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A Midnight Snack (Tom Holland x Reader)

Y/N- Your name

Warnings: Zilch

Between studying part time and holding down 2 jobs just to pay for the excess of textbooks you needed, food was the last thing on your mind. On the go coffee and dry crackers with a bit of cheese was the lifestyle you had time for, but in the midst of a midnight craving, you could go for anything.

12:38am. It’d been 2 hours and you still couldnt manage to get to sleep. You’re 6am wake up was looking mighty shit at this point, but the salty goodness of a ham and cheese toasty sounded like it would bring world peace. Chucking your robe on, you made your way down the stairs of your Kingston townhouse you shared with your boyfriend, Tom.


After being with Tom for 3 years it only made sense that when he moved out of his parents home (just a stones throw away), that you moved in with him. Regardless of the fact that he was away so often filming and doing press, he wanted to be able to come home to you. You had just come back to your old share flat from the movies one day, pulling in to the drive way, Tom shut off the engine to take your hand in his. ‘Y/N love?’ his voice shifted as he called your attention. ‘What is it Tom?’

‘I was thinking, I love you and everything.’

‘We’ve been together for 3 years you dipshit, I’d bloody hope you woul-’

’-move in with me, please? When I move out next month, I want you to come with me. I plan on having you in my life for a fucking long time Y/N, and I just want to know that no matter where I am in the world, I’ll have someone who loves me the way you do to come home to.’ It caught you by surprise, and maybe you weren’t ready, and a little unsure, but you knew what you wanted.

'It’s about bloody time Thomas.’ - The chilled surfaced of the kitchen tiles shocked your feet as you made your way over to the pantry. Searching for the loaf of bread you needed to get this ham cheese toasty show on the road, a soft hum caught your ear, which slowly turned into a deep snore. Making your way out of the kitchen and across the hall to the living room you found Tom tucked in the corner of the lounge. His tousled brown locks hung over his drooped head, framing his face so they covered one of his eyes. Curled against one of the yellow cable knit cushions you had specifically said were for decorative purposes- he had one hand resting underneath his head while the other layed across his stomach. To your delight, he wore a total of no shirt whatsoever, revealing a spectrum of his hard work at the gym. This paired with the grey sweatpants he sported that hung low on his hips, you had never seen a more perfect vision.

As re runs of Love Island played on the television you crept lightly across the carpet, taking a seat on the lounge next to his head.

'Tom? Darling?’ you cooed to him as you carefully moved the hair out of his eyes. Taking your hand softly through the length of his soft curls, he stirred.

'Mm? Y/N?’ Hearing him say your name so dazed made you laugh a little. You slid your hand down, taking his cheek in your hand and as you leaned down to peck him sweetly on the lips you so longed to touch, he swept you up turning you on your back, pinning you beneath his tensed arms.

'TOM! I thought you were asleep you dick!’ you accused, hitting him on his chest.

'Well I was! It’s your presence love, I can sense it, it calls to me. It’s like spidey sense’

You stared at him blankly, 'you are so full of shit’.

'I know, but you love it’ he winked slyly.

Tom bent down taking a finger slowly down the side of your neck. You could hear his breathing, steady and constant. When he kissed you hard in that moment, biting your lip, inhaling your very being with all the love he had, you almost started to forget about your ham and cheese toasty.

'As much as I am loving this and am very excited about where we could take it, I did come down here for a purpose’ you stated affirmatively.

'And what would that be darling girl?’ Tom had started to move lower, you had barley realised he was attending to the sensitive spot just above your hip.

'A ham and cheese toasty.’

'You’re telling me you would rather be having a cheese toasty right now?’

'Well a HAM and cheese toasty, and yes, I’m STARVING’ you whined, slightly child like.

Sighing slightly, Tom rolled to his right off of the lounge, taking a hand through his misplaced hair. He offered you a hand up.

'C'mon then. Let’s get the lady what she needs.’

You took his hand, getting off of the lounge, you both made your way back to the kitchen, Tom holding you firmly by your waist, almost guiding you. Opening the pantry you started looking for the loaf of bread again when Tom stopped you. 'Just what do you think your doing my sweet?’

