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So we got an Amethyst palate Swap and she changed into a symmetrical tank top. What do you think the symbolism is behind this? Most of the other gems have wound-specific changes, but Amethyst was crushed so... maybe this means an emotional change?

Hmmm I think it’s quite possible her newer form reflects on her emotional development more. I also caught a few things that might be significant about her design, here I’ll show you.

So now I’m going to compare Amethyst’s previous design to her current design

Her previous design looks more loose and “lazier” looking, when I saw her new outfit the first impression is that she looks much more “contained” now compare to her old look.

And if you notice the flow of both the designs they look like this:

The old outfit is flowing outwards

The new outfit is flowing inwards and the shoulder straps are fixed/still

Does the fixed shoulder straps reminds you of something?

Her even older outfit had that too and the flow looks like this

The outfit looks “full” and it’s well balanced.

I’m not sure if any of this will make any sense to you guys but the holes on her leggings are what caught my attention the most, as holes are often depicted as something empty or a void. We all know Amethyst carries a lot of self haltred and possibly felt very empty after Rose’s gone because Rose’s love and kindness filled that void/hole inside of Amethyst. 

So I think that maybe when Rose is gone Amethyst decided to harden her exterior and built herself a “shell” to hide her vulnerable inner feelings, she pushed her surface feelings/emotions outwards and it reflected onto her outfit. But it doesn’t change how hollow it is inside of her, that it became a defensive thing to her and she becomes agitated whenever people are able to see through her shell and point out how she actually, really feels deep down.

Like I mentioned earlier that her new and current form looks “contained” maybe now she realized what Garnet and Steven said was right and she decided to drop down that shell of her’s and begin to work on herself from the inside and learn to accept and find herself again. And that the holes on her leggings are now filled/sealed because she realize that she still has friends or family who loves/accepts her and understand how she really feel, even if Rose’s gone. She no longer has to bear the hollow shell because ultimately, it’s herself to decide whether she wants the void inside of her to be filled or not.

This became really long oh wow! I put a lot of my thought into this actually haha, but i apologize if i’m not able to explain them fully or clearly, kinda have a hard time to since my vocabulary is limited.