halt den mund


why does eurus refer to both jim and his brother (the train conductor, god FUCKING bless) in the past tense

is there a chance that they’re twins like they are in the books

and if so, is john’s theory about there being two twin moriartys legit because HOO BOY I HAVE AN EXPLANATION

so in the abominable bride amelia ricoletti dies for a bigger cause and makes it count because she was dying already right???

so what if jim’s mysterious train brother was seriously ill and jim involved him in his and eurus’ scheme? what if he’s the one who shot himself on the roof??

what if jim’s still alive???


(with :) a fucking :) appearance :) from :) sebastian :) :) fucking :) moran :) :) )

caramia01  asked:

Geht's noch? Was hast du denn gegen Transen, Anon? Halt mal den Mund, dummer Anon 😵 Der Besitzer dieses Blogs ist voll tolle Mensch und du dummer Anon hast nicht mal dein Leben im Griff! Also halt die Klappe und lass ihn in Ruhe 😊

😏☝ hör auf das intelligente wesen, anon

i just rewatched ep 11 bc i like to Suffer and i noticed something pretty interesting about the opening titles. 

 a lot of people have clearly seen the colour changes since ep 1 but i focused on the skates and, specifically, the colour of them. first, let’s check out yuuri’s:

silver, so maybe a silver medal after the free skate? at first, i just thought it was a normal blade, but then i saw yurio’s:

black??? that one’s kinda harder to make a clear conclusion on - maybe he doesn’t place, maybe it’s representing his position as the dark horse, or doesn’t do as well as we expect him to, or he gets bronze or below. i feel like this shot may explain a bit:

they’re positioned like they’re on a podium, and though they’re the wrong way around i think yuuri’s skates show he may get silver so yurio may get bronze. 

then there’s viktor:

gold, but he clearly doesn’t get a medal like the other two. i looked back at the opening again after i noticed this, and one little move really made it make some more sense:

the gold is coming from his right hand which, of course, is where the ring from yuuri is.

so… maybe the point is that a skating victory isn’t the REAL success here. perhaps it’s possible that the real winner here is viktor, because he gains yuuri’s love and trust and finds something he never thought he would. the post-credits scene in this ep may have made things look pretty bad, but maybe all’s not lost? this anime sure loves its symbolism, and maybe this is reading WAY too far into it, but i reckon that this could mean a lot more than it seems to. it sure supports the view yuuri wants to end his and viktor’s professional relationship, as opposed to their romantic one, as it shows viktor as the… well, as the victor. 

one little genius thing that i picked up on when moriarty was dancing was that he pretty much YANKED the earphones out just before freddie finished the line “i’ve fallen in love”, almost mocking love and sentiment, then went on to say he likes to bask in the afterglow through cuddles and if that contradiction itself is not bang on characterisation i don’t know what it is

Ich schwör wenn sie mich noch einmal anfassen sollte , ich raste aus…
Wieso versteht sie nicht , dass ich Familie hasse , ich könnt kotzen allein schon wenn ich danke sagen muss… Ich bin nicht umsonst so unausstehlich , in der Hoffnung sie lässt mich dann in Ruhe… Dieses falsche Familien-spiel kann sie sich sonst wo hin stecken… Wann checkt sie endlich , dass mich ihre aufdringlichen fragen nerven , vorallem weil sie nie zuhört und alles doppelt und dreifach fragt… Lass mich endlich alleine , von wegen “Mutter” …
—  Sam