Ranger’s Apprentice fans - you remember that scene, in The Burning Bridge, where Alyss is fed up with that dude’s stuff? And she asks Halt if there is a moat in the castle? And Halt throws that dude into the moat?

Everyone’s somehow transported into the future AU

Alyss becomes a NATO diplomat and has to visit Mr. Trump.

Halt throws Donald Trump into a moat.

Halt throws Donald Trump into a moat.

Just, savor that mental image for a minute.

Ranger’s Apprentice Everyone is Transported to Present-Day AU

Cassandra and Alyss are huge feminists.

Cassandra loves that she can wear pants/shorts whenever she damn well pleases.

King Duncan is really confused by a coffee shop being named after him. Especially since they spell his name as “Dunkin”

Halt, Will, and Gilan drink soooo much coffee.