He Asks You Out For the First Time


“I really think you should go to the Common Friday. Daughtry’s having a free concert and I know how much you love him. It’ll be cool. Bring a friend…like Ashton,” Stewart said with his accent into the phone as y/n continued to fold her laundry, Good Charlotte in the background, hearing a quick knock on the door. He had been pressing for her to accept the drummer’s advances for ice cream dates or even to just meet up for a quick cup of coffee, but as much as she fantasized about a relationship with the famous drummer, it wasn’t a realistic desire.

“Stew, I’ll call you back, alright. I think my mom’s at the door,” she said knowing her mom was supposed to show up to her small flat at some point that night, not getting any specifics from the woman. She pulled the door open to see the mess of curls that was just mentioned on the phone, dressed in a relaxed fitted tee and his signature skinny jeans. “Ashton? How’d you get my address?”

“Your friend had texted it to me,” he responded smiling softly in hopes of the small gesture to be returned.

“That’s Stewart for you,” she sighed before inviting him into the small area. “I’m sorry it’s a bit of a mess. I wasn’t expecting company.”

“Oh, it’s no problem…so, a little birdie told me you have a thing for Chris Daughtry…and there’s this concert on Friday around seven if you, you know…wanted to go,” he stumbled around his words causing her to giggle slightly.

“I’m assuming Stewart told you that as well, considering I know you aren’t from Boston,” she said back crossing her arms only earning another dimpled grin. “How long are you in Boston anyways, Irwin?”

“Until I’m needed in LA. I like exploring new places, especially when they help me meet new people, even if those people hate Vegemite,” he teased causing her to groan and roll her eyes. “But, I’m willing to put that all aside if you take time out of your busy schedule to go on date with me?” She sighed looking down at her feet.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just don’t know how this whole you being famous, me not being famous thing is going to work out. You seem like a great guy, Ash, but-.”

“One date,” he said cutting her off. She was silent for a moment just looking into his bright eyes that melted every fiber in her being.

“One date, Ashton…one date.”


“Poncho really likes you,” Calum stated as the small dog ran up to her as she entered the apartment. The boys were leaving in three days to start their tour, Calum promising to be back on every break they had between legs.

“Well, Poncho is lucky I like him as well. I don’t like people that easily,” she giggled as the dog ran back to its owner who stood in the door frame watching y/n carefully. “You’re staring.”

“I can’t help it. You look beautiful,” he said smiling softly causing her to blush, considering she was in workout shorts and a disgustingly faded band tee she should really throw out, and Adidas sandals. Something she wouldn’t consider looking beautiful in. “Hey…I know this is a long shot and that I’m leaving in three days…but do you want to do dinner tonight? Like…as a date?” he questioned blushing slightly looking away from her to the dog that was barking at the wall.

“A date..? With me?” she asked just about ready to fall over. Just in the past four days of seeing Calum and getting to know Poncho, she’s made a fool of herself too many times to count that she was sure it completely wiped out her chances for Calum to ever have feelings for her. “You can’t be serious.” He laughed slightly looking back towards her.

“I just stuttered, asked you out on a date while blushing, and you don’t think I’m serious?” This time, it was her turn to blush as she bit down on her bottom lip, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t serious, sweetheart.” And there goes the pet name.

“So…dinner? Tonight? As in the two of us going to dinner…on a date?” she questioned back causing him to smile nodding his head. “I…sure.”

“Cool. We can just keep it simple if you wanted to…go grab some pizza or some- God damn it, Poncho. Not in the flat!”


“Just go up to her, and ask her out,” Jack said as they watched y/n pull off her wet suit on the beach leaving her in a haltered bathing suit top and bikini bottoms on the beach, surf board dug into the sand enough for it to stand upright.

“But, what if I mess up?” Luke asked his brother who fell back in the sand laughing.

“Bro, if you mess up asking her out, then you don’t deserve to go out with her,” Jack teased before shoving his brother into the sand as well. “Now, get your ass up, and ask the damn girl out before I do.” Luke sighed standing up, wiping the sand off his swim trunks before walking over to the girl who was now tugging on a bright colored tee.

“Hey y/n,” he started grabbing the girl’s attention. She looked up a bit confused before smiling wide seeing the blue eyed, dimpled boy in front of her.

“Luke, pleasant surprise,” she responded dropping her things letting a hand rest on her hip. “How was that interview this morning?”

“Oh…it was fine. Too many personal questions,” he laughed uneasily while scratching at the back of his head. “I actually, uh, had a question to ask you, if that’s alright.” She giggled at his nervousness, nodding her head encouragingly as he took a deep breath. “So, I have these tickets to see Good Charlotte on Wednesday…I know it’s short notice, but I was just kind of wondering if you wanted to go with me…I mean if you like them, of course. If not, we can do something else.” He rambled stuttering. He only stopped when she pressed a finger to his lips, a smile still evident on her face.