'I’m getting the bread out, you grab the sandwich press.’

'No no. My girl wants a ham and cheese toasty, that’s what I’ll give her.’ 'Come here’ he said coming chest to head with you. He clamped his hands around the back of your thighs and lifted you, sitting you on the kitchen bench.

'I’m gonna make you the best toasty you’ve ever bloody had.’ You laughed at him, appreciating him all at the same time. As he threw some packet cheese slices and some left over ham on some bread, you questioned, 'the BEST hey?’

'Of course!’ He chucked the hot toasty on a plate bringing it over to you. He slipped himself to stand between your legs, 'open up then’ he said as he brought the toasty to your mouth. Taking a bite you were fulfilled with satisfaction, your late night craving slowly being cured. 'Mm that’s amazing.’

'I told you sooo’ Tom sang successfully. You finished off your much needed snack in a solid minute flat. Putting your plate to the side of you on the bench, you wrapped your arms around Toms neck, pulling him closer into your grip.

'So is there anything you can’t do?’ you drew circles on the back of his shoulder, kissing his jaw, moving swiftly to his lips. You pulled away to look at the kind brown eyes you fell in love with all those years ago.

'Of course not love. I’m Spider-Man.’

•This is my first piece of writing for Tom Holland. I know it’s short and kind of terrible but I hope you like it xx

Casual and Comfortable (AU)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3604

A/N – This is for @deansleather Madeline’s 31 Days of Halloween Challenge, with the prompt: Hot Cocoa and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ’s Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge and the gif is below the cut.

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Fall. The time when crisp leaves fall, the temperature drops, it’s time to pull out the oversized hoodies and get the warmer beverages.

Oh yes, it was sweater weather.

The leaves danced and crunched under your fuzzy sock and boot covered feet. The sound sending thrills and tingles up your spine.

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For the Drabble prompt - no 9 are you drunk Robert and Bernice could it be after the incident reveal X

“are you drunk?”

Bernice recognised the shoes that were sticking out of the pirate ship, remembering the shopping trip she’d taken with Robert where he’d spent a small fortune on the ridiculous shoes, grinning delightedly as he laced them up in the shop.

“Robert?” she called out, wobbling on her heels slightly as she ascended the steps to the ship, crouching down at the entrance. Robert looked ridiculous in the surroundings of the ship, his lanky frame hunched over, a forlorn look on his face. “Robert, what on earth are you doing in here?”

Robert looked at her, whiskey bottle in hand as he shrugged, his gaze unfocused. “’M hiding,” he mumbled, attempting to take a swig of the whiskey, missing his mouth entirely, and sloshing it down his shirt. 

“Are you drunk?” Bernice asked, incredulous. “Robert, it’s two o’clock in the bloody afternoon!”

“I’ve messed up, Bernice,” Robert said sadly, glancing down at the wedding ring on his left hand. “God, I’ve messed up.”

Bernice knew she wasn’t going to be getting Robert out of the ship any time soon, so she set her handbag down, praying there was no one watching as she crawled into the pirate ship, sitting herself down next to her step-brother. “What have you done this time, eh?” she asked, swiping at the bottle.

Robert hugged it close to his chest, glaring at her. “I slept with Rebecca,” he admitted, his face flushing bright red with shame as he said it aloud.

Bernice’s heart dropped as she took in the weight of Robert’s words, realising just why he was getting off his face in the middle of the afternoon. “Oh, Robert. Have you had another affair?”

“No!” Robert protested imeadiately, looking offended at the mere notion. “No, I - it was when Aaron was in prison, I got drunk, and I thought our marriage was over, and I just, I messed up, Bernice, you know? I messed up so badly.”

“How could you ever think you and Aaron were over, you silly idiot?” Bernice rolled her eyes, wrestling the whiskey bottle from his grip. “I’ve never seen you love anyone the way you love him - and Aaron’s forgiven you a lot, you know? He’d never end it, not really.”

“I’ve never loved anyone like I love him.” Robert admitted, hugging his legs to his chest, pressing his face to his knees. “I know all that.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because when everything is going to shit, I decide to hit self destruct and make it worse?” Robert mumbled, shaking his head. “I hate myself for doing it.”

