Thanks Anon! When I first received your message months back, I was originally going to draw young Mirajane but I think it didn’t turn out quite well so I decided to save it for another day. It seems to have gone the other direction this time haha;;;


Thank you so much! Ahhh you actually messaged me as I was working on the first mirajane one so perfect timing xD…?


It is kind of a cross between her satan soul and halphas form minus the wings;;

Anyways, I hope you like it!

Horse Head IC434

Took this in Kessingland Suffolk on the 29/12/2016. I was very lazy in my set up and my polar alignment was pretty bad so only managed to salvage 42 subs of 75 secs. Canon 700D, Canon 400mm L, F6.3 ISO800, iOptron SkyTracker. 

DP Space!AU Headcannons

Halphas and Phantom Planet

Phantom planet was located in an area where the barrier between this plane of existence and the dimension known as the Ghost Zone is thin and unstable. This constant close exposure over many generations is the reason the halphas are so ghost-like and powerful. The area Phantom Planet was located was generally avoided due to its proximity to the Ghost Zone, even after its discovery. Whilst Phantom Planet was technically a newly discovered planet it had actually been known about for quite a long time; it, along with the halphas as a species, was a legend, a myth, a story to be told to children at night before bed.
Phantom Planet was destroyed by an asteroid referred to as the Disasteroid. Remains of the planet are still floating around its former location. The Space Corps quarantined the area declaring it too dangerous; the destruction of the planet made the area even more unstable.

Halphas only left their planet if their job required it, such as diplomacy and trade. Whilst they did have space transportation and warp drive they did not generally leave their planet. They had isolationist views and tendencies and would not get in the middle of another planets affairs unless it affected them and they had no other choice. This caused other planets and species to resent the halphas due to their lack of involvement in the Pariah Dark situation.
They had started giving up their isolationism and had just agreed to join the Space Corps when the Disasteroid destroyed their planet. Space Corps dignitaries were on their way to the planet when they found it destroyed.
The Disasteroid was made of ectoranium; a rare mineral usually only found in the Ghost Zone. Ectoranium affects ghosts, and by extension halphas, severely.
Dislike and fear of halphas grew after the destruction of Phantom Planet. Whilst some became ghosts others became feral. Ghost halphas are mostly peaceful as long as you did not disturb them. They mostly reside in the Ghost Zone. Feral halphas are more dangerous and will attack without reason; they will even go out of their way to attack you. It is unknown how or why they became what they are, but it there is a theory it had to do with the combination of their tragic loss, the instability of the area, and the ectoranium.

Ok so I really love the danny phantom space au and my favorite part is probably the halphas as a species. I get it Phantom Planet destroyed, Halphas pretty much gone. So I present my ideas regarding Halphas and a little more background for Danny and Desiree working with what I have already seen for those two.
Desiree’s mother was a fortune teller in a small farming village. Pretty much everyone there was a Shade ( the lowest title in the Halpha caste system). Because of her black hair Desiree was shunned by everyone except Adam, the son of a farmer (his hair was black and white streaked). They grew to be great friends ‘though there was never any romance between them. Any way they grew up and Adam became a farmer and Desiree would have become a fortune teller but she met Vlad (I see Desiree as a kind of stay at home mom). Adam met a white haired woman in a high caste ( not a Plasmius) and they had a kid, a little boy named Democles. Because his hair is the same as his dad’s the woman shuns the kid and her lover ( they were never married) 'though four years later she comes back and has another kid with Adam, a girl named Dia. She too inherits Adam’s streaked hair and once again the woman leaves Adam with the two kids and the farm. Around the time Dia was born Desiree contacts her old friend to tell him that she has a son named Daniel ( Danny for short). It is through this that Desiree learns about what has happened to her old friend. Vlad and Desiree agree to help out Adam which results in Danny, Democles, and Dia growing up together. Enter the Disasteriod. To save their planet the Halphas come up with two plans. One is Vlad’s which other people have explained so I’m not going into it. The other plan is to colonize this planet that is very similar to Phantom Planet. The woman that Adam fell in love with is the leader of this plan and she remembers Adam. Because he’s a farmer he is one of the people chosen to go to this new planet and he takes Democles and Dia with him (Danny, Democles, and Dia don’t like this as they have to say goodbye to their only friends). They leave with the other colonists and not long after Phantom Planet is destroyed. Democles, Dia, and Theodore (little brother, black haired, four years younger than Dia and Danny) grow up in the colony. When Dia is nine a disease sweaps through the colony killing many including Adam (also their mother but they don’t know this as she stopped having anything to do with the family after Theodore was born). Eventually Vlad and Danielle find the colony and live there. By the time the space corps find the colony Democles is going to be married to his long time girlfriend Dona. If anyone has any questions or wants further elaboration on Adam, Theodore, Dia, Dona, or Democles feel free to ask.