“I like Good Charlotte, and I’d love to,” she said back before kissing his cheek lightly before grabbing her bag and board. “If you pick me up early, maybe we can go to lunch before hand as well. Alright?” He couldn’t trust the words to come out of his mouth, so he just nodded his head still surprised she said yes to him. “Text me, Hemmings.”


“I don’t know why you didn’t ask for her number last night,” Calum scolded his friend as they walked into a game stop a few blocks from the hotel they were staring at. They were talking about they girl Michael had met the night before at the concert that had snuck backstage with her sister.

“I don’t know…but I’ve been kicking myself in the ass all day,” he groaned before heading over to the Xbox games looking for the new Fifa game.

“Can I help you boys find anything?” they heard from behind them turning to see a girl that greatly resembled the girl from last night as she stocked the shelves behind them, causing both boys to almost fall over.

“Y/n?” her head turned slightly making eye contact with the green eyed boy from last night. “I think I’m in love.”

“Oh, god,” Calum muttered rolling his eyes turning back to the rack of games. “When you’re done drooling, I need help looking for Fifa.”

“The new one? It’s over by the register. Just ask Dave at the desk to grab it for you,” she responded, Calum leaving immediately leaving Michael and the mystery girl. “So, you’re in love?”

“Quite possibly. I think We should test it out, though, and maybe go on a date tonight. You, me, pizza, and the new Fifa game,” he said smiling causing her to let out a laugh.

“Sounds like the best date I’ve ever been asked on,” she responded pulling out her phone handing it to him. “Put your name in there so I know where I’m going tonight, unless you want to get away from your band mates and go to my place. I have the new Fifa and Call of Duty games, as well as a few beers taking up space in my fridge.”

“Marry me.”

Disney Magic


Dena hadn’t been to Disney in ages, but she packed the prerequisite cut-offs, t-shirts, tanks, halter tops, bathing suits and comfortable walking shoes. She also packed some comfy PJs and then some sexy ones just in case. 

Her toiletries were in giant ziplocs to protect them from spilling and she tucked her freshly withdrawn cash into her wallet along with her debit and credit cards. She double checked the her e-cig was there, and that it was charged. She checked to make sure that she had all the basic necessities. 

Then, she went to answer the door when Sheena knocked. 

“Hey! Are you ready? I totally made us a playlist like a moron.”

He Introduces You to the Band

“I’m really glad you came with me,” Ashton muttered before kissing y/n’s cheek as the plane landed at LAX, y/n turning her head to face her boyfriend pressing her lips to his.

“I hope you appreciate me. I didn’t even come to California for my sister,” she said back knowing her sixteen year old sister would have a bird if she knew she was in LA after swearing up and down she wanted nothing to do with the state, not because she didn’t like the west coast, but because it wasn’t home. “Where are we headed first?”

“We’re going to the house we’re sharing with my band for the week,” he said back as they exited the plane heading straight towards baggage claim trying to be as quick as possible and stay under the radar. Her arm was wrapped around his as he led her through the airport, only for him to be tackled  in a bear hug by an over sized child.

“I could spot that ass from anywhere,” a thick accent said causing Ashton to laugh turning to face Luke Hemmings.

“You’re so fucking weird,” he said back grabbing her hand again as she watched the two boys interact. “Luke, this is y/n, my girlfriend.”

“Well, your description over the phone doesn’t do her justice, Irwin,” Luke responded smiling at the girl causing her to smile slightly at him. “It’s wonderful to meet you, y/n. He hasn’t shut up about you for the past few weeks.” Ashton blushed slightly at his friend’s statement before looking down to the ground.

“It’s great to meet you as well. I’m a huge fan, actually,” she responded as they walked to grab their bags where the other two members of 5 Seconds of Summer stood watching the two of them, huge smiles on their faces.

“IRWEE!” both boys screeched causing her to laugh, only to be tackled in a hug by boys she doesn’t even know. “Look at our little Ashton growing up!”

“Can you just…you know…let go of her?” Ashton asked causing both Michael and Calum to laugh. “Y/n, that’s Mikey and Calum. Guys, this is my girlfriend.”

“We’ve heard so much about you, y/n. We’re really happy you gave this son of a bitch a chance so he’d shut up,” Calum teased causing Ashton to roll his eyes.

“You know, suddenly I’m regretting telling the lot of you when our plane landed.”

“Ash, be nice,” she scolded.

“Can’t keep my hands to myself,” y/n sang to herself while frying shrimp in a pan, watching as the pasta boiled on the stove next to her, shaking her hips. The garlic bread in the oven causing the kitchen in Calum’s shared apartment to smell divine.