“Did she tell him?” Bernice inquired, wondering why she hadn’t heard about a showdown. That sort of thing was always around the village a few minutes after it happened, usually with Brenda stirring the gossip fires as much as she could.

“I told him.” 

Bernice raised an eyebrow. “You told him?”

“You sound surprised.”

“Well, I do know you, Robert Sugden, and you’re not the most honest person in the world, are you?” Bernice said, matter of factly. She’d known Robert a long time now, and well, it was hardly an exaggeration to say he was a bit of a serial liar. 

“I’m trying to be better.”

“That’s all anyone can ask for, isn’t it?” Bernice nudged, trying to give Robert a bit of encouragement. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, Robert, I think everyone was waiting for you to do something silly.”

“I hate that everyone thinks the worst of me.” Robert said sadly, tears welling in his eyes. Bernice had never seen him so upset, so genuinely devastated by anything in all the years she’d know him.

And he’d brought it on himself, actually telling Aaron, not letting someone else do it. That’s what surprised her the most, really.

“You’ve not always been the pillar of goodness you are now, Robert.”

“Are you being sarcastic?” Robert raised an eyebrow, face still pressed to his knees. He looked so much younger than the 31 one he was, hunched over like he was. 

Bernice smiled. “No,” she shook her head. “You’re a good man, Robert, underneath it all. You just make more than your fair share of mistakes, but you’re still a good man - most of the time, at least.”

Robert smiled, a tiny laugh escaping his lips. “Doesn’t change the fact Aaron hates me.”

“What actually happened?” Bernice asked, seeing through Robert’s dramatics easily. She couldn’t imagine Aaron ever really, truly hating Robert - not really, Aaron loved him too much.

Even Bernice could see that. 

“He told me he needed some time to think.”

“So you decided getting drunk and hiding on a playground was the best way to give him space?” Bernice rolled her eyes, tugging on Robert’s sleeve. “Come on!”

“’M fine here.”

“No, you’re not, Robert.” Bernice struggled out of the pirate ship, yanking a reluctant Robert along with her. “You’re coming home with me, and I’m going to make you a sandwich, and you’re going to sober home, go home to your husband, and save your marriage.”

“That easy?” Robert asked hopefully.

“Of course it won’t be that easy!” Bernice rolled her eyes. “But if you love him as much as you say you do, it’s worth the try.” 

Robert nodded, slowly, unsteadily getting to his feet. “Can we stop at David’s for food? I don’t trust your cooking.”

Bernice was instantly offended, hands on hips. “Excuse me, I can make you a ham and cheese toastie, thank you very much! Now shut your drunken gob, and come with me.”

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson/OMC

Tags: AU, exes to lovers, break-up, kid fic (just briefly!), swearing, drinking, smoking, angsting, fluffing, really an enormous amount of blackcurrant, also please do come talk to me about any of these UK places in this fic, I love them all

Summary: Meeting first over ham and cheese toasties and Ribena on a hot day in Blackpool, Harry and Louis keep meeting each other. Five scenes in a lifetime. 

Words: 7,964

Read on AO3 here.

Batfamily Favourite foods (dishes)

Alfred: Fish and Chips, the good old British cuisine

Bruce: Classic steak and veg, with a peppercorn sauce.

Selina: Crab wontons with noodles

Dick: Stuffed crispy baked onion rings, his guilty pleasure

Jason: All spicy Mexican dishes, especially chilli, the spicier the better

Helena: Steak Frites, much like her father yet more unhealthy than her father.

Stephanie: Ham and cheese toastie, just what you need after a long patrol

Cassandra: garlicky lemon shrimp

Tim: Chicago style hot dog

Damian: roast pepper salad

Harper: Pizza, pepperoni with extra extra cheese

Duke: Beef burger, Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, gherkin, red onion slaw and ketchup

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Another pride prompt! Daisy is freaking out because she just realized that 1) she has a crush on jemma 2) does that mean she is not straight?? until Fitz figures out what the problem is and is there for her as a supportive friend (Bonus for: "Aren't you worry/mad that I have a crush on your girlfriend?" / "Please, like both of us don't have ginormous crushes on you, Daisy.")

