halter tank tops

fem!Haikyuu headcanons
  • Tsukishima on her period is a demon
  • Suga hoards all the chocolate when she’s on her period
  • Hinata is the flattest flat to ever flat but Kags thinks she’s still incredibly beautiful
  • Kuroo’s hair is even longer and even messier and gets into her eyes so much that one day Yaku yelled at her to fucking do something about it and she agreed to let Kenma braid her fringe
  • Iwaizumi likes wearing tank tops, halter necks and other sleeveless shirts and it drives Oikawa crazy because those gorgeous arms are on full display
  • Y’all thought regular Bokuto was emotional? Wait ‘til you’ve seen Bokuto on her period
  • Asahi is hairier than most of the other girls on the team and is insecure about it but Noya constantly reassures her that she’s absolutely beautiful
  • Tanaka actually has the biggest boobs in the Karasuno team
  • Enno had long hair originally, then during the period of time in which she stayed away from practice, she decided to get it cut short on a whim

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pugmasterz  asked:

What kind me of clothing do men and women wear in thessen?

Women: loose, flowing dresses, mostly strapless/tank tops/halter/anything without sleeves. Cinched at the waist. Dresses get more colorful and vibrant the wealthier a woman is. Jewelry is added the wealthier a woman is.

Men: harem pants, loose in the lap, fitted in the legs, usually ending mid-calf. Tunics or tank tops, often with cowl necks or hoods (for sun protection). If you’re a noble or royal, you can wear a drape - a long strip of fabric wrapped once around the waist, pulled from hip to shoulder, then wrapped thrice around the arm. Color of the drape often holds symbolism - for example, blue stands for council, white for service, black is the warrior’s color, etc. 

Footwear for everyone = sandals. 

Disney Magic


Dena hadn’t been to Disney in ages, but she packed the prerequisite cut-offs, t-shirts, tanks, halter tops, bathing suits and comfortable walking shoes. She also packed some comfy PJs and then some sexy ones just in case. 

Her toiletries were in giant ziplocs to protect them from spilling and she tucked her freshly withdrawn cash into her wallet along with her debit and credit cards. She double checked the her e-cig was there, and that it was charged. She checked to make sure that she had all the basic necessities. 

Then, she went to answer the door when Sheena knocked. 

“Hey! Are you ready? I totally made us a playlist like a moron.”

Why summer is the best season ever:

1. No school (yasss) 2. No more cold weather 3. You can go to the beach/pool which is the best 4. Days last longer 5. Bye bye coats and socks, hello shorts and cute halter/tank tops 6. Cold tea and cold coffee 7. Going on vacations 8. You have time to do all the things you said you would do but you didn’t 9. Clothes in sale 10. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets 11. Roadtrips 12. I c e c r e a m 13. Flowers everywhere


sorry i know i’m late and you’re all already back to school i suck i’m sorry!!! but it’s better late than never. am i right am i right? haha alright let’s get into it


  • jeans - ok jeans are like a life essential but having a nice pair goes a lot way because you can wear them literally all the time.. no one gives a fuck if you wear the same jeans everyday because everyone does it!!! i suggest a BDG pair and you all know i love them and they’re having a sale where they’re $39 right now!!!!!!! it’s a smokin’ deal i have a post about how much i love them and about the sale here. and if you’re like more into like name brand jeans for SUPER good quality and stability whatever i suggest paige jeans or rag & bone jeans!!!
  • basics - everything in the color, white, black, or grey. muscle tees, loose/fitted crop tops, henleys, halter tops, tank tops, oversized tees, whatever your little heart desires basic wise.. get it. it saves outfit lives because you can wear them 5.6 million different ways i am telling you
  • oversized tees/tops - k not only do you want them in basic colors you want them in like fun things too ok. i love the melrose swing tee from free people and urban has tons of oversized basic tops which i mention in my back to school vibes shopping cart post. i also love going to the mens section at buffalo exchange and picking out cool graphic tees that i can wear with cutoff shorts which brings me into the next bullet point
  • some cool graphic tees - i’m a fan of vintage band tees and harley davidson tees!! or just really funnny/stupid ones 
  • cut off denim shorts - they’re comfortable and easy to wear go with anything and i love the look it gives off when i wear an oversized tshirt and you can see like the frayed-ness of my shorts!!
  • rompers - they’re so easy.. you just put one on and your have your whole outfit. easy as that!! 
  • sensible pair of shoes - if you’re in college you’re gonna be hellllaaaa walking around!!! this all depends on you and your style be me personally a pair of high top white converse and a good pair of black ankle boots would do the trick because that is alllll i ever wear 
  • leggings/sweats - all about your preference!!! i like leggings better! perfect for the colder days of school because you can just slip on a pair with an oversized muscle tee and a flannel and some ankle boots and you look a little more ready rather than wearing sweats and a tshirt?? that’ what i think. and you’re still as comfortable as you would be wearing sweats
  • flannels - i like bringing flannels to class because classrooms are cold but it could be blazing hot outsized so you can always tie them around your waist when you get out! 
  • oversized cardigans - just to throw on and be cozy when going to class 
  • a few dresses - i never really dress up for school but sometimes it’s fun! i would just buy 2-3 dresses you really like to wear to school whenever you wanna dress up! 
  • jacket - if you go to college or a school where it has harsh cold weather like snow i would invest in a nice coat/jacket!!! i’m all about leather jackets. but peacoats are super cute too!!
  • bralettes - more like a life essential. i haven’t worn a padded bra in probably like idk like 8 months???? all about bralettes and urban and free people have perfect ones that are soooo comfy.
  • “going out clothes” - if you’re in college and wanna party/in a sorority or whatever i would get some dresses and skirts to go out in depending on how dressy the other girls dress when they go out!! and also get a good pair of heels that you can walk and last in!!!
  • a good purse - not sayin’ designer but a good sensible one you can throw all of your shit in!!! i’m not a backpack person which is why i’m saying purse haha.

this is gonna be a list of like personal style things that i think i need for school and more fashion forward than essential 

  • thigh high socks - my everything.. literally. they just take an outfit to the next level and keep your legs warm
  • sunglasses: if you’re going to college like wouldn’t you want to wear sunglasses while walking hella far to class? idk i would just get some cheap ones
  • workout clothes: for college kids who get to use the on campus gym!! but tbh i’m one of those people who wear cute workout clothes with nike frees just to wear it.. i just don’t go to the gym.. it just like looks like i did because i rolled out of bed.. and it’s super comfortable to shhhhh
  • hats - HATS ARE MY SHIT. i have to wear a hat like all the time. if you’re in high school this probably doesn’t apply to you?? at least when i went to school we weren’t allowed to wear hats. but wide brim hats… yes 
  • “other fashion forward items” - faux fur vest.. i’m so fucking about it would wear one everyday if i didn’t live in hell, jumpsuits, kimonos, belle bottoms, fun slip dresses (ie: free people “slip dresses” aka not really slip dresses but they’re super fun and cute), anything sheer,lace, leather or fringe