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I was in the studio and I was thinking about all of the people that I probably could’ve had really cool relationships with that I didn’t give the time of day to because I was too insecure to interpret their feelings as real. It was easier for me to write them off and think ‘Oh, they must say that to everybody’ or 'Oh, they don’t really love me’ or to create problems in them because of my own insecurities, to think they didn’t really like me that much. It was like 'When I love myself then I can love someone else.’
—  Halsey on Sorry

Halren 😍 should perform this song on award shows or something cuz they keep slaying it and this song is a BOP

Lie was a really hard song to write. I was in the studio with Lido and we were working on that song. We were at Capitol Records sitting at this grand piano in this big room and it was really silent. We had just started hanging out again after going through the breakup and [we were] trying to make music together again. It was really, really hard to be in that room and to hear it echo and to say ‘If you don’t love me no more, then lie.’
—  Halsey on why Lie was the song that hurt the most to write
‘Luna’ is Latin for 'moon’. While I was going through this breakup I was dealing with my partner saying all this stuff about me, trying to make me feel like I wasn’t trustworthy or I wasn’t honest when really I felt like it was them that was in that position. Shakespeare says, 'Don’t swear by the moon for she’s always changing’ which I turned into 'Don’t trust the moon, she’s always changing’ because my partner made me feel like they couldn’t trust me so I named myself Luna. I’m the moon, I’m always changing.
—  Halsey on was she chose the name Luna for her character