AN ~ I always love some FitzSkimmons but today I was feelin some regular Skimmons so have this brotp: FitzDaisy + romantic Skimmons/Bioquake… in a Coffee Shop AU bc #reasons. Super fluffy. Enjoy!

Read on AO3 (~1200wd)


Fitz’s stomach was growling by the time Daisy finally made her way, in drifting and stumbling steps, back to the table where he was waiting. She had her head turned over her shoulder, not watching where she was going, and all but stumbled into the table before she realised where she was. And how long she’d been staring back at the cashier, and the little glint of her silver necklace the way her blonde hair tickled the back of her neck as she made the next coffee and –

“Shit.” Blushing furiously, Daisy pulled her head in. Rampant thoughts scattered through her mind of flowers and kisses and a dog for some reason and a kitchen that was way nicer than hers and bare skin and –

And then Fitz ruined by taking a loud, slurping gulp of his milkshake.

“Took you long enough,” he cursed, but sighed with satisfaction as Daisy finally remembered to unload her cargo, and Fitz got his hands on the ham and cheese toastie he’d ordered nearly fifteen minutes ago. “Are you alright? You look warm. Should we move over to the window?”

“No! Nah. I mean. I’m fine. Just – strong coffee, that’s all.”

Fitz frowned. Daisy was an indiscriminate coffee drinker, just as likely to dump a handful of instant coffee in whatever mug she could find or empty a can of whipped cream into a frappe as she was to order a neat cappuccino with baby marshmallows or biscuits on the side. Strong coffee? Not likely. Nevertheless, no other explanation immediately came to mind so he let the topic go and they moved on to food and movies and video games and the afternoon whiled away.

Unfortunately for Daisy though, her confusing ordeal was not over yet. This was their regular café, and the new girl – so attractive Daisy seemed to forget how to speak around her – seemed to be there every day. Every meal. Every tiny smile as she rung up paninis and muffins and coffee and cola and Daisy really did not have the budget for this, but gradually she realised she was dragging Fitz more and more often to the same table and that maybe she was giving off the impression that this was their table and that they were a they and not that it mattered but it kind of did but why did she care all of a sudden… and it was when she looked down at the coffee she hadn’t ordered – it was the girl, Jemma, she had just known – that Daisy realised what it all meant. The flushed cheeks. The domestic daydreams, and the not so domestic ones. The need for Jemma not to think that she and Fitz were together. To keep the door open. To allow for the possibility…

“Oh… my god,” she whispered.

“What?” Fitz looked up from the design he was doodling on her napkin, and frowned at her unusually pale cheeks. Daisy bit her lip, but there was nothing for it now. She couldn’t talk about it to anyone else. Fitz was the only one who knew her well enough. The only one she felt like trusting. The only one she didn’t feel completely foolish, confessing to about anything… even if it did seem ridiculous… or did it? Or…

“Y’know Jemma?” Daisy began. A smile touched Fitz’s lips.

“Oh yes. Jemma. Jemma Anne Simmons. She’s just moved here from England and she’s on a working visa and she wants to see the Grand Canyon so she’s saving up but it’s hard because rent here is so expensive. That Jemma?”

Daisy blushed. It had been her that had parroted all this to him. Another sign, perhaps, that she was more interested than normal? “Maybe.”

“Then yes, I’m familiar. Go on.”

“Well… I think I might…” Daisy took a deep breath. Here goes. “Like her. Like her like her. You know, like… like her.”

Daisy’s fingers dug into the coffee cup so tensely she might have worried about tearing it, if she’d thought of such a thing. Her eyes searched Fitz’s face for a reaction. He frowned a little at first, but not in disapproval. It was more like… exploration. Reflection. As if realising that this all made sense.

“How do you know?” he wondered.

“I don’t know, haven’t you ever liked someone before? It’s just – it, y’know, you like them. And you want to be with them and hear their voice and learn everything there is about them because they’re pretty and nice and funny and – Jemma’s funny isn’t she? Probably. She’s probably funny.”

