• Kenneth Branagh:I, a Very Serious Shakespearean Actor, shall make a universally acclaimed gritty and realistic film of Henry V!
  • Hollywood:*throws money at him*
  • Kenneth Branagh:Now I shall make an appropriately lighter but also universally beloved version of Much Ado About Nothing!
  • Hollywood:*throws more money at him*
  • Kenneth Branagh:Now a four hour, completely unabridged version of Hamlet! Filmed in 70 mm! With chandelier fights!
  • Hollywood:...
  • Kenneth Branagh:And Loves' Labours' Lost, but as a musical with jazz standards and dance numbers instead of the original text and lots of color coding!
  • Hollywood:...............
  • Kenneth Branagh:*is in Wild Wild West*
  • Kenneth Branagh:*is Gilderoy Lockhart*
  • Kenneth Branagh:*directs the Magic Flute and Thor*

farmer refuted from hamilton was one of the funniest things to watch live because most of the song is just samuel standing on a box and then hamilton just STEPPING IN FRONT OF HIS BOX and rapping OVER HIM and so samuel just gets off the box, carries it in front of hamilton and stands up again, and of course ham just walks IN FRONT OF HIM AGAIN and this just happens over and over a few times honestly it was like one of the funniest things in Act 1