A ‘matryoshka’ in the interstellar medium

As if it were one of the known Russian dolls, a group of astronomers, led by researchers at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, (IAC) has found the first known case of three supernova remnants one inside the other. Using the programme BUBBLY, a method developed within the group for detecting huge expanding bubbles of gas in interstellar space, they were observing the galaxy M33 in our Local Group of galaxies and found example of a triple-bubble. The results, which were published yesterday in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, help to understand the feedback phenomenon, a fundamental process of star formation and in the dissemination of metals produced in massive stars.

The group has been building up a data base of these superbubbles with observations of a number of galaxies and, using the very high resolution 2D spectrograph, GHaFaS (Galaxy Halpha Fabry-Perot System), on the 4.2 m William Herschel Telescope (WHT) of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma), has been able to detect and measure these superbubbles, which range in size from a few light years to as big as a thousand light years across.

Superbubbles around large young star clusters are known to have a complex structure due to the effects of powerful stellar winds and supernova explosions of individual stars, whose separate bubbles may end up merging into a superbubble, but this is the first time that they, or any other observers, have found three concentric expanding supernova shells.

“This phenomenon -says John Beckman, one of the co-authors on the paper- allows to explore the interstellar medium in a unique way, we can measure how much matter there is in a shell, approximately a couple of hundred times the mass of the sun in each of the shells”. However, if it is known that a supernova expels only around ten times the mass of the sun, where do the second and third shells get their gas from if the first supernova sweeps up all the gas?

The answer to that must come from the surrounding gas and in the inhomogeneous interstellar medium. “It must be -says Artemi Camps Fariña, who is first author on the paper-, that the interstellar medium is not at all uniform, there must be dense clumps of gas, surrounded by space with gas at a much lower density. A supernova does not just sweep up gas, it evaporates the outsides of the clumps, leaving some dense gas behind which can make the second and the third shells”.

“The presence of the bubbles -adds Artemi- explains why star formation has been much slower than simple models of galaxy evolution predicted. These bubbles are part of a widespread feedback process in galaxy disc and if it were not for feedback, spiral galaxies would have very short lives, and our own existence would be improbable”, concludes. The idea of an inhomogeneous interstellar medium is not new, but the triple bubble gives a much clearer and quantitative view of the structure and the feedback process. The results will help theorists working on feedback to a better understanding of how this process works in all galaxy discs.

Demonic Correspondences (Signs)
  • Aries: Bael, Agares, Vassago, Phenex, Halphas, Malphas
  • Taurus: Gamigina, Marbas, Valefor, Raum, Focalor, Vepar
  • Gemini: Amon, Barbatos, Paimon, Sabnock, Shax, Vine
  • Cancer: Buer, Gusion, Sitri, Bifrons, Uvall, Haagenti
  • Leo: Beleth, Leraika, Eligos, Crocell, Furcas, Balam
  • Virgo: Zepar, Botis, Bathin, Alloces, Camio, Murmur
  • Libra: Sallos, Purson, Marax, Orobas, Gamori, Oso
  • Scorpio: Ipos, Aim, Naberius, Amy, Oriax, Napula
  • Sagittarius: Glaysa-Labolas, Bime, Ronove, Zagan, Volac, Andras
  • Capricorn: Berith, Astaroth, Forneus, Haurus, Andrealphas, Kimaris
  • Aquarius: Foras, Asmoday, Gaap, Amdusias, Belial, Decarabia
  • Pisces: Furfur, Marchosias, Solas, Seere, Dantalion, Andromalius
  • (Source: http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Zodiac_and_the_Tree_of_Life)
Halpha Origin/Science Idea

I’ve been following the Danny Phantom Space AU for a week or two, and just wanted to write down some of the ideas its given me. Without further adeu, here’s the headcanon I’ve worked out for myself.

First off, I have this idea where Halphas are from another universe entirely. One with different laws of physics, at least in some respects. (This would mean that Halphas are, in the literal sense, supernatural!) In their original universe, they were an extremely advanced (like with nano-tech, immortality, gene-tailoring, no longer resource-poor, etc.) human/near-human species. There are two key differences between their universe and ours.