“Something smells ah-mazing,” Ashton said walking into the kitchen knowing it wasn’t Calum cooking. “I figured it was you y/n,” he said sitting at the island watching her. “You’ve been spending quite some time here, lately.” She turned her head towards him slightly, smiling knowing what he was hinting at. Neither had mentioned their relationship to anyone, but Ashton wasn’t stupid, and the amount of nights she was spending at their apartment was giving it away. “He did tell you the rest of our band was coming for dinner tonight, yeah?”

“Yes, sir,” she said back hoping the three boxes of Linguini, two containers of Pesto, and a pound of shrimp would be enough to feed the boys, including herself.

“Hey, baby,” Calum said walking into the room in just a pair of sweatpants, clearly just having got out of the shower not too long ago, the water dripping on her as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, kissing her cheek lightly. “Smells amazing. You really didn’t have to cook. I could’ve ordered take away.”

“I like cooking. It keeps me sane,” she said back earning another kiss from Calum as their front door burst open revealing two blondes, each holding two bottles of wine: two red and two white.

“Party’s here!” the one with the eyebrow piercing stated walking into the kitchen catching sight of Calum with his arms around y/n’s waist. “Well, well, well…what do we have going on here?”

“Would you like to introduce us, Calum?” the other blonde stated, smirks evident on both faces.

“Yeah. Guys, this is my girlfriend, y/n. Y/n, the two dumbasses over there are Michael and Luke,” Calum stated pointing to each boy during the introduction.

“And she can cook…if you don’t marry her, Hood, I will,” Michael stated placing the two bottles he held on the counter before searching for glasses, only to stop when something connected with his head.

“Like hell you will, Clifford.”

Luke made his way through the sand of the beach, football in hand, his band mates following close behind.

“Where are we going, Luke?” Michael asked confused. Luke had just mentioned wanting to play a game of football on the beach, drink a couple of beers, and have a relaxing day not worrying about anything.

“I want you to meet someone,” he responded simply causing the boys to look at each other confused for a moment, yet, continuing to follow the youngest member of their band to the little surf shack by the end of the beach near the cliffs. “Hey, baby,” he stated simply hopping through the large window, 100% against the rules.

“Luke, you’re going to get me in trouble,” a female voice giggled slightly, each boy raising their eye brows in surprise as Michael mouthed ‘baby?’ to the other two confused boys before finally making their way in front of the shack seeing a girl in denim shorts, a halter bathing suit top and flip flops wrapped in the arms of their vocalist as he kissed her quickly before pressing another kiss to her forehead. “What are you doing here?”

“Just wanted to come say hey and introduce you to some people,” he said back simply gesturing to the three boys on the other side of the window. “Those are my band mates. The brown haired one is Calum, the guy with the piercing is Michael, and the stupid looking one is Ashton.”

“Great introduction, mate,” Ashton said back sarcastically causing y/n to giggle again, slipping from her boyfriends grip before moving to shake hands with each boy.

“It’s great to meet you three. Now, Luke, can you please go back on the other side with your friends before you get me in trouble again.” He whined slightly before kissing her once again before sliding through the window once more.

“So, y/n, how’d you and Mr. Hemmings meet?” Ashton asked as Calum proceeded to throw the football at the back of Luke’s head, soon resulting in the two of them running around the beach like maniacs (Cake Lives).

“Through Jack, actually. He came to rent a board from me and we ended up talking for awhile before saying he wanted to introduce me to his younger brother and, here we are,” she said back shrugging and giggling. “By the way, he can’t surf for shit.”

“you’re telling me,” Ashton said back giggling.

“He seems to really like you. We haven’t seen him this happy in a long time.” y/n blushed at Michael’s words biting her lip before looking back to the blue eyed man child now holding a crab trying to get it to grab Calum’s nipple. “Although, prayers to you for dealing with his stupid ass.”

Y/n sat at her desk typing away at an assignment for school when Facetime appeared on her screen, Michal Clifford once again, as promised. “Hey, Mikey.”

“Hey, baby girl,” he said into the camera of his phone, only to have the phone be taken away from him, his face replaced with Ashton Irwin’s.

“Hello, I’m Ashton. Are you the girl Michael’s been talking about for the past week?” he asked, a cheeky smile on his face as Michael yelled in the background to have his phone back. “Y/n, was it?”

“That would be my name, Ashton,” she responded, giggling a bit as Luke’s face came onto the screen.

“Luke, this is Michael’s  girlfriend, y/n. Say hello,” Ashton explained turning the camera towards the blue eyed boy completely.

“Hello! It’s nice to meet you. Michael says you have some kickass aim in Call of Duty.”

“Yeah, well no thanks to him, we made it to level sixty-three in zombies,” she explained listening to Michael complain from afar through the camera. “It was nice meeting you boys, but can you please put Mikey back on? I want to say goodbye before i get back to my essay.” The phone was quickly thrust back Michael, the sounds of Ashton and Luke approving in the background as Michael put the camera back to his face clearly irritated. “You alright, baby?”

“Next time I’m face timing you in the bathroom where they can’t steal my phone.”

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