hey guys, here’s my first TC imagine. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, so I hope it’s good! Enjoy/tell me what you think?

You’re sitting in your seat at the front of the class, right next to his desk. The rest of the students are getting up to leave for their next class, but you linger in wait for a chance to get a word in to your TC. He’s sitting at his computer, brow furrowed because the new grading system is still a mystery to him. Soon, there are no other people in the room. It’s just you two in comfortable silence. You get up to leave, and he stands up at the same time. He turns to face you and grabs a stack of papers.
“You doing okay today (Y/N) ? You seemed a little out of it during class.” He asks, with an expression of gentle concern.
“yeah, I’m just fine. I guess it’s just a bit warm so I’m sleepy.”
This much was true, but you held your tongue to another fact. It’s warm, you smell like coffee, I can hear the gentle rise and fall of your breaths, and it feels like I’m in heaven.
Your TC smiles, that lovely, perfect smile that he only gives you.
“Good.” he says, and as he takes a few steps closer in an attempt to pass by you, you notice there’s something on his cheek.
“you’ve got something…” You say as you motion at your own face.
Your TC puts down his papers and brings his hand up to his face to try and get whatever it is from his cheek, but fails.
“Here, let me —“ You say as you take one more step towards him and raise your hand towards his cheek. He doesn’t protest at your help, and you tentatively brush off the small speck — a rogue eyelash refusing to come off.
After removing it, you look into his eyes, and notice that he’s been carefully watching you the whole time, his beautiful, bright eyes tracking your movements. You can’t help but smile.
“What?” he asks with a smile mirroring your own.
“Nothing.” You say with a hint of sarcasm. You bring your hand up to his face and give a gentle pat.
“Now you’re all handsome.”
You removed your hand from his face, but as you turned to walk away you feel a strong hand grasp your wrist. Turning back around, he takes a step towards you and brings your hand back up to his face. He closes his eyes and leans Into the touch, your hand tentatively wrapped in his, your fingers feeling the prickly stubble on his face.
You smile and as he opens his eyes once again, there is a suspiciously playful glimmer in his eyes. His eyes flicker down to your lips, and you immediately know what he’s going to do next;

And he does exactly that.

He drops both of his hands and let’s go of yours for just a second, only to gently wrap his fingers around your cheeks and pull you into a desperate, but very gentle kiss. He separates from you for a second, looks into your eyes for anything that could be resistance or a sign that he’s made a mistake, a misjudgment,

But there is none. You bring your hands back up to his beautiful scruffy face and pull him back into a languid, better than perfect kiss. You can taste coffee on his breath and on his lips, and your heart soars. This is what you’ve wanted to do for years, since the first day you met him.

He pulls away and drops his hands back to his sides and struts away. You hear the reason why; the door handle turns and another teacher walks into the room. You look back to your TC, and he slips his hands into his pockets with a smug look. He turns to talk to the teacher, as if nothing had happened, and you’re left breathless.

Dieser Moment, wenn man wissen will, was eine bestimmte Person jetzt so macht, wie es ihr geht, ob sie auch an einen ab und zu mal denkt. Man es aber nie mehr erfahren wird, weil der Kontakt nicht mehr besteht.
Bitte nehmt euch kurz Zeit.

Hallo euch Tumblr-Menschen.

Mich würde es freuen,wenn ich hier mal kurz stoppt und euch diesen Text durchliest und mal drüber nachdenkt. Ich weis wie es vielen Menschen hier geht, hier sind so viele Menschen aus so vielen unterschiedlichen Gründen. Die meisten sind hier, um irgenwo ihren Schmerz,Hass,Wut ,Einsamkeit und vieles mehr loszuwerden und es mit den anderen zu teilen. Bei mir gab es leider auch schon oft genug Niederschläge,ich weis wie es ist, niemanden zu haben,alleine zu sein,schmerzen ertragen zu müssen. Und meiner Meinung gibt es einfach viel zu wenig Menschen,die sich mal wirklich mit dem Thema und den Gefühlen der Menschen hier auseinnder setzen und ihnen einfach mal zuhört. Es tut so verdammt gut,wenn man einfach mal jemand hat der einen zuhört,der einfach da ist. So viele haben hier Narben, na und ? Narben sind wunderschön! Ich bewundere Menschen mit Narben so sehr. Traut euch ruihg sie zu zeigen,ihr braucht sie nicht zu verstecken. Diese Narben gehören zu eurem Leben! Ich Liebe es euch zuzuhören,ich höre gerne zu und bin gerne da. Wenn ihr Fragen habt dann fragt. Oder wenn ihr einen Rat braucht oder eine Meinung,meledet euch ruihg. Egal wann ich bin 24 h da. Schreibt mir ruihg. Ich mag es neue Menschen kennen zu lernen. Ihr müsst wissen,das ihr nicht alleine seit mit euren Problemen. Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr diesen Beitrag rebloggt,ich wünsche mir das diese Botschaft an viele ankommt. Also traut euch und schreibt ruihg an. Ihr seit alle so wundervolle Menschen. Egal wie ihr aussieht, ob ihr kräftig seit, ob ihr zu dünn seit,ob ihr zu klein oder zu groß seit,es ist doch vollkommen egal. Eure inneren Werte machen euch aus.