First, in addition to matter (positively charged atomic nuclei with negative orbits, protons & electrons) and antimatter (negatively charged nuclei with positive orbits, anti-protons & positrons), there’s a third matter type which is effectively neutral. Since it literally can’t exist in our universe we don’t have any words for it. Since this is a Danny Phantom au, and only Halphas have this matter, I’ll go ahead and call it ectoplasm. Since ectoplasm is neutral, it can safely touch both matter and antimatter. Halphas evolved to take advantage of this (or maybe modified their own gene-structure to do it? Idk). Halphas have ectoplasm in thin layers all throughout their bodies, and possess the ability to turn all the regular matter in their bodies into antimatter, and visa versa. Since antimatter experiences anti-gravity (scientists in our world are pretty sure (but not certain!) that it doesn’t, but I’m saying it does in the Halphas’ original world) this allows them to fly. The ectoplasm layers prevent matter and antimatter from contacting each other inside a Halpha’s body, so they can safely turn part of their mass into antimatter and basically cancel out their weight. Flight, especially in open space, is EXTREMELY complicated though. Basically, first a Halpha must have a mass of 0. Ectoplasm is naturally mass-less (another thing impossible in our universe), so this means a Halpha must turn half of their matter into antimatter. Then, they pick one (matter or antimatter) and turn a little bit of it into the other at one of their extremities. They then turn some more immediately in “front” of that bit, and at the same moment change some of that bit from the “back” back. If you’re having trouble picturing this, imagine a string with black and white beads. The black beads pull the string down, and the white ones pull it up, but they’re arranged -b-w-b-w-b-w-b-w-… so the string just hovers. Now change one black bead way over to the right to white, so there’s 3 white beads in a row. Then turn the black bead immediately to the left of the 3 white ones to white, and turn the right-most white bead (of the 3-in-a-row) black at exactly the same time. Effectively, you’ve scooted the 3 white beads over by one, but you haven’t actually moved any of the beads. When a Halpha does this with their mass, what they’re doing is changing their center of mass without moving the mass itself. By doing this continuously and VERY quickly, they effectively move their center of mass along a direction in their body; and with the rest of their body being mass-less, this moves them in that direction. Like I said, EXTREMELY complicated. This is also the very first thing a baby Halpha learns to do. To accomodate this, they have a long (2-3 years) infancy during which they don’t grow much at all. They hardly move their arms and legs, but they do tend to drift wildly around, so baby-tethers are super important early on. (This would have an effect on Danny’s origin story in the au: specifically, he was older than he looked when the Fentons found him. He seemed like a toddler, mostly because he WAS in fact at the part where he learns to walk and stuff, but that was because his people learn to fly first. He was actually closer to 5 or 6 years old, and certainly old enough to have at least a few clear memories of his childhood. I think this would help merge the headcanons where Danny was adopted as a baby with the ones where he can remember things.) Using this method of flight is easier with a longer profile. So for example, Danny is fastest with his toes pointed and his arms stretched out in front, flying straight forward, because then he can move his center of mass along his entire body and put more focus into speed. But he’s more stable with his arms spread out, since that gives him his entire arm-span for turning. Spread arms means faster turns, but a shorter length, and shorter length means less time before he has to sync his center of mass with his motion to get it back to his feet. Flying somewhere with solid things to kick off of, or at least in gravity, is much easier. With things to kick off of they can just go weightless and navigate by pushing and pulling on things, and in gravity a Halpha can go up and down by switching between antimatter and matter (a little extra antimatter to go up, a little less to go down). That’s also why Halphas bob up and down when floating in gravity: they’re actually falling back and forth due to turning some of their mass into antimatter and back to stay at roughly the same height. Given enough time they could even out, but then every twitch in the wrong direction would make them spin or tilt, so it’s easier to just deal with bobbing.

The second key difference between the Halpha home-dimension and ours (i.e., the Space AU main universe) is the way black holes work. In the Halpha universe, it was theorized that they were portals to other universes. A bunch of Halphas (or whatever they were before this (you’ll see what I mean)) decided to test that theory. They modified their bodies to be as tough as they could make themselves - able to survive in open space, with nothing but solar wind and cosmic rays to draw sustenance from - because they had no way to know where they’d come out. Then, they jumped in! The good news: the theory was correct, and they made it to a new world! The bad news: this new world has different laws of physics, and their trip is most decidedly one-way. The trip also had a serious side-effect on their physiology: they picked up a whole BUNCH of extra mass on the way through. Halphas (as we know them, anyway) are extremely dense, with adults weighing close to two tons in one G when all their mass is positive. (Danny eats pennies because they’re the cheapest metal he can get, and eating nonmetals feels like a diet of whipped cream and marshmallows would to us). As a side effect of this, their electromagnetic signature doesn’t extend past their own bodies. Along with their low body temperature, this means that Halphas don’t show up on life-sign scanners. (If this were commonly known, they’d get nicknamed ghosts pretty darn quickly!)

