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yikes riley is copying maya’s hairstyles now, I hope she doesn’t turn into her or something… if they style their hair the same way they MUST be the same person. OMG does that mean riley likes josh now? ya know, because she’s become maya and wants to make sure josh is a good guy for maya.

Summer Outfits for the Inverted Triangle Shape 🔻

I know summer is almost over, but here in London, after a rainy July, we are finally enjoying the sun’s warmth, so I decided to write the last article of the summer outfits series.

Like the triangle/pear shaped girls, they have a disproportion but, with the right clothes, you can create a more balanced figure. 

The legs are definitely one of your strengths, but instead of dresses, I would suggest going for skirts.

Most of the dresses, especially now that the Bardot neckline is having a comeback, will not help us in the mission of minimising the shoulder and put the focus on those amazing legs!

Great choice of skirts are pencil and a-line ones, as long as they are over the knee, like the ones I selected for you:

H&M denim skirt, £19,99 - Oasis a-line skirt, £38 - Banana Republic Petite pencil skirt, £49,50.

But what can you put on top of the gorgeous skirts you are going to buy?
Tops are more challenging than the bottoms, but you can keep it simple and choose dark colours (and plain, keep the patterns for the bottoms as they usually give an enlarging effect) and with a mock neckline or kimono/wrap cut. 

Zara halter neck crop top, £5,99 - Karen Millen halter neck top, £75 - Mint Velvet kimono top, £79. 

And if you are looking for style inspiration, you can give a look to Kate Middleton’s outfits, she is one of the most stylish inverted-triangle women around! 



Known S3 Episodes

301 - GM High School Pt. 1
302 - GM High School Pt. 2
303 - GM Jexica
304 - GM Permanent Record
305 - GM Triangle
306 - GM Upstate
307 - GM True Maya
308 - GM She Don’t Like Me (possibly prior to Triangle timeline-wise?)
309 - GM the Other Side/Sassy Halter Top
310 - GM Cultural Day (not 100% confirmed yet, but looks likely) GM the Great Lady of New York
3?? - GM Ski Lodge Pt. 1
3?? - GM Ski Lodge Pt. 2

GM Triangle Teaser

Since some clips of Triangle surfaced last night, I just wanted to throw this (brief) thought out there for those of you who still believe Lucas and Riley are endgame.

Season one was the season of friendship
Season two was the season of growth
Season three is the season of feelings

What has the power to destroy friendship AND GROWTH? FEELINGS

The writers have point blank said this AND we were hit over the head with it in season two during one of Cory’s last middle school lessons.

It was all primer for what is happening with Maya (and what will happen with Riley later this season) now.

Maya’s identity crisis is catalyzed by her feelings for Lucas (and her feelings for Riley, to a much lesser extent. I mean platonic feelings for Riley). They are tearing her apart, in large part because she feels just as strongly for Riley and doesn’t want anything to come between their friendship.

For her part, Riley can’t recognize what’s actually happening with Maya BECAUSE SHE HASN’T FELT FOR SOMEONE WHAT MAYA FEELS FOR LUCAS. A person can have compassion and sympathy for someone without experiencing what the other person has experienced but it’s impossible to fully understand without having a similar experience to draw on.

Riley will know what Maya was actually going through all this time (and if you watch closely you’ll see the crisis doesn’t start until GMHS MAYBE GM Legacy) when she wifts her head and realizes her Farkle feels.

I guess what I’m getting at is that 1) the writers gave us a map for how this was going to go and 2) you can’t say Maya never liked Lucas when she is so clearly the one being broken by this triangle (granted I think her feelings and friendship with Riley are a huge factor in this) but Riley is fine in comparison because her feelings for Lucas are not in the same ball park as Maya’s.

If you want to look at what Riley does to Maya in Triangle and say that she’s an awful friend then I’d urge you to re-watch GM Pluto.

If you don’t believe that the Riley Committee severely stunted Riley’s growth by keeping her from fully experiencing the world, you’ve missed a key piece of Riley’s personality. It’s hard to grow if you aren’t allowed to see the world for what it truly is, if you aren’t allowed to experience reality. Of course Riley is still stuck in Rileytown- she hasn’t been allowed to leave. The Riley Committee had nothing but good intentions but ultimately they’ve failed Riley too. Keep this in mind as you watch how Riley handles Maya in Triangle.

Riley very desperately needs to grow. It ain’t gonna happen until the Riley Committee is disbanded though. Stay tuned for GM Sassy Halter Top for more on the Riley Committee.

To Re-cap:
1. It’s because Maya feels much more deeply for Lucas that she has her crisis.
2) Riley can’t effectively help Maya because Riley has never felt what Maya has (she hasn’t wifted her head yet).
3) A big reason she hasn’t been able to wift her head is because of the Riley committee. The girls were never on equal footing when it comes to being allowed to grow. What Riley does to Maya in Triangle is essentially the same thing the Riley Committee has done to Riley her whole life (adjusted to who Maya is as opposed to who Riley is).

anonymous asked:

I feel like riley's determination would make her a good problem-solver, if she actually gave herself the time to fully understand the problem she's dealing with. She's always ready to show people empathy and compassion, the problem is in order to empathize with someone, you have to see things from their point of view. She's stuck in a "riley-light/maya-dark" view of the friendship and doesn't realize maya's developing a need for growth and improvement that's changing the view they USED to share.

Pt.2 Plus riley’s need to control things and her fear for change are also contributing to her inability of understanding maya’s crisis.



(Cue GM the Other Side/Sassy Halter Top)