Thanks Anon! When I first received your message months back, I was originally going to draw young Mirajane but I think it didn’t turn out quite well so I decided to save it for another day. It seems to have gone the other direction this time haha;;;


Thank you so much! Ahhh you actually messaged me as I was working on the first mirajane one so perfect timing xD…?


It is kind of a cross between her satan soul and halphas form minus the wings;;

Anyways, I hope you like it!



Here they are! Enjoy high-quality Kaneko art with details you probably haven’t noticed before. Thanks to everyone who sent in requests; we’ll do it again soon.

1. Agony (No. 011): The embodiment of suffering.
2. Anzu (No. 035): Mesopotamian bird-man and Tablets of Destiny thief. (alt)
3. Wicker Man (No. 057): Effigy said to be used by the Celts to burn sacrifices.
4. Otogo-douji (No. 081): Buddhist protector in the form of a child.
5. Jersey Devil (No. 181): Fabled resident of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
6. Todomeki (No. 268): Japanese demon with one hundred eyes.
7. Baal (No. 302): Canaanite storm deity and annoyance to the jealous Hebrew god, YHVH.
8. Halphas (No. 319): Stylish-ass bird who is the 38th spirit of the Goetia.
9. Botis (No. 375): 17th spirit of the Goetia who also goes by the name…Otis.
10. Maui (No. 381): Trickster hero found throughout Polynesian myth.

DP Space!AU Headcannons

Halphas and Phantom Planet

Phantom planet was located in an area where the barrier between this plane of existence and the dimension known as the Ghost Zone is thin and unstable. This constant close exposure over many generations is the reason the halphas are so ghost-like and powerful. The area Phantom Planet was located was generally avoided due to its proximity to the Ghost Zone, even after its discovery. Whilst Phantom Planet was technically a newly discovered planet it had actually been known about for quite a long time; it, along with the halphas as a species, was a legend, a myth, a story to be told to children at night before bed.
Phantom Planet was destroyed by an asteroid referred to as the Disasteroid. Remains of the planet are still floating around its former location. The Space Corps quarantined the area declaring it too dangerous; the destruction of the planet made the area even more unstable.

Halphas only left their planet if their job required it, such as diplomacy and trade. Whilst they did have space transportation and warp drive they did not generally leave their planet. They had isolationist views and tendencies and would not get in the middle of another planets affairs unless it affected them and they had no other choice. This caused other planets and species to resent the halphas due to their lack of involvement in the Pariah Dark situation.
They had started giving up their isolationism and had just agreed to join the Space Corps when the Disasteroid destroyed their planet. Space Corps dignitaries were on their way to the planet when they found it destroyed.
The Disasteroid was made of ectoranium; a rare mineral usually only found in the Ghost Zone. Ectoranium affects ghosts, and by extension halphas, severely.
Dislike and fear of halphas grew after the destruction of Phantom Planet. Whilst some became ghosts others became feral. Ghost halphas are mostly peaceful as long as you did not disturb them. They mostly reside in the Ghost Zone. Feral halphas are more dangerous and will attack without reason; they will even go out of their way to attack you. It is unknown how or why they became what they are, but it there is a theory it had to do with the combination of their tragic loss, the instability of the area, and the ectoranium.