Wake up in the morning, kill a beat and get acquitted!

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If you are trying to become a part of the “scene” in Los Angeles and you like rap music, then you know about Adam Weiss’ Ham on Everything. And if you live downtown and aren’t into any of those things, chances are you still know about it, especially after the riot at the Lil B takeover of the newly opened Regent Theatre

If you haven’t then trust us when we say that HOE is a brand that knows itself all the way down to the “Los Angeles Ratchets” snapbacks you see around town and the minimal, word-of-mouth style guerilla marketing with kawaii-gif Instagram ads and only two mentions of shows at secret locations. That self-awareness puts these parties on a platform to find the biggest names in trap and rap music, and get them on-stage in warehouse party vibes. Creator Adam Weiss sat down with HipHopDX for a thorough interview on how his brand started, and the secret sauce of this interview is the openness of how he made it all happen. 

If you’re looking to start your own party series and turn it into a full on career – like Adam, Vashtie (who also gave away some secrets in her tell-all with The Sit Down), or Thief Presents who basically represents psych rock in SoCal now – check out the whole thing at HipHopDX. It’s definitely possible nowadays.

Then I was like I need to change the name up and I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into doing this hipster rap thing or underground backpack shit. I was like lets change the name to Go Ham Productions or something. My boy was like fuck it, lets go Ham on Everything. I was like wait a minute, that’s fucking the name cause Ham On Everything can mean anything and I can do any kind of show that I want to do. That means I don’t necessarily have to do rap shows even.