“Okay, I think that’s enough coffee for you.” Fitz pried it out of her hands, and Daisy rapped her nails on the table and rocked from foot to foot. She couldn’t help a glance back over her shoulder, at Jemma, and since it was a quiet moment, Jemma smiled and waved. Daisy waved back, and squeaked, and hid again, and when she saw Fitz smirk she glared.

“Shut up, asshole,” she hissed.

“No, it’s not that,” Fitz protested. “Although – for the record, you are adorable – it’s just… I think you have more of a chance than you think.”

“More of a what?”

“Well, first of all, Jemma just tucked her hair behind her ears for the third time in the last two minutes… and second of all…”

Fitz slid the coffee cup back toward Daisy, and turned it around, so that her name, and a phone number faced her. Daisy gaped at it.

“That’s not – that’s not my number.”

“No, it is not,” Fitz agreed, waiting for the implication to settle in. Daisy gaped. Blinked.

“Should I… should I text her? No, right? She’s at work. And I don’t –“ she scoffed dismissively. “I mean, I don’t want to lead her on. I don’t even know what this is, really.”

“Then find out.”

Fitz nodded, but not at Daisy. Daisy frowned, and turned. Was he talking to Jemma? But her brain hardly had time to jump from one thought to next before her phone buzzed. Instinctively, she pulled it out, and read the text in the notification.

I get off at 2.  

Daisy danced before she could think about it. Fitz smiled, and hitched his bag onto his shoulder.

“I’ve got to get back to the grind,” he said. “Tell me where it goes. I mean, not all the way, just – let me know, okay? Good luck.”

“Good luck!” Daisy replied. “I mean. Thanks. Will do.”

She waved, and he waved, and left, and she looked back down at her phone as the clock ticked over from 1:59 to 2:00. She felt a little thrill in her chest. Then she realised there was somebody standing behind her. She turned.

“Hi.” Jemma blushed, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Hi.” Daisy bit her lip for a moment. “So I, uh. I would have brought you to this great coffee place I know but… who wants to go on a date at work, right?”

“Here here.” Jemma pursed her lips. It was true, but it did require more effort be put in, and they were only at the beginning.

“Have you had lunch?” Daisy offered.

“Actually, no,” Jemma confessed.

“Do you like burritos?”

Jemma’s stomach rumbled before she could answer. She laughed, and Daisy grinned at it, before dropping her payment on the table and gesturing to the door that led the way out.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” she agreed proudly. “Don’t worry, I know a place.”



Genre: Fluff

Member: Yoongi x Reader

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Request: Yoongi #17 ‘Grab the coffee, it’s time to pull an all nighter’

You were stressed out to say the least, but let’s be real, when were you not? You sat hunched over in the studio staring at the screen of your laptop, as if a beat would pop out or even perhaps some lyrics? That would be great.

But instead you sat there angrily staring at the stupid screen you have been in front of for over 6 hours, every muscle in your body aching, your brain fried, tears threatened to fall across your cheeks, who’s says the life of an underground rapper is glamorous? Clearly someone who isn’t an underground rapper.

You growled throwing a your pen across the room.

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#143: Your relationship is a secret Pt. 4

Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3


You walk into school and watch Ashton pull all of your things out of his locker. You jog up to him and grab his arm, “Ash, hey, what are you doing?” He looks down at you and his expression softens at the sight of your big eyes. You made him so weak in the knees, every time he saw you it never failed. “Talk to me.”

“I can’t, Y/N, I can’t do this anymore,” he hands you everything you left in his locker in a neat pile. “You’re hiding me and it sucks, it’s not fair.”

“Ashton, I’ll tell them, I swear I just—You had the chance and you didn’t, but when you’re ready to grow up and tell your parents about me then maybe we can try it all over, okay? Alright,” he closes his locker and walks away, leaving you by yourself to wallow in your mistake and wish you had told your parents sooner.


You walk into his house when he opens the door and stand with your arms by your side, smiling hugely when Joy sees you. He looked so similar to his mom and it made you so excited to see her. Her first words throw you two steps back into the cold air, “Are you one of Calum’s friends?”

“Yeah,” you say nervously when he doesn’t correct it to the label of girlfriend. “Just here to play some FIFA,” you stare over at him and she nods.

“What would you like to eat? Anything special?”

