halter tank tops

fem!Haikyuu headcanons
  • Tsukishima on her period is a demon
  • Suga hoards all the chocolate when she’s on her period
  • Hinata is the flattest flat to ever flat but Kags thinks she’s still incredibly beautiful
  • Kuroo’s hair is even longer and even messier and gets into her eyes so much that one day Yaku yelled at her to fucking do something about it and she agreed to let Kenma braid her fringe
  • Iwaizumi likes wearing tank tops, halter necks and other sleeveless shirts and it drives Oikawa crazy because those gorgeous arms are on full display
  • Y’all thought regular Bokuto was emotional? Wait ‘til you’ve seen Bokuto on her period
  • Asahi is hairier than most of the other girls on the team and is insecure about it but Noya constantly reassures her that she’s absolutely beautiful
  • Tanaka actually has the biggest boobs in the Karasuno team
  • Enno had long hair originally, then during the period of time in which she stayed away from practice, she decided to get it cut short on a whim

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Disney Magic


Dena hadn’t been to Disney in ages, but she packed the prerequisite cut-offs, t-shirts, tanks, halter tops, bathing suits and comfortable walking shoes. She also packed some comfy PJs and then some sexy ones just in case. 

Her toiletries were in giant ziplocs to protect them from spilling and she tucked her freshly withdrawn cash into her wallet along with her debit and credit cards. She double checked the her e-cig was there, and that it was charged. She checked to make sure that she had all the basic necessities. 

Then, she went to answer the door when Sheena knocked. 

“Hey! Are you ready? I totally made us a playlist like a moron.”