT

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White 'Jews' are not Semites and have no connection to ancient Israelites. Israel was promised to you by the UN. You crackers belong in Germany/Poland. You cannot claim 'self defence' when you are colonising Arab land. Israel continues to build settlement & displace Palestinians which indicates they don't want peace. The settlements are segregated. You cannot argue that Palestinians are using themselves as human shields when they have nowhere to evacuate. Gaza is an overpopulated prison.

You sir (or madam as the case may be), with your incredible debating prowess and absolute mastery of facts have caught us completely off-guard. After reading your devastating critique, we at EY have decided to just give up, throw in the towel, shut down, hit the road and don’t look back, retreat from the playing field, take a walk, withdraw, surrender, quit.

OK, so I’m joking. In truth, you’ve posted the rantings of a lunatic.

After using the idiot term, “cracker” please tell me how we are supposed to take you seriously.

Germans and Poles didn’t think we belonged in Germany and Poland, and now you’re telling us we don’t belong in Israel?

Are the Sephardic Jews allowed in Israel, or do you have some kind of racial/ethnic grievance against them too? It seems that you, like other “geniuses” whose lives are ruled by a festering hatred for Israel, don’t think that there is any place for us among the living. Well, I say, raspberries to you, sir (or madam as the case may be).

It’s interesting that in your psychotic rant, you ignored a few things.

1. Egypt got the Sinai back in exchange for peace. So much for “colonialism.”

2. Egypt is blockading Gaza and has been destroying their smuggling tunnels. Nobody cares.

3. Israel forced all of the Jews out of Gaza (so much for “colonialism”, um, have I said that yet?) leaving greenhouses and infrastructure that were either destroyed by Hamas or used for war against Israel.

4. Hamas has been murdering Gazans who have been accused as collaborators.

5. 160 Gazan children died while being used as forced help (slave labor?) in Hamas’ terror tunnels.

6. 20-25% of Hamas’ rockets crash into Gaza sometimes killing Gazans.

7. If Gaza is a prison, Hamas are the wardens.

8. You probably haven’t figured it out yet, so here is your clue (have someone read it to you twice if needed): Hamas is killing the people of Gaza.

Advice: exorcise your hatred. Learn to think.

Some facts on the Middle East conflict

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of screwed up posts on what’s really a complex conflict to begin with. It seems that a lot of people on here are spreading misinformation, whether intentionally or not. So here are some facts:

1. Hamas is a fundamentalist religious organization. What that means is Hamas has taken the values of Islam to such extreme fundamentals, it can really no longer be considered Islam.

2. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by many nations. However, in the 2006 elections in GazaHamas was voted into power by the Palestinians.


4. Hamas does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

5. Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields. Hamas uses civilian buildings such as schools, hospitals, mosques, and private homes as bases for their operation. Hamas hopes that the IDF will refrain from firing on these targets in order to preserve the civilians. Under international law, Hamas’ use of these buildings makes them valid military targets.

6. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) puts a great effort into minimizing civilian causalities and collateral damage. They often postpone striking targets because of a large civilian presence. They also drop leaflets to warn civilians when a strike is coming and to evacuate the area.

7. Hamas operatives have been recorded beating Palestinian civilians trying to leave targeted areas, and forcing them to stay and die.

8. So far this year, over 400 rockets have landed in Israel. More than 2000 have been fired at Israel.

9. Hamas intentionally targets Israeli civilians. Most Hamas missiles are fired into populated areas with the intention of killing civilians.

10. The Israeli anti-missile defense system is called Iron Dome. Iron Dome detects when a missile is fired at Israel, and predicts its trajectory. If the missile is fired at an unpopulated area, Iron Dome lets it fall. If the missile is fired at a populated area, Iron Dome launches a rocket to intercept it.

11. Israel has so far agreed to and upheld several cease-fires for humanitarian aid. Each time, Hamas has failed to recognize the cease-fire. Nevertheless, each time the IDF has brought humanitarian supplies into Gaza whilst Hamas continues to fire on Israel.

12. Even through the conflict, Israel supplies Gaza with power, water, food, medical supplies, building supplies, and other humanitarian supplies.

13. Hamas is receiving aid from other Arab countries. In the past, most Hamas missiles were made in Gaza and had a range of about 12 miles. Now, Hamas has been supplied with missiles that can reach over 100 miles.

14. In Israel, when the rocket warning sirens go off, Israelis have 15 seconds or less to find cover.

15. “Operation Protective Edge” is a ground invasion of Gaza. The IDF chose to do a ground invasion instead of continuing missile use to minimize the civilian causalities. As a result, several Israeli soldiers have been killed. Let me make that more clear. The IDF knowingly put soldiers at risk to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.

16. The goal of Operation Protective Edge is to locate and destroy Hamas tunnels and weapon stores. These tunnels start in Gaza cities and are dug under the border fence into Israel. Hamas uses these tunnels to sneak into Israel for commerce and to commit acts of terror.

17. The Palestinians are stuck in Gaza because all the other Arab nations have refused to take them. Any Palestinians who tried to move to other Arab nations such as Syria, Jordan, or Lebanon, found themselves forced into refugee camps and prevented from joining society in those countries. The living conditions in Gaza are often better than the living condition for those Palestinians who have made it to the other Arab nations. Israel pays for much of the supplies sent into Gaza, and for electricity and clean water.


These are some basic facts. Please reblog this post to help prevent misinformation from spreading. If anyone has any questions or would like to engage me in a civilized discussion about the issue, feel free to hit up my inbox.

One last thing: Israel is firing at Hamas military targets and trying to prevent civilian casualties. Hamas is firing at civilians intentionally. Israel has a right to defend itself.

Israel has a right to defend itself.

Am Yisrael Chai. I stand with Israel.