“Just a ham toastie, if that’s okay,” you ask and watch her disappear into the kitchen, waiting for Calum to make an excuse.

“I got nervous,” he whispers. “I’ll tell her, I promise, right now, I’ll go.”

“Then go,” you say impatiently, pushing him in towards the kitchen after he calls to his mom.


You walk a mile home and crawl into your bed, crying over everything that happened in the course of the night. You checked your phone to see a few texts from Luke:

Hey Y/N!

I’m sorry about tonight but I think we should stop sneaking around..

I don’t like seeing you upset and I think it’s best for the both of us if we just stop it all.

I hope there’s no hard feelings…

You lock your phone and pull your blanket over your head, taking a deep breath and sobbing heavily, curling up into the tightest position you could. You’d never wanted so badly to disappear and had never felt so dumb in your life. You cried until you felt tired, your eyes dry and heavy, pulling you into a course of sweet dreams where Luke actually loved you.


“What do you want me to do, Michael?” You beg for a response but he leaves you in silence for a while.

“I just want you to accept me for who I am,” he laughs halfheartedly. “It’s really fine that you don’t though, Y/N.”

“It’s not like that…” you trail off and he leans over and kisses your cheek, grabbing his jacket and standing from his seat in the arcade.

“The thing is, it is but it’s alright because I’ll love you regardless. Let me take you home so you can get ready for the dinner, “ he pulls his keys out of his pocket, his eyes shining as if he were about to cry. You watch him for a moment and stand.

“I’m so—save it, okay?” He walks out and waits for you to follow behind, leaving you two to a hostile and quiet car ride home.

First 'I love you' - The Vamps 2/4

Authors Note - (Y/D/N) - Your dog’s name

Brad - You had spent the day doing a movie marathon with Brad. So far you’d watched Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect and were just about to start Mean Girls. Your head rested lightly on Brad’s shoulder. His arm shifted slightly from underneath you. “Urgh” he sighed. You turned to face him, “what?” You asked. “I’m realllllllllyyyyyyyyy hungry” he said giving you the puppy dog eyes. You sighed, “Fine, what d'ya want?” A smile spread across his face. “Cheese and ham toastie pwease”. You padded through to the kitchen and started to prepare Brad’s toastie. 10 minutes later, you returned with a perfectly toasted sandwich with cheese dripping from the sides. Just the way he liked it. He started grinning as he saw you walk in with the toastie. “Oh my god, I love you!” He said licking his lips and taking the sandwich from your hands.

“You don’t mean that” you said back.

“Course I do” he replied pulling you into a tight hug.

Connor - You had decided to take your dog for a walk with Connor. The autumn leaves we’re tumbling from the trees as you and Con walked along the woodland track. Your dog was happily snuffling about in the leaves on his leash. Connor plucked a small branch from a nearby tree. “Hey (Y/N)” you turned around to see Con holding the branch tight in his gloved hand. “…I bet (Y/D/N) couldn’t catch this” He said smirking. “I bet he can, Connor”. “Fine”. Connor lobbed the stick along the path and your dog took off after it….with you still holding onto the end of his leash! Eventually, your dog had pulled you completely over and you lay laughing in a pile of leaves. Soon after, Connor came running towards you. “ Oh my god, (Y/N) are you…..whoaaaa” he tripped and landed right next to you in the leaves. You both started laughing hysterically. You rolled over, your face practically touching Connor’s.

“I love you (Y/N)” he breathed looking deep into your eyes.

“Love you too, Con” you said pecking him lightly on the lips.

Thank you to the anon who requested this!! I’ll write James and Tristan’s soon:) ~ Izzy xx

A/B/O rp

It been 6 weeks since Darcy and Jane moved into Avengers Tower after being guilt tripped into moving there by Thor, so he knew that they would be safe at all times, she hasn’t met all the Avengers but knew some of them were away on mission quite a lot of the times, she only get Steve once and was interesting meeting. 

Darcy was getting out of the lift that stopped at the Avengers common area/kitchen to get food for Jane, which consisted of pop-tarts and ham/cheese toastie. It was then she smelt a scent that she knew somehow but couldn’t remember where from.