Now for the rest of my Halpha ideas. Since Halphas either evolved or designed themselves to live in open space, they’re basically solar powered. Before coming through a black hole and picking up all that extra mass they absorbed (ate? breathed?) ultra-violet light as energy, and radiated infrared. Now, they absorb gamma rays and radiate in the visible spectrum. In open space, gamma is pretty easy to come by, at least as long as you’re in a solar system. But on a planet the atmosphere and electromagnetic field will prevent gamma radiation from reaching a Halpha. This is why Danny needs to eat at all. You see, when matter and antimatter touch, they annihilate, turning into neutrons, neutrinos, and GAMMA RAYS. (Danny, and other Halphas, have trouble with acids because they’re highly ionized. Those ions can mess with their ability to swap charges, and result in matter-antimatter annihilation in places their bodies aren’t designed for it.) So when Danny eats something, he converts half of its mass into antimatter and lets it annihilate inside his body in certain safe locations, leaving him with plenty of energy and a bunch of left over neutrons and neutrinos. But don’t worry about those; he has a use for them! Ordinarily, neutrinos don’t react to anything at all and are so small that they can and do fly through all ordinary matter without hitting a thing. But a Halpha’s body is so dense that not even a neutrino can fit through. Instead, the Halpha can store them inside the bones of their arms, and release them through specialized glands at their fingertips, or through the wrist at the base of the palm. This is what an ectoblast is: a thin stream of antimatter particles surrounded by neutrinos. The neutrinos fly off really quickly, leaving the antimatter annihilate with the first matter it encounters. The neutrinos are there to protect the Halpha, preventing the antimatter from reacting with any matter that may be right next to their hands. In a vacuum, this works fine (though it makes a HUGE explosion, and I can’t see Danny using them on anything but asteroids), but in atmosphere the antimatter would react too quickly. Danny’s hands may be safe to touch it (due to the outer layers of his skin being made of ectoplasm), but the air around his hands sure isn’t! So using ectoblasts while on a planet or ship would be a HUGE mistake. The wail, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It’s produced by releasing an aerosol made of neutrons (which are stored in his lungs, since it’s not like he uses them for breathing) and antimatter particles in pulses, with the neutron:antimatter ratio decreasing with each pulse. The neutrons slightly out mass other basic particles, and aren’t as energetic as neutrinos, so the neutron-buffer actually lags just slightly behind the antimatter. The first pulse will have the thickest buffer, the second a slightly thinner one, and so forth so that the antimatter in each pulse breaks through at the same moment. After that, the neutron-buffer and the sound of the wail itself act as a shield, forcing the energy from the matter-antimatter annihilation to go forward. In space, Danny’s own breath would cause matter-antimatter annihilation right in his face, and with out the sound to strengthen the buffer the wail would hurt him as much as what he was screaming at. In atmosphere though, the antimatter would never directly contact his opponents (unlike with an ectoblast in space), so it’s safe to use on living things and doesn’t backlash on Danny himself. Both of these abilities, you’ll notice, rely on Danny having an excess of neutrons and neutrinos. As explained above, he gets these from his food. But a Halpha living in open space (as I imagine Dani does sometimes) wouldn’t have this supply. So for them an ectoblast would be risky to themselves (Dani’s would probably burn her fingers due to her bad/unsteady diet), and a wail would be impossible.

On Halpha language, as an open-space species I don’t think they’d have a spoken language at all. That’s one reason why I left open the possibility that they tinkered their genome from something else. The words and spoken version of their language are a hold-over from when they lived on planet somewhere, but the way Halphas speak to one another is actually a very limited form of telepathy (this is why their voices sometimes seem to echo). They can’t read minds (or maybe only some can), and the ability is tied to the language center of their brains, so the only things they can project are words and connotation. This has some side-effects, like when Danny tells someone to “RUN!” they sometimes hear “FLY!” instead. (Part of the reason for that is because the last thing Danny’s mother ever said to him was basically “RUN!”. In the Halpha language, what she said literally meant “fall straight up”, or “put all your weight into going up”, but had an emotional meaning of “this place is dangerous, get away”).

