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I keep imagining Mercules acting like a really adorable cat for some reason so like instead of "BRRAH BRRAH I AM HERCULES MULLIGAN" it's like *soft purring sounds from corner of room *yawn* "oh hi I'm Mercules Hulligan" *others stare at silently* *blushes and hides face or runs off stage* he has a lot of emotions to reverse okay don't judge

YES!!!! he is real soft I really like this this is now a thing

hey I feel like drawing UTAUs, reply/reblog this post with a pic of your UTAU (THEY MUST HAVE A FINISHED VOICEBANK so link that too, just to make sure it’s an actual utau and not a random OC you submitted to et free art outta me lol)

Ill pic one (or more if I feel like it) and draw them. Idk if it will be a simple drawing or a LypSync model, depends of how much i get carried on or not XD

i just really wanted a ham screen lock