ham poisoning

The signs as out-of-context Ninjago quotes:
  • Aries: I'm sorry. I consumed the last of the deli meat. Cheese?
  • Taurus: Go pink ninja, go!
  • Gemini: I've never fought little people before! We're toast!
  • Cancer: Dad...why do you have four arms?
  • Leo: Condensed evil. It's supposed to be low on fat.
  • Virgo: Of course not. Everyone knows cuckoo birds are not native to these forests.
  • Libra: Uh...a poison giant ham sandwich?
  • Scorpio: Being evil these days is really unappreciated.
  • Sagittarius: Mommy! Snakes are kicking people off the bus!
  • Capricorn: Look at Sensei's beard! It's moving like snakes!
  • Aquarius: Oh! oh! I got it! Two natives on vacation!
  • Pisces: Bequeath! Bequeath! Bequeath!