Speaking of Danny’s mother, the Halpha homeworld and Disasteroid incident! In my headcanon, after coming to our world, Halphas settled around a neutron star. Neutron stars are just one step below black holes, and originally the Halphas thought they could use it to get back home. Eventually, they did the math and discovered that black holes don’t work that way in our universe, so instead they settled in and started a new species. A few thousand years later, the Disasteroid came barreling towards the star, and it had just enough mass to push the star over that line into black hole. Vlad went with a team of other Halphas to try and redirect it (remember, Halphas each have a couple tons of mass to throw around, so 5 or 6 adults probably could redirect an asteroid by hand), but it was made of ectoranium and was toxic to Halphas. They couldn’t get close enough to do anything. Danny’s mother saw the star begin to collapse, but she was at a critical point in her pregnancy with Dani and her matter-to-antimatter ratio was in constant flux. She was pretty sure she could escape, but she didn’t want to risk dragging Danny with her if she couldn’t. So she told him to go ahead of her. She did escape - barely - and Vlad found her (radio, some sort of tracking device?), but Danny was long gone by then and there was a lot of debris from planets breaking up as they were pulled into the new black hole. They both thought he’d died. (Maybe guilt for sending Danny ahead of her contributed to Desiree’s death from childbirth? Maybe Vlad is somewhat cold towards Dani because a part of him blames her for Danny and Desiree’s deaths (at least until he finds out that Danny survived)?). Meanwhile, Halphas had been in communication with the Space Corps, and they had sent an S.O.S. Unfortunately, due to gravitational red-shift from the neutron star, the message was delayed, and the Space Corps rescue ships arrived nearly a week too late. It was a one-in-a-trillion or so chance that the Fentons came across Danny, and since Halphas don’t show up on life-sign scanners they couldn’t find any other survivors. Once they figured out his whole antimatter thing (didn’t take them long - they are geniuses, after all) they realized that if anyone knew about him he’d be kept in a lab and studied for his whole life. So they reported no survivors and adopted Danny in secret. He picked up English really quickly due to the language-only, limited-telepathic nature of Halpha communication, and there were few problems for nearly 20 years.

One idea I’m not too sure about here: since Vlad is less/not a villain in this AU, and Walker and the GiW have been more-or-less confirmed as a single group and the main villains, why not have Vlad’s unsuccessful clones of Danny and Dan be GiW clones instead? The unstable clones were experiments using trace amounts of Halpha DNA (maybe not Danny’s specifically?). The GiW has been unable to successfully clone a Halpha because they aren’t from our universe. So only a Halpha born of another Halpha (a natural birth) will have all the right properties to survive. Dan is not quite a clone, but partially several other species to act as a stabilizing force. (Maybe his hair is fire because he’s part cinder? Red eyes came from where? Fangs are Anubi, Sergato, Draguar?) He’s evil because he was raised (if you can call it that) by Walker to be a living weapon, and we all know how that always goes. (And maybe Walker/the GiW have some non-feral, surviving Halphas imprisoned to experiment with?)

As for the feral Halphas, I’m going with ectoranium. As a large asteroid, it was straight up toxic. But once the main asteroid hit the star, the release of energy knocked microscopic bits from it’s trail into every Halpha on that side of the star. Danny and Desiree were on the other side of the star, and Vlad was on his way to meet them, when the asteroid impacted. (Maybe he got a particularly small dose, and it’s had a more long-term effect?)

I think that’s about it for my ideas about Halphas. I did have one other idea, to explain the pictures of Sam with or without breasts (though it doesn’t explain that one naked picture where she has them): since Chlori breath through their skin, they need direct skin-to-air contact, and Space Corps uniforms leave very little exposed. So Chlori uniforms are pumped up just a little in a few places, and someone deliberately designed the female Chlori uniforms to make it look like they have breasts. Meh, idk, just an idea.

So I’ve been suddenly thinking about Space AU, as you do, and I just suddenly realized something. One of the first stories in that AU is one of Danny stepping out into space to fix their ship due to precious little other option.

Now, he’s been raised human. The last time he was actually in space was so long ago he might likely not remember it. And sure, he remembers from what he’s read and his parents have told him about halphas being able to survive there, but there’s a world of difference between knowing something objectively and emotionally. Space in human culture and narrative is a scary, scary thing. He’s sure but he’s not sure.

Stepping into that airlock must have taken some nerve.


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