A quick example of my spriting!

Mostly for al3ks if he’s interested haha XD This the most recent human sprite of mine, Gym Leader Viracocha! She is/will be on Ardor Region, a fanmade role-play forum, once I get my laptop back and can finish the other sprites :D

Ew those legs, but she’s not supposed to be super skinny so she’s technically anatomically correct?



SO, with Ardor nearing its completion, I decided to revamp the old Viracocha sprite (she’s our fire-type Gym Leader) so she would look like the others, whom I’ve been doing throughout this past week. Personally, I am SO HAPPY with how the revamp turned out. Her new outfit is far more unique than her old one, more fitting with her tropical setting, and she’s not YELLOW.

I’ve got just a couple more sprites to do until Ardor can open~ Keep a weather eye out, Pokemon